9 Jul 2014

Define Terrorism! Gaza Is A Massacre 2012 ..Nothing Has Changed In 2014 - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver: "WAKE THE FUCK UP! ...Gaza is a massacre, it's murder. What the Israeli government is doing now to the people of Gaza is absolutely out-fucking-ragious and the west is not only complicit in the massacre of Gaza, in the genocide of the Palestinian people, it's not only complicit, it fucking condones it! What sort of fucking lunatics, what sort of psychopaths would think it is OK to BOMB the most fucking densely populated civilian area on the fucking planet? The UK, USA, NATO, The house of Saud, who are these fucking lunatics that are supporting the fucking Israelis? Every single newspaper, the BBC leads with what the Palestinians are doing. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

I Am Man, Hear Me Roar: Dr. Helen Smith Attends The International Conference On Men’s Issues

By A Voice for Men recently hosted the first International Conference on Men’s Issues in Detroit, and PJTV’s Dr. Helen Smith attended. Why hold a men’s conference? Aren’t women the victims in modern society? Find out as Dr. Helen talks with AVfM founder Paul Elam, and others, about the conference.

Senior Banksters Warn: ‘It’s Crazy, It’s a Boom, It’s a Gold Rush’

By: Bank lending has been setting new records since mid-2013. If the prior credit bubble - when too many loans were made helter-skelter by loosey-goosey loan officers before it all blew up in 2008 - was spectacular, this one is even more spectacular. It’s based on the principle that the US economy can only grow if bank lending balloons.
In November, bank lending began to tick up at a faster clip. Then suddenly with the New Year, as if someone had opened the floodgates in a drunken stupor, bank lending started to soar. Perhaps it was a consensus within the business community that interest rates would soon go up, that the Fed would not only taper QE out of existence but also raise interest rates sooner than its cacophony suggested, that this was the last chance to get free or nearly free dough, after inflation, and they all started borrowing like madwomen.
The phenomenon has become reminiscent of the final ramp-up in lending seen in mid-2008, even as all heck was breaking loose in the financial sector.
This time, economists have been brandishing the borrowing binge as a sign that investment was suddenly picking up, that these investments would soon filter into economic growth, and that after five years of false promises and sour disappointments, the ever elusive “escape velocity” could finally be achieved.

NSA DATA Goes Directly To Apartheid Israel - Fetzer

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)’s spying operation against Germany shows that the United States has reached a “very low point in dealing with its allies,” a scholar and journalist in Oregon says.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: James H. Fetzer, professor emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Wednesday.
Last week, German police arrested a 31-year-old German intelligence employee suspected of spying for the United States.
The German Defense Ministry confirmed that federal prosecutors were carrying out an investigation but offered no further details. The man allegedly sold 218 documents to the US between 2012 and 2014.
Two US officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Reuters news agency on Monday that the CIA was involved in a spying operation against Germany that led to the recruitment of the official, an employee of the German intelligence agency (BND).
German politicians have said that the man admitted passing to a US national contact details concerning a German parliamentary committee's investigation of US spying disclosed by National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance whistleblower Edward Snowden.
Fetzer said that Snowden has done the world an enormous benefit by revealing that the United States is spying on everyone, including its closest allies in Europe where the case of Angela Merkel has proven to be especially embarrassing because she has not taken this kindly.”

Unexplainable Child Temper Tantrums - Explained!

Stefan Molyneux: Stefan outlines the unseen factors that go into seemingly unexplainable childhood "temper tantrums" and explain how parents can prevent their children from harmful environmental factors.

Inhuman Israelis Bombard 160 Gaza Sites, Kill At Least 8 Little Children And Many Mums And Dads With High Tech Precision - Besieged Palestinian Resistance Heroes Respond With Home Made Fireworks

RT: At least eight children have been blown to bits in the last 24 hours as Operation Genocide launched by Israeli death squads entered its second day. IDF (Israel Death Force) bragged they have bombarded at least 160 parts of Gaza since Tuesday. 
"Overnight, the IDF hit about 160 targets in the Gaza Strip. Over the last two days we attacked a total of about 430 targets," General Moti Almoz told military radio.
According to Almoz, the targets included 120 concealed fireworks displays, 10 Hamas command and control centers, two homes and many liberation tunnels.
Wednesday morning the Palestinian resistance fired more fireworks at Israeli cities. with eight rockets intercepted by Iron Dome defense system over Tel Aviv, Ashkelon and Ashdod. Yet, people ran to bomb shelters.
Though apartheid Israelis claim they target only Hamas militants, many civilians have been killed in a ground offensive,” dubbed Operation Pulverise Everything.
The IAF official said that residents of the buildings targeted by Israeli Air Force for strikes tried to avert the attacks by going up the roofs en masse. Such ploys will not be effective, he added.
At least 50 houses were destroyed on Tuesday and 1,700 were partially damaged, said Palestinian Minister of Public Works and Housing Mufeel al-Hasayneh.

