17 Jul 2014

Victim Fight: Battle of the Anti-Choice + Metaphorical Rape Culture Podcast + Veteran Mental Health

By  It’s tough being a veteran. You sacrifice everything you have for the greater good. However, the degree to which soldiers suffer is a consistent taboo. Many return to civilian life with a pile of hospital bills, crippling PTSD, a biased family court system, and a world that would rather sweep them under the rug than deal with their problems. Sadly, many servicemen lack the support systems needed to help them through these rough patches, and often with tragic results.
Join the Honey Badgers along with special guest Terrence Popp as we discuss the topic of veteran suicide. (last Video)

Lies, Damned Lies And The UK's 'Intelligence' Committee

liarpoliticians: Rory Cormac, author of "Spying On The World" on the war mongering "Joint Intelligence Committee" and the lies they push to justify oppression.

Israel Seeks Systematic Genocide In Gaza: Erdogan + Israel Launches Ground Invasion Of Gaza During UK Internet Blackouts!?!

The Turkish Prime Minister has denounced Israel’s aerial bombardment on the civilian Gaza Strip, accusing Tel Aviv of seeking “systematic genocide” of the Palestinians.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Recep Tayyip Erdogan made the remarks on Thursday at a meeting of Islamic scholars to mark the holy fasting month of Ramadan in Istanbul.
"This is not the first time we have been confronted by such situations. Since (the creation of Israel) in 1948 we have been witnessing" similar acts by Israel "every day and every month,” the Turkish Premier said.
He added that the Western countries have remained silent on the Israeli crimes in the holy month of Ramadan, just because the voice of Palestinians goes unheard in the international community.
Israel has begun its airstrikes on the besieged enclave since July 8, killing at least 231 people and injuring 1,700 others. About a third of the Palestinian fatalities are women and children.
Erdogan  also slammed the United Nations, which he said is following a hidden agenda.
"What is the UN doing? Why has it been founded? For world peace? Does it contribute to the world peace? No." UN is just following its "secret agenda," he said.

Bees Are Communists, Jihadists & Terrorists - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Roger Ver

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the replacement of frictionless and free with algobots, RoboBees and fiat currency.

“It’s like good old Soviet times!” Nigel Farage

If this is European democracy in action as we've heard this morning I suggest we have a rethink.  We're told that as a result of the European elections Mr Juncker here is the nominee. Well I can tell you that absolutely nobody in the United Kingdom knew that when they voted in the European election it had anything to do with the next nominee. And the truth of it is your voters actually in your countries didn't realise what this process was. Mr Juncker's name did not appear on any single ballot paper.
And the whole thing has been the most extraordinary stitch-up. The loser, Mr Schulz, gets the consolation prize of being an unprecedented second-term president in the parliament. It's all just a pretence that we're increasing democracy.

Putin Responds: "US Sanctions Will Boomerang And Cause Very Serious Damage"

Tyler Durden's picture It took just a little over an hour for Vladimir Putin to respond to the latest, most provocative and toughest round of US sanctions yet. The response, appropriately enough, came just after the BRICS summit in Brazil, where the world's developing countries yesterday announced the formation of both a BRIC bank and a $100 billion currency reserve to provide a liquidity alternative to the insolvent developed world's central banks. Here Vladimir Putin was asked to comment on the new package of sanctions against Russia announced just minutes earlier by Obama.
Putin's response: "We aren’t the ones introducing sanctions, you should ask them."
"Sanctions have a boomerang effect and without any doubt they will push U.S. - Russian relations into a dead end, and cause very serious damage, and it undermines the long term security interests of the US State and its people." he said to reporters while elaborating that said he needed to see the details of the sanctions to understand their full scope Reuters added.
And as was largely expected, Putin's next jab was right where it hurt: energy.
"This means that U.S. companies willing to work in Russia will lose their competitiveness next to other global energy companies."
Putin said the sanctions will hurt Exxon Mobil Corp which has been given the opportunity to operate in Russia. "So, do they not want it to work there?
They are causing damage to their major energy companies," he said.

Why I’m a Men’s Rights Activist Now

By I am coming out of the closet. Yep. Like many, it took me a long time to come to peace with it, years of soul-searching and introspection. But now I have come out to myself and to the world, and I feel like a weight has been taken off my chest. I am a men’s rights activist.
Growing up in the cradle of western feminism, the Upper West Side of New York City, and attending enlightened and well-funded public schools (where as kids we labored over the guilt-inducing importance of the failed Equal Rights Amendment), I was raised to be a feminist. A full-blown—male—feminist. While I never advocated a policy of feminism, I am indeed the product of it. A complete product of it. I had brilliant female teachers who advocated feminism. I shared co-ed classrooms with brilliant young girls whom I admired, whose intelligence I wished I could emulate. We wrote papers on the first female Supreme Court Jurist, Sandra Day O’Connor. While Dad turned me on to the Yankees, Mom took me to the ballet and exposed me to her interests: The Met, Lincoln Center, refined stuff, etc. Mom worked; she was an accomplished full-time educator raising two boys along with my father in our nuclear family. Our synagogues were egalitarian.
Never was I exposed to any messages that specifically reduced women or girls. That was just philistine! Any suggestion that women were on their own merits inferior to men would have been met with rejection and ridicule. Looking back on this indoctrination now, I see a lot of mixed messages.
See, radical feminism exploits the natural confidence of young boys. It seizes boys’ engrained disposition that girls are separate and it guilts them. Yes, girls are separate from boys, aren’t they?

