10 Jul 2014

Rage-Filled, Unprofessional Mangina Adam Serwer Embarrasses MSNBC & “Now With Alex”

By : We’re going to tell you a little story about Adam Serwer of MSNBC. But first, we want to make a few things clear:
A number of highly professional, ethical, and hardworking journalists were given press passes to the wildly successful First International Conference on Men’s Issues on June 27 and 28, along with its warm-up, a press conference on June 26. Many of those reporters asked hard, even uncomfortable questions and published critical but reasonably accurate pieces. Even reporters who weren’t there were able to do the serious work of seeking us out to ask questions and get clarifications; take, for example, this highly negative piece, which, whatever its flaws, the reporter actually took the time to contact us to ask serious questions, even if he gets a few things wrong in our opinion. We may take issue with some reporters’ conclusions, we may think that they have missed some important questions they should have asked, but overall they clearly did their jobs as professional journalists.
So there’s an important message about AVfM we want to make clear here to the press before we talk some more about Adam Serwer of MSNBC: We don’t care if you’re critical of us. We don’t care if you think we’re evil; although we’re not. We don’t care if you think we’re wildly wrong about things either; in a country that at least purports to embrace liberal democratic values, people should be free to think whatever they want. We don’t care if you like us or what we have to say. Challenge us on any point, tell us we’ve got our facts wrong if we do, even call us names if you want. But know this: We are a part of the media universe, and you do not, and will not, exclusively control the narrative. You are citizens entitled to free speech and free press, and so are we. And you are subject to criticism, just like we are.

Gaza Ceasefire Not On Agenda: Genocidal Supremacist Netanyahu

Apartheid Israeli regime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says a ceasefire on Palestinians is noteven on the agenda,” as Tel Aviv’s air bombardments continue to target the Gaza Strip for the third day.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Netanyahu told Knesset’s foreign affairs and military committee on Thursday that he was not talking to anybody about a ceasefire right now.”
At least 85 Palestinians, men, women and little children, have been blown to bits since Israel began pounding civilian targets in the densely populated besieged city three days ago.
On Thursday, military spokesman Peter Lerner openly bragged that Israel has struck more than 320 targets overnight in Gaza that belong to the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas. He also bragged that over 750 sites in Gaza have been decimated by Israeli jets since Tuesday.
Palestinian medics said that a building was hit by an Israeli strike in the Gazan city of Khan Younis earlier in the day, killing at least eight civilians.
Eight more people were also killed earlier on Thursday after an Israeli jet bombed a Gaza beach café, where people were watching a football match between Argentina and the Netherlands.

MHRA: MR-E Drops The Poster

MensRights Edmonton: This video is best viewed with your volume AT MAXIMUM! Hell yeah! What you're watching are some shots of MR-E members postering the living crap out of Edmonton. Seriously, we went all bloody day. This is just a fraction of the postering we do on any given poster run. We are hoping that by showing how it's done, others will be inspired to get out there and do likewise.

Time to Fake US Manufacturing? Panarchy? Open Source Revolution! - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Robert David Steele

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the fact that when falling off a cliff, it is only the last few feet that hurt. They apply this to the collapsing US economy where they're going to fake manufacturing till they one day make it, but Max suggests that, just as you cannot taper a ponzi scheme, you cannot recalculate your way out of economic collapse.

Iran Urges international Action To Rein In Israel's Savage Carnage

Iran’s foreign minister has called on the UN, the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to intervene and bring a halt to the Israeli aggression against Palestinians.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: I request Your Excellency to make efforts – in line with your legal and humane obligations – for preventing the Zionist regime’s aggressive actions and the carnage of the oppressed Palestinian people,” Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote in a letter on Thursday.
The letter is addressed to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Arab League Secretary General Nabil al-Arabi and OIC Secretary General Iyad Ameen Madani.
“Doubtlessly, an explicit condemnation of the Zionist regime’s crimes against Palestinian regions and preventing the continuation of strikes by this regime are responsibilities assigned to all regional and international bodies and assemblies,” Zarif stated.
The Iranian foreign minister warned that the Israeli regime’s continuing attacks on the Gaza Strip have created a very worrying and catastrophic situation.”