“In My Tribe”: Common Ground Among MGTOW, MHRA, & Game Theory in a Post-Rodger Discourse

AVfM Editorial note: To those who are new to the Men’s Human Rights Movement, it is important to understand that there is no more overlap between the MRA Community and the PickUp Artists (PUA) and “Game Theory” than there is between the Lutherans and the Elks Lodges–i.e. there may be some Lutherans who are Elks, and there may be some Elks members in any given Lutheran church, and if you squint you may see some shared ideas between these groups (both profess a belief in God and believe in doing good works for example), but they just aren’t the same. In recent “new” reports (we’d call them ideologically-driven hit pieces) some have tried to tie psychotic mass-murderer Elliot Rodger to the men’s movement because Rodger had some peripheral involvement in the PUA community, though even there the irony is huge: Rodger had left the PUAs and joined an anti-PUA group, “PUAHate,” for men seeking to leave the PUA lifestyle. And in another layer of irony amidst all the slander, he was also expelled from “PUAHate” for being too psychotic, all before he went on his rampage. The shades of incompetent and outright dishonest reporting on all this are manifold. Still, while we here at AVfM have long been highly skeptical of, even deeply negative about, the PUA/Game community, Ty Henry here makes the case that this is a form of fratricide we don’t need to indulge in, and that we don’t have to throw anyone under the bus to recognize that both communities are being horribly lied about and should recognize that common ground at least exists. So, let the debate begin! –DE
By : Men’s Human Rights Activists (MHRA), Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW), game theory, and, yes, PickUp Artists, share one universal goal:

9 More (Feminist) Reasons

SparkyFister: What does it take to be successful as a pretty woman?

A Rule Of Thumb: Don't Believe Feminists

Feminism LOL: Not only do academic feminists lie, they use public funds to do it. In exposing the fraud of law professor Elizabeth Sheehy, the fun begins on page 1 paragraph 2. That's how long a feminist can go without becoming dishonest. Two paragraphs.

IF Men Acted Like Feminists (Part 2) + Selfish Husband Divorces Wife Over "Pictures"

Thunderf00t: Its easy being a modern feminist. You only need to understand one thing. You are ALWAYS the victim. :-)

Fracking Women, They Are What? + Feminist Meow

johntheother: Answers to last week's question, "women are what adjective"

Gotham City Takes Down Spanish Joker

By Don Quijones: Until last week, Gowex’s business – installing and maintaining free Wi-Fi in public spaces such as streets, train stations and newspaper kiosks – had been growing at lightening pace. It had secured contracts with over 70 global cities, including New York City. And its value on the stock market was rising – last Monday it was valued at €1.4 billion. The problem is that it was all a sham; and today, seven days after GothamCity’s brutal market intervention, the company is practically worthless – just as GothamCity had warned in the 90-page report it published last week.
In the document it released on its website, Gotham laid out a series of incongruities in Gowex’s reporting practices. Here’s a quick round-up (you can read the full report here):

  • GOW’s audit fee is €40,000 – roughly 10 percent of what it should be if Gomex’s reported revenues were genuine. What’s more, Gowex’s auditor is an unknown entity and is listed at a private domicile in one of Madrid’s less reputable neighborhoods.
  • Gowex told some investors that New York City was paying them €7.5 million for its services. GOW told Gotham it was €2 million. According to New York City, the real number is less than €200,000.
  • The head of investor relations is the CEO’s wife, who signed off on GOW’s annual reports.
  • CEO Jenaro Garcia was a Director of Advanced Refractive Technologies, a penny stock fraud whose shares were revoked by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.
Now for the bombshell:

  • Gowex’s actual Wireless revenues are at most 10% of what GOW reports in its financial statements.