11 Jul 2014

The Propaganda Of Toxic Feminism Part 7

bane666au: The first International Conference on Men's Issues in Detroit special edition!!!!

Exemplary Putin Kicks Off Latin America Trip By Writing Off 90% Of Poor (US Embargoed) Cuba's Debt

RT: Vladimir Putin is in Cuba's capital to start a week-long tour of Latin-American - his longest foreign tour since returning to the Kremlin in 2012. Ahead of the journey he gave an interview in which he insisted that in today's globalized world - no state or group of countries can tackle international problems by themselves.

Why Are Women Unashamed Of Being Fat? + Is "My Humps" About Being A Tease?

6oodfella: This is an article in which a woman criticises fat women. It amused me. "Mothers are stupid, they haven't got the first clue about raising children! Yes, I said it. They haven't got the first fucking clue and the reason they don't have a clue is because they take it for granted that they know everything!"

I Need MGTOW Because…

Gregory Becker: What does your sign say? We can do it too.

ClubMed Bankster Failures: More On The Way & WE’RE GOING TO PAY

The growing reality of banking collapse and bailin strategies
By John Ward: Following the difficulties of Banco Espiritu Santos in Portugal yesterday, it was notable that in Spain, the Spanish government issued a retroactive tax on bank deposits thereas an aid to stimulating economic growth”. Taking away aka stealing the spending power of consumers is not, I would contend, the method of choice for kick-starting a dead economy (which was anyway supposed to be doing so well)…..but I wonder if the Government in Madrid gave much thought to the illegality under the Lisbon Treaty of retroactive legislation?
Probably not.
Last week, German Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann gave yet another speech directly firing a salvo at Mario Draghi’s “loose monetary policies”, and their risible attempt to keep the cost of ClubMed borrowing artificially low. Herr Weidmann quite rightly pointed out, “If expectations are not fulfilled, there will be a severe downside risk”. Being a polite, well-bred and educated German, what Jens is saying here is “we all know the Italian rapscallion is fiddling the yields, and when the solids hit the fan, the markets will have their revenge”. I happen to agree with him. And with Portugal so joined at the hip fiscally and economically to Spain, this may yet turn out to be the start of Something Big.
Over the seas to Italy, another approach to misappropriation has surfaced.

Our Democracies Are Anti Democratic! + The State Is Out Of Date! + Obey, Obey, Obey, Obey!

Morris: "The basis of democracy, as it has been practised so far, is anti democratic. Not merely undemocratic, but anti democratic. ...Most people seem to accept the idea and practise of winner takes all elections as if the idea and practise were acceptable. Most people seem not to have thought about the idea of democracy beyond the slogan level. Most people would be shocked that the ideas of democracy and anarchy actually merge and become one when one thinks about them deeply or exhaustively."

Paul Elam Debates Matt Binder! + Going Mental: What Is A Healthy Relationship?

Paul Elam: On July 4, Matt Binder broadcast some commentary in a video entitled "The Insane Things Said at the 1st Annual Men's Rights Conference" on Sam Seder's video channel.

#WhenWeSayYES Profits From Dishonesty And Insecurity

By : Last year, Women, Action, and the Media (WAM!) wrote an ultimatum to Facebook to “demand swift, comprehensive and effective action addressing the representation of rape and domestic violence on Facebook.” The campaign resulted in the removal of content that could be considered offensive to both men and women, but WAM!’s language explicitly targeted content that was in some way critical to women or feminism alone. Consequences of this campaign included the removal of content that was critical of feminism but was in no way hateful.
The Body is Not An Apology (BNA) was one of the many signatories to WAM!’s ultimatum, which means that it contributed to censorship under false pretenses.
Let us fast-forward to the present. Just recently, BNA launched #WhenWeSayYES to raise $80,000 for a website.
Why? Because they think Facebook is censoring them.

Yemenis Hold Rally To Slam Israeli Raids On Palestinians + Palestinians Fire Retaliatory Home Made Fireworks Into Israel + 'Two Rockets Fired From Lebanon Hit Israel'

Protesters have taken to the streets in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, to express their solidarity with Palestinian people in the besieged Gaza Strip, who are currently being bombarded by Israeli airstrikes.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: The demonstrators slammed the ongoing Israeli offensive against the coastal enclave, which has left scores of people dead, including men, women and children.
Chanting anti-Israeli slogans and holding banners, the Yemeni demonstrators also condemned Arab and Western leaders for their silence over the Israeli onslaught.
We came out to show our support for the Palestinian people against Israel, which is carrying out massacres on a daily basis on the people of Gaza. We also want to condemn the Arab world leaders for their silence and inaction,” a protester told Press TV.
The demonstrators also called on the international community to hold the Tel Aviv regime accountable for its crimes.
Nearly 110 Palestinians have so far been killed since Israel began pounding targets in the Gaza Strip earlier this week. Palestinian sources say one third of the casualties are women and children but as usual most of the slaughtered are the men and boys.
Israel has also mobilized 20,000 soldiers for a possible ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.

Biological Effects of Feminism + Things I Learned from Orange is the New Black

Smiling Jan: Fertility drop in modern society. Androgynous males and females.

Why Are The Biggest Banksters So Happy With The EU Banking Union? What Are We Being Kept in the Dark About?

By Don Quijones: On Tuesday, November 4th of this year, supervision of the Eurozone’s 130 biggest banks, representing 80% of total financial assets, will be passed from national authorities into the welcoming hands of the ECB. From that day on, European banking union will be a reality.
The banks love the idea, as do apparently most Eurocrats, Members of the European Parliament, and national leaders. Even Angela Merkel and her government have finally come on board, in exchange for guarantees of “quality surveillance, tighter coordination of economic policies, and more binding agreements.”
As for the rest of the inhabitants of the Eurozone – all of whom will be impacted in one way or another – most are blissfully unaware that it is even happening. A new continent-wide banking system is taking shape right before our eyes and under our noses, but our eyes are closed and our noses are blocked.
According to the official story, the citizens of Europe stand to benefit enormously from the banking union since it will impose greater control and tighter regulation of Europe’s banks. It will also save taxpayers from having to fund future bailouts. The only problem is: if the main point of banking union is to protect taxpayers and bank customers, why do the continent’s biggest banks seem so happy?

Another Day At The War Machine Office - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver: "Everyone's a terrorist, everyones a criminal and no need for a debate! ...David Cameron supports the genocide against the Palestinians! Genocide, apartheid, David Cameron supports that!" Another day at the War Machine office Terror data, Palestine Massacre, Public sector strikes + NHS charges.