MGTOW (and The Guess Who) Just Can’t Get Laid!?

razorbladekandy: This is the transcript for my video (read more). I’m rather surprised at the positive reception I got on my last cartoon. I really didn’t think it was anything special. In fact it was one of the most lack luster cartoons I made. But you guys seemed to enjoy it. I originally made a 15 minute version, slightly different, and decided that it was too long and too boring, and decided to polish up the speech a bit, change the perspective from, “this is what would happen if you gave a woman a truth serum”, to “this is what women sound like when you see the truth from taking the red pill.” Perhaps I’ll go ahead and publish the other cartoon.
Anyhow, this is a response to Theodore John Kaczynski.
He doesn’t identify as a traditionalist, but you can tell he is. You can tell this by the fact that he says MGTOW is just as bad as the feminists. This always gives the tradcon away. It is an open acknowledgement of their disapproval of feminism, while also disapproving of a male struggle for equality or autonomy. The one and only motivation for that is the desire to bring things back to “the old ways”. To restore the good ol’ 1950′s way of life or whatever. So any time someone says that “just as bad as the feminists” you know the thing they are against is change, and that they are regressive traditionalists, tradcons if you will, that want to restore the old fashioned ways.

227 Palestinians Murdered By Israel In 10 Days + Israel Wants US For Another War + Israelis Forced To Stop Genocide Temporarily By UN

Shells were chasing them’: Four Palestinian children slaughtered on beach with high tech precision Israeli rockets
The death toll from ten days of Israeli genocide against the Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip has reached 227, with more than 1,600 others having been maimed for life.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: In the latest deaths, four members of the same family, including two children, were killed after Israeli warplanes fired missiles in Khan Yunis.
Several others were also killed in Rafah.
The new deaths follow the killings of four children between the ages of 9 and 11 after an Israeli naval ship fired multiple artillery shells, (killed them) as they were playing on a beach in Gaza City. The attacks were witnessed by foreign journalists staying in Gaza.
Since July 8, the Israeli regime has struck more than 1,800 targets across Gaza, which is home to around 1.8 million Palestinians.
According to the UN humanitarian agencies, about a sixth of the murdered are women, another sixth are children but the vast majority, three quarters targeted for genocide are the men. Simultaneous genocide and gendercide!
Some 18,000 people have taken shelter in Gaza schools.

How British Spies “Seed the Internet with False Info, Control YouTube Pageviews and Manipulate Online Polls”

By Michael Krieger: Thanks to Edward Snowden, we now have proof about an incredible set of tools used by the British equivalent of the NSA, known as the GCHQ, or Government Communications Headquarters. These tools will essentially confirm every single conspiracy theory you could have ever imagined when it comes to propaganda on the Internet. It allows British intelligence officers to: manipulate the results of online polls, artificially inflate pageview counts on web sites, ‘amplifysanctioned messages on YouTube and censor video content judged to beextremist.’”
Being the creative folks that they are, GCHQ even came up with code words to describe each “product.” These include, UNDERPASS (for poll manipulation), SILVERLORD (for censorship), GESTATOR (for the manipulation of YouTube views), PREDATORS FACE (for DDOS attacks), the list goes on…
Glenn Greenwald writes at The Intercept that:
The secretive British spy agency GCHQ has developed covert tools to seed the internet with false information, including the ability to manipulate the results of online polls, artificially inflate pageview counts on web sites, “amplif[y]” sanctioned messages on YouTube, and censor video content judged to be “extremist.” The capabilities, detailed in documents provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, even include an old standby for pre-adolescent prank callers everywhere: A way to connect two unsuspecting phone users together in a call.

How Bilderberg Works: An Institutional Analysis

corbettreport: Beard World Order, James Corbett, Guillermo Jimenez and Dan Dicks shine a light on the murky world of secret societies and clandestine gatherings of the world's elite. We focus our discussion on the Bilderberg Group: what it is, who attends, how it's structured, how it's evolved, and why it's significant.

The Manic Pixie Nightmare Harpies of Nathan Rabin

By There is a relatively recent “trope” (actually based on a very old “stock character type” that feminist idiots have erroneously redubbed a “trope”) known as the “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” (or MPDG) and the poor inventor of the term, film critic Nathan Rabin, has just publicly apologized for … what, naming her?
In Rabin’s own words: “I coined the phrase to call out cultural sexism and to make it harder for male writers to posit reductive, condescending male fantasies of ideal women as realistic characters. But I looked on queasily as the phrase was increasingly accused of being sexist itself…. I honestly hate the term too. I feel deeply weird, if not downright ashamed, at having created a cliché that has been trotted out again and again in an infinite Internet feedback loop.”