20 Jul 2014

Nobel Economist Joseph Stiglitz Hails New BRICS Bank Challenging US Dominated World Banksters and IMF

freespeechtv: A group of five countries has launched its own development bank to challenge the U.S.-dominated WB (World Banksters) and IMF (International Monetary Fraudsters). Leaders from the so-called BRICS countries — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — unveiled the New Development Bank at a summit in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza. The bank will be headquartered in Shanghai. Together, BRICS countries account for 25 percent of global GDP and 40 percent of the world's population. Edited by WD

UK Govt Job Market Stat Scam - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Mark McGowan (The Artist Taxi Driver)

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert ask: "to count or not to count?" The self-employed in the UK are counted on the employment numbers but not on the income numbers, which the Bank of England complains gives them a distorted view of the economy.

This is what a MGTOW looks like:

Anatomy of a Gynocentric Hatchet Job - Monica Hesse of The Washington Post

By : The media fallout from the International Conference on Men’s Issues has been pretty well dealt with on A Voice for Men. The usual nonsense from Salon, Time, Jessica Roy, MSNBC, Adam Serwer, Alex Wagner, and the like have been duly skewered for their all-too-predictable dishonesty–and their obvious fear of a rising men’s issues movement that challenges their prejudices and their unquestioning acceptance of the dominant cultural narrative.  But there’s at least one more to discuss: Monica Hesse’s article on the conference that appeared in The Washington Post.
If you want to write a hatchet job on anyone, Hesse’s article would make a good template. Her first mission was to attack the people at the conference, which means depicting them as shallow, angry, hypersensitive, self-involved losers. Having established, in her readers’ minds, the debased nature of conference speakers and attendees, the rest was simple. The actual issues could be caricatured because who would be interested in the concerns of deadbeats with the emotional maturity of children? The balance consisted of verbal swipes at one person or another, one issue or another, ever so slightly leavened with—and this is important to any hatchet job—a few kind words.
So she began her article thus:

The feminists hadn’t shown up yet, but they could, at any moment, with their protest signs and screaming.

Genocide: Gaza Is Not Going To Exist!!! - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver
"The BBC is on a loop! Push out the Gazans, exterminate
...It's not a war, it's a genocide."
"THAT'S MY SON! In a plastic bag!"

Rockets v Missiles

Ry Dawson: Why wasn't the Israeli mother who was fluent in English allowed more than a few seconds on ABC? Because she condemned the collective punishment that's why.


carlos morales: CPS Whistleblower, Carlos Morales, exposes the catastrophic consequences of the state dictating who can and who can't be a parent.

RE #LikeaGirl + MGTOW - Men Shaming Men + PIMPTARD or WIFESTITUTE

Thunderf00t: Sure, its only a viral marketing campaign by Always.

However, almost 40 million people have seen this video, and most seem to think that its onto something.

To be honest, I think they might be right. PEOPLE DON'T KNOW WHAT A SIMILE IS!

Protesting Gaza Genocide Is Not Enough - It is the ideology behind it + The Wars Are NOT For The Resources - The Wars Are For Assimilation

Morris: The ruling zionist objectives and ideology are clouded and not presented to us. It is necessary to tackle these issues.

Heavy Zionist Shelling Kills 20 More In Gaza Neighborhood - Death Count, Paletsinian 357 - Israeli 0 = Genocide

Palestinian medics and witnesses say heavy Israeli shelling in Gaza’s eastern Shejaiya district has killed at least 20 people, including children.
Orwellian UK Banned Press TV: Local health officials said on Sunday that the son, daughter-in-law and two small grandchildren of a senior Hamas leader were among the victims.
They added that dozens of wounded were rushed to the Gaza City’s central hospital of al-Shifa.
Residents said the heavy shelling began in Shejaiya around midnight as Israeli tanks reached the edge of the neighborhood. They said it is too dangerous for ambulances and medical teams to approach targeted areas.
There are dead and wounded in the streets, and no one can help them,” local resident Ahmed Rabia said.
The heavy shelling has caused hundreds of panicked residents to flee to downtown Gaza City.

#GAZABLACKOUT: "Gaza has gone DARK! ...We declare cyber war on Israel!" ANONYMOUS

"The death toll rises by the hour! We call upon all hactivists. We declare cyber war on Israel! We will never forgive, we will never forget, you will not escape our chaos, expect us!

This World Is Insane + Russia Today and The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

"There's a feminist saying we should kill all their mums! What kind of world, what is this society? ...It's all never going to end. People must understand that the US, UK, Israel, The house of Saud, Egypt, they don't want peace. Orwell's continual war. There's no flag big enough to cover the deaths of the Innocent people. ...They are in the way! War is good for business!" The Artist Taxi Driver