19 Jul 2014

The Gaza Bombardment - What You're Not Being Told

"It's not about self defence. ...This is about natural gas. ...Men are being massacred and some women and children too. If you don't oppose this, then you are defending it!"

Feminist Licensed To KILL Extends To All Ages - "...Free to dispose of any unborn child that threatens their lifestyle."

Angelo Agathangelou: We are aware that feminists openly seek to and with the help of manginas, beta males and white knights, ultimately often achieve their goal of continuing to empower women with the ancient right, ...a "Licensed To KILL" husbands/partners.  

Here, Feminists are shown to clearly have all the bases covered. There is no time between conception and old age at which any man is safe from 'Stringla' and the feminist license to kill.  

IMO, 'both' parents (note that consideration of the male is absent from the lame stream media piece) have around 8 weeks to decide, because once one has a foetus, I understand that we are dealing with a completely different issue. The moral judgement must be based on scientific facts and the standard we set is a descriptor of humankind or unkind.
A British schoolgirl had four abortions before she turned 16, new figures reveal. The Sun reports that she was among more than 200 under-16s who had multiple terminations over the past three years.
The Department of Health figures showed that, in total, 84 under-16s had abortions having had the treatment once before two years previously in 2011. Another 86 had abortions in 2013, having had one the previous year.
The figures showed that the number of abortions in Britain is continuing to increase, although the rate is slowing. The total number in 2013 was 185,331,

Israeli Fascists Mobs (Zio-Nazis) Target Anti-Occupation Activists In Tel Aviv - ‘Are you a fucking leftist?’

By Bekah Wolf: Yossi* wants to make it very clear from the beginning of our discussion that I cannot use his real name.  Rotem, his friend who is also translating, explains, “He is afraid.  We’re all afraid.  The fascists are searching for our Facebook profiles, for any information about us on the internet.  They are hunting us.”
What first may seem like hyperbole is in fact exactly what pro-Palestinian, anti-occupation Jewish-Israeli activists have been describing for the last week: mobs of right-wing fascists chasing peaceful protesters and violently attacking them in the centers of West Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

‘In Our Millions, We’re All Palestinian’: Wave Of Protests Worldwide Demand End To Apartheid And Gaza Genocide

#NZ4GAZA: Thousands attend 
Pro-Palestine rally in New Zealand
RT: Several thousand people are estimated to have marched through central Auckland to protest the Israeli ground invasion of Gaza, which, along with previous airstrikes, have resulted in over 300 deaths and thousands maimed in under two weeks’ time.

The Rationalization Hamster, Or ‘Matria Toxicanus’

By A field study by the Chairman of The Royal Kitten Cub Clubbing Society, (T.R.K.C.C.S.), Sir Kimski.
During the last couple of years, I have given much thought to the nature of the creature also known as the Rationalization Hamster. According to Urban Dictionary…
The rationalization hamster is a legendary creature dwelling deep in the minds of the self-delusional, and is particularly common among young liberal women. From birth, the rationalization hamster enters a symbiotic relation with its host, whereby whenever the host feels a craving to do something completely insane and malicious that will have horrible consequences for everyone in the long run, the rationalization hamster will jump on its wheel and run really, really fast, getting the magical hamster wheel to spin out a long sheet of paper full of neat rationalizations for the ultimately devastating action.
Rationalization hamsters are thought to be a key component in producing liberal scholarly works, particularly those of feminism. Young, liberated women often rely on it to explain their attraction to the asshole who is going to pump and dump them, as well as their contempt for the nice guy who, unaware of the hamster within, strives fruitlessly to gain their true love. Older, liberated women also rely on it for dumping their husbands and using the resulting child support money on jewellery, cars and/or crack. 1

Red Pill Date (the making of a MGTOW)

RazorBladeKandy2: A cartoon about how the red pill can change a man's perspective on women and relationships.