A Trigger Warning About Trigger Warnings

By Before we begin dissecting the concept of trigger warnings, let us first define trigger warnings.
A trigger warning is a warning mentioned at the beginning of a piece of media in much the same way someone would place a spoiler warning, except the spoiler in this case is that you might be offended or trigger a bout of anxiety.
Urban Dictionary, however, describes trigger warnings a little differently:
“A phrase posted at the beginning of various posts, articles, or blogs. Its purpose is to warn weak minded people who are easily offended that they might find what is being posted offensive in some way due to its content, causing them to overreact or otherwise start acting like a dipshit. Popular on reddit SRS or other places that social justice warriors like to hang out.”
Not entirely inaccurate, all things considered, but there’s more to it than that.
The purpose of this article is to break down why trigger warnings are in and of themselves actually quite harmful to the very people they supposedly attempt to protect.

Germany Expels CIA Berlin Chief Over NSA Spying

RT: Germany is expelling the CIA chief in Berlin in retaliation for the latest espionage scandal.
The expulsion comes shortly after two alleged US agents were unmasked, suspected of acting as double agents within the state security apparatus, and passing secrets to US intelligence contacts.
The move was a reaction to persistent failure to work together in efforts towards clarification,” according to the chief of the Parliamentary Control Panel.

Glenn Greenwald         @ggreenwald
Wonder if the @CIA Twitter account will have any quirky, playful tweets about this? https://twitter.com/alanbeattie/status/487224402812370944 

The two new cases, which came in quick succession of one another, increase the strain on already tense relations after the revelations made about the extent of global NSA espionage in June, 2013.
Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized the spy’s presence in Germany, stating that when common sense is switched on, spying is ultimately a waste of force,” reported Der Spiegle.

Proving Who’s the Daddy: Men Don’t Get a Fair Shake in Paternity Cases

PJ Media: Paternity fraud can lead to depression, addiction, even suicide. But women have no legal duty to disclose. Should every child get DNA tested at birth?

Demanding The Right To Vote Is For The Slave Class!

Morris: "We have destroyed Afghanistan to impose democracy. This idea of national elections doesn't work, let's not get bogged down with votes for women or men. Jews are instructed to vote by their rabbis whilst they push individuality to everyone else, ...ironic. We need to take two steps back."

Fathers Wanted But Still Not Respected

By : Overall, June 2014 wasn’t a bad month for dads: a recent book Do Fathers Matter? summarizes modern research on the influence of fathers on children; the mainstream media is becoming more friendly toward single and stay-at-home dads; and even the often anti-father President Barack Obama gave an uncharacteristically cordial Father’s Day address. After decades of activism, it seems the truth about fathers is getting through.
Then again, the more things change, the more they stay the same. As a people we are gradually and inexorably moving toward the realization that fathers have a profoundly positive influence on their children, so there is a growing demand for paternal involvement in the family. However, this “progress” toward a desire for fathers has not been matched by a growth in respect for fathers, creating a social pitfall. While support is growing for fathers to be involved, it appears society is making this change not due to genuine support for fathers but for purely economic reasons.
Fifty years ago, fathers were largely discounted as important to families except as breadwinners and disciplinarians, and even that began to fade with the rise of the modern socialist welfare system. The government stepped in to provide and protect where men could not or would not. The emotional benefit of present fathers was overlooked and covered up in favor of the Mother-Government mated couple.
The Nanny State, however, has proven difficult to achieve. Myriad attempts have been made at welfare schemes, single-parent support programs, and Government as Surrogate Husband initiatives, but divorce continues to be a major indicator of poverty for women, and children of single mothers are some of the poorest and most socially dysfunctional in the country.

Is Beyonce's "Bills, Bills, Bills" About Prostitution?

6oodfella: Destiny's Child singers, Beyonce, and Kelly, choose to date men they don't like, then piss and moan about them in their songs. This is just one example of many.

Spain To Tax Bank Deposits: Bankrupt Government Strikes Again

: In an interesting turn, it has become a little easier for foreigners to open bank accounts here in the Philippines. Yesterday, I popped into three different banks that were all too happy for me to park US dollars or Philippine pesos with them.
Is the Philippines some new offshore banking safe haven? No, of course not. However, the Philippines does tick a number of boxes for me, and the fact that the once unfree market in banking is loosening a bit with the larger national banks is positive.
While I’m a fan of no government, I can’t exactly see many of my “new safe havens, pulling the nonsense they are pulling in Spain.
There, in a country with greater than 50% youth unemployment, the government is onto the latest tool in their wealth confiscation tool chest.
 In a clear regressive move to steal money from citizens, Spain has now introduced a .003% tax on all bank deposits.
Think .003% is no big deal?
The idea is similar to the Cyprus debacle: a bail-in that would bring $546 million, or 400 million Euros to the state coffers, robbing people blind and essentially charging them to hold money in a bank.
Oh, and here’s the kicker: like all good government scams, it is retroactive to January 1, 2014.