2 Aug 2014

Weapons Tested On The Children Of Gaza - BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver
"...what kind of ordinance what kind of monsters? They have gone mad, ISRAEL's GONE MAD! Protected by the US protected by the UK, silent government. They have gone mad, they have absolutely lost it! ...Disproportionate? That's gone ages ago! This is every single day another bit blown up another bit taken out. There's a shell, sorry, there's a missile in the middle of the road, its MASSIVE! ..and they are all like, "Oh, my god! Look at the size of this missile." ..."Oh my god, look what the Americans have made, look at humanity, look at human beings. Look how they have invented to kill everybody!" The BBC WHAT!!!??? ISRAEL HAS LOST IT! Stand them side by side Netanyahu, Obama, Cameron, they are all culpable!"

How The West Sees Africa

Tyler Durden's picture Ahead of the US-Africa Summit this week, and given that President Obama explained "Africa also happens to be one of the continents where America is most popular," we thought the following map of just what the West thinks of Africa would be helpful...

h/t @Rykov
Of course, as President Obama explained yesterday, the US is different...

We are "deeply interested in working with Africa, not to extract natural resources alone,

Lizard Brain with Post Monkey Beta Expansion Pack

0:56 - Lizard Brain with Post Monkey Beta Expansion. Violent dreams, insomnia, perfectionism as abuse, pain is not about the past, father-son roleplay, taming your inner Goebbels. 
1:31:36 - A father separated from his son through the court system, a speech to a son you cannot see and a message for those who deny their co-parent visitation.

#WomenAgainstFeminism: Modern-day #Feminism’s worst nightmare

Home of the women that can think for themselves: The glass ceiling that feminists always fond to talk about are now shattered into tiny pieces and there's nothing these feminists can do but to degrade the women and discredit them for actually saying that their "movement" is nothing more but a fraud and a means of projecting their hate towards men.

Abandoning America for Boris Johnson’s Water Cannons - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Andy Zaltzman

"An ill stinky wind is blowing! ...There is no upside to being an American." Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the US corporate rats abandoning ship for the United Kingdom where, despite a public health system and higher minimum wage that Fox News claims would destroy America, help keep corporate tax rates, in fact, lower for these formerly American companies wanting to be ruled by the Queen.

Israel Regime War Machinery Kills At Least 1,654 Gazans

A large number of children have been killed in apartheid Israel’s merciless bloodthirsty onslaught on the Gaza Strip, but the international community has been mostly silent.
Latest figures show the Palestinian death toll from Israel’s aerial and ground offensives against the blockaded Gaza Strip has risen to at least 1,654.
Zionist Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: This comes as Palestinian officials reported more than 150 airstrikes, including one against the Islamic University of Gaza.
Several Palestinians died in the latest attacks in central and southern Gaza on Saturday. At least 19 bodies have been recovered from the ruins of homes in the eastern areas of Rafah.
Initial reports say more than 150 Palestinians were killed over the past 24 hours in Israel’s heavy bombardment of the besieged Palestinian coastal enclave.

Gynocentric Etiquette For Men (Part 2)

'...the whole code of behaviour being based on the assumption that she is the social superior.'
Submitted by : Walking with a Lady
“The rule of the road is a simple one, “Keep to the right.” Easy enough for women, it is complicated in the case of men by the necessity of always remaining on the kerb side of any lady they should be accompanying. Should the lady keep to the right in meeting or in passing other persons, her escort may either keep by her or go out into the road. He will be able to judge for himself which course will be advisable. His first duty is always to his companion, but that need not make him wanting in courtesy to other women. If remaining by the side of his companion should involve any inconvenience to the ladies of the other approaching party, then he must give up his position, and go out onto the roadway to let the latter pass. Should these be men, no consideration is necessary.

He keeps close by his lady’s side, but in crowded streets he may often have to fall behind, but he should never allow any one to interpose between her and him. Should the pressure from the crowd become extreme, his duty is to protect her from it as much as possible, but never by putting his arm around her waist. A hand on either side of the lady’s shoulders is usually sufficient.
Communicating with a Lady
“The well-mannered man never puts out his hand in greeting until a lady extends hers.

Zio-Nazis: Burn The Market + "This is why we came to Hebron?"

Breaking the Silence: The testifier depicts how Hebron land thieves (aka settlers) set fire to a Palestinian market. When the city's fire truck come to put out the fire, the barbaric land thieves threw stones at the fire fighters and their truck.

What The Heck Is Wrong with Tech?

By: Tech companies – along with the rest of corporate America – have been on a white-hot acquisition binge, swallowing anything that isn’t nailed down, from startups with a few employees to large corporations, even startups buying each other. For them, money is growing on trees, debt is nearly free, and stockholders are no longer paying attention to anything other than silly Wall-Street hype and whatever the Fed might do.
With these acquisitions, they’re hoping to boost their stagnating or declining revenues, acquire new technologies or talent, and then practice “acquisition accounting,” which allows them to announce huge and constantly recurring “one-time, non-cash” write-offs of actual expenses, paid for, or to be paid for, in cash or in stock, related or not to these acquisitions. Acquisition accounting elegantly obscures otherwise dreary results. Analysts fall for it lock, stock, and barrel. Every time.
IBM disclosed 13 “selected acquisitions” in 2013 and so far this year. Among them was cloud-computing startup SoftLayer for which it paid $2 billion. Then IBM scuttled its own cloud-computing products. Microsoft, which kept missing the train on mobile for years, counted among its acquisitions Nokia’s mobile-phone business. When the deal was announced in November, Microsoft promised $600 million in annual cost savings within 18 months. Even Apple, which rarely buys anything, couldn’t restrain itself and bought Beats Music and Beats Electronics in May.

Gynocentric Women Against Feminism

 johntheother: How do YOU spot a gynocentrist?

ONE PLANET + "Free Speech Is Bollocks!" - The FKN Newz

Speed Drawing & Music by Deek Jackson

'Nightmare Bacteria' Spreading Rapidly In Southeastern US

RT: Deadly, nearly untreatable superbugs known as CRE, dubbed “nightmare bacteria,” have spread at an alarming rate throughout the southeastern region of the US in recent years, new research indicates.
Researchers at Duke University Medical Center have found cases of antibiotic-resistant CRE - or carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae - increased by at least a factor of five in community hospitals across the region from 2008 to 2012.
"We're trying to sound the alarm. This is a problem for all of us in health care," said Deverick J. Anderson, lead author of the study and an associate professor of medicine at Duke, according to USA Today. "These (bacteria) are just about as bad as it gets."
CRE are a family of bacteria that live in one’s guts, often without causing illness. Yet when the bacteria escape - during ICU treatment, for example - they often cause major hospital-induced infections. One in 25 hospitalized patients contract at least one health-care-related infection on any given day, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
The bacteria prey mostly on vulnerable, hospitalized patients, killing nearly half of those who catch bloodstream infections.