Zionist Terror in Gaza - Free Gaza and Free the World + Mandela Speaking On Palestine

David Duke: Zionist crimes in Palestine, Dr. David Duke exposes the horrific Zionist terror in Gaza and proves how Zionist influenced media around the world lies to us!
Not only must we free Palestine, we must free the West and the whole world from Zionist Globalist tyranny!

Putin’s Approval in Russia Soars to Record, America’s Plunges to Near Zero

By : Don’t let a good crisis go to waste – that appears to be the newest slogan of Russian President Vladimir Putin, as his approval rating in Russia soared from 54% a year ago to 83% now, matching the record of the data series in 2008, when he switched roles to become Prime Minister. The rating was, as Gallup put it, “likely propelled by a groundswell of national pride with the annexation of Crimea in March on the heels of the Sochi Olympic Games in February.”
By contrast, President Obama’s job approval rating in the US, according to Gallup’s daily tracker, languishes at a miserable 42%. Bad, but still head and shoulders above the most despised tax-and-retreat French President of the Fifth Republic, François Hollande, whose approval rating has finally stopped plunging once it got to about 20%.
But it’s not just Putin
Russian’s confidence in their military jumped to an all-time record of 78%, up from 65% a year ago, wowed perhaps by the military’s awe-inspiring performance in the Crimean debacle.
Confidence in the Russian government skyrocketed from 39% in 2013 to 64% now. And that at a time when the US Congress is mired down in a well-deserved or perhaps too generous job approval rating of 15% by the hapless American voters who just can’t seem to figure out how to throw the rascals out.

Return of the Gold Standard in 2016 After Global Financial Crash in 2015 - Marshall Swing

The Doc: We are going to get a gold standard probably in 2016 after the world wide economic crash of 2015.
But, between the crash of late 2015 and the implementation of the gold standard, there is going to be civil disobedience on a scale never before seen in the history of man.

The preppers are going to get the thing they have feared most and have been preparing for many decades.

Submitted by Marshall Swing: What a difference a week makes!
For 3 weeks I have been saying it was time for a silver and gold smash because the short levels of the commercials demanded a return to the “GREAT PMs DEPRESSION”.
In the last few days, we have gotten signs of return to depressive episodes and that is the pharmaceutical prescription the Federal Reserve has ordered up through the Bullion Banks.
Unnatural chemicals are very bad for the human body and it is not different for gold and silver…
Did you know that there are thousands of completely natural plant based remedies for virtually anything that ails you?

An IPV Survivor’s Story, “Why Did You Stay?” + The Murder Of Sam Degelia Jr.

By : “If she was so crazy, why did you stay with her?”
I hear it all the time, especially now that the good folks at AVfM have encouraged me to share my story. In doing so, the question comes up, especially from those who might doubt that a woman is capable of the unfathomable acts of evil that I charge “Peaches,” my ex, of committing. “Come on!” they say. “If she was so bad, you had to have seen some signs of it early on.” I’d be lying to myself if I said she just flipped an imaginary toggle switch in her brain that made her go crazy after I married her. Truthfully, she raised many red flags along the way, but I willfully chose to ignore things such as:

  • Strange men and women showing up at her house looking for her, all the while giving me dirty glances.

  • Saying I was both “the love of her life” and the man who “ruined her life.”

  • Locking herself in the bathroom and gulping down pills when I got my college acceptance letter.

"Far worse than South African apartheid!" Sir Gerald Kaufman MP On #Gaza Genocide

Molucca Media: "Nobody condemns the Israelis for using chemical weapons, well I do. ...If any other country on earth, ...but the Israelis literally get away with murder! ...My grandmother didn't die in WWII to provide cover for Israelis murdering Palestinian grandmothers! ...What we need is governments to impose economic sanctions. ...It's worse even than the South African Apartheid. ...there is a Greek saying, πάντα ρει, everything flows." Sir Gerald Kaufman, a British Labour MP, talks on the conditions created in #Gaza genocide by apartheid Israel

Is Spanking A Violation of The Non-Aggression Principle?

carlos morales: Libertarian ethics and how it applies to spanking and children's rights. Discussed by Stephan Kinsella and Carlos Morales.