4 Aug 2014

Hell Just Froze Over

By Remember when the media tried to approach new and social concerns with objectivity? Well, it’s back. For how long, we don’t know. There is a damned fine article that goes with this here. PE

Basic Info On Israel To Give To Noobs

Ry Dawson: If you don't know about the colonies, occupation, blockade, and overt racism of Israel then you really don't get to have an opinion about why people fire rockets.

US, UK and Dead Kids in Ice Cream Freezer - BBC Sucks O Cocks News

"They just pulled an eight year old boy from the rubble. ...The USA is key to every attack. They are part of the setup. ...The BBC, ...You are part of it. You are with Israel, you are doing it! ...It's them, they are doing it, they are the ones! ...They are with us in the bunker, get ready for the next arms fair! The Artist Taxi Driver.
...There's children dead in a fucking freezer!"

Bombing Gaza? There's An "Utterly Shameful" Zio-Nazi App For That

Tyler Durden's pictureGoogle customers have reacted with outrage, according to The Guardian, following the release of an Android game that invites players to mimic the Israeli death force 'dropping bombs' on Gaza.

As The Guardian reports,

Bomb Gaza, which is designed for Android phones and tablets, has been downloaded up to 1,000 times since its release on 29 July 2014, according to app store data. Its stated aim is to “drop bombs and avoid killing civilians”.

Seemingly designed to offend, the game reflects the propaganda v the real-life genocide in Gaza in which at least 1,800 Palestinians have been killed.

Ken Loach Slams BBC’s Pro-Israel Coverage Of Gaza Genocide

Internationally-renowned filmmaker, Ken Loach, has slammed the state-run BBC for it's pro-Israel bias in the coverage of the ongoing war on the Gaza Strip.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Loach, who has participated in an ongoing occupation campaign in front of the BBC headquarters in the British southwestern city of Bristol, slammed BBC policies, saying, “We should note that many at the BBC, including senior staff, are embarrassed by the broadcaster’s coverage that has an obvious pro-Israel bias."
They don’t put the views of Palestinians to the Israelis during interviews, while the use of language about Gazans is pejorative and the war crimes being committed against them ignored…. They’re not ‘militants’ or ‘terrorists,’ they’re ‘resistance fighters,’" he said, adding, “It’s the BBC, we own it, so it should be answerable.” 

Ray Of Darkness: The Chilling Effect On Black Men Of Stephen A. Smith’s Suspension

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile - hoping it will eat him last.” - Churchill

By When a man can be put in the stocks for saying “punches may lead to punches, so let’s not punch anyone” on a male-targeted show, fem-centrism has reached critical contaminant stage.
Mix in a White woman and a little The Birth of a Nation–style racial dog-whistle blowing and we’re at 28 Weeks Later territory, complete with mindless zombies who make the sane among us tiptoe in fear, afraid to sneeze lest we be relieved of sentient existence.

Obama’s ‘Helplessness’ An Act: Snowden Reveals Scale Of US Aid To Israel

RT: The turmoil gripping the Middle East is a direct result of the provision of cash, weapons and surveillance to Israel by the US, the latest Snowden leak illustrates. Obama’s “helpless detachment” is just for show, the Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald writes.
In a bold examination, the former Guardian journalist reveals the amazing contrast between what the United States says publicly, and what it does behind the curtain. This involves President Barack Obama’s apparent heartbreak over the Middle Eastern region, as well as the American love for publicly listing Israel as a threat to regional peace at a time when billions of dollars’ worth of its weaponry and intelligence were being supplied to the Jewish state since the 1960s.
Greenwald has published his analysis of the latest leaked Edward Snowden document of April 12, 2013, wherein it’s explained just how false the notion that the US is a bystander to the Middle Eastern crisis really is.
"the single largest exchange between NSA and ISNU is on targets in the Middle East which constitute strategic threats to US and Israeli interests," the leaked paper reveals.
In fact, "The mutually agreed upon geographic targets include the countries of North Africa, the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, South Asia, and the Islamic republics of the former Soviet Union. Within that set of countries, cooperation covers the exploitation of internal governmental, military, civil and diplomatic communications; and external security/intelligence organizations."

US UK Backed Israeli Gaza Bloodbath Continues..

The Artist Taxi Driver
"The leader of the Knesset wants them exterminated! ...WHAT???!!! ...What kind of mania, what kind of blood lust. It's like they are monsters. Israeli army, government are like zombies, like drone killing, killing, killing, Killing, killing, KILLING!"

The Gondoliers: Exploring The Privilege Of Dis-Privilege

By It’s all in the definition; once something has been defined as an evil, it will be universally rejected. This was a theme of a recent talk by philosopher Stefan Molyneux. By example, Molyneux spoke of the slave trade. No one supports slavery anymore, and even the cretins who participate in the modern slave trade cannot defend their actions. But up until slavery was recognized as an evil, a small percentage of the population would defend this practice.
Likewise, once a group has been identified as dis-privileged in society, few if any will defend that inequity.
Of course, there are some exceptions, as we are humans complete with all the failings that this entails. As I have always said, people will cast themselves in a good light: we know better the trials and tribulations that we ourselves have suffered and it is much easier to be sympathetic to our own personal experiences. We are, of course, rational, thinking beings and can recognize and resist our own self-biases. We are also susceptible to the influence of ideology and are capable of rejecting fairness toward ourselves in favour of a group we perceive as oppressed.
These points were not lost on W. S. Gilbert when he penned what would become one of Gilbert and Sullivan’s more successful operettas, The Gondoliers; or The King of Barataria.
The overall theme of this operetta, first performed in 1889, seems to be the folly of blind adherence to ideology. However, if you look a little deeper, you can see underlying themes that still resonate today—perhaps stronger than ever.



Fracking in the UK, A Government-Sanctioned Land Grab

By Don Quijones: An Englishman’s home is his castle.” Or so the saying goes, even if said castle is actually a crumbling, damp-infested two-up, two-down on the ugly side of town. In the UK, it’s the basic principle of house ownership that counts.
But what about the land upon which an Englishman’s castle is built? Who does it belong to? More to the point, what about the minerals, gas and oil contained below its surface? The reason these two questions are suddenly of vital import is that Britain is about to experience the mother of all natural gas rushes.
Thanks to a law that was just passed, over half of Britain’s landmass is now open to bids for drilling by oil and gas companies seeking unconventional hydrocarbons. As a consequence, millions of British residents face the prospect of fracking on their doorstep.
Unlike the United States, where fracking fever has been simmering for years, the UK is a densely populated country, with 660 people per square mile, compared to the U.S.’s 83. What’s more, in the U.S. landowners have full rights to the minerals contained on or under their land. This means that while they may be compelled by law to accept hydraulic fracturing on their land, they at least get some material compensation for the irreparable environmental devastation it tends to leave in its wake (contaminated water and air, water shortages and increased risk of earthquakes, etc.). Scant consolation, I know, but at least it’s something!
In the UK, by contrast, the State owns all rights to all valuable minerals oil, gas, coal, gold and silver under people’s property.

Israel is Finished


David Cameron Let Libya Hang Out To Dry + Tripoli Clinton + Why Gadhafi Must Die!

liarpoliticians: After David Cameron joined with NATO to "get Gaddafi" in Libya, now he's dead, the country is like a war zone, with different factions wanting to rule or control oil etc. Well done to Cameron for abandoning what you started, and created yet another failed state.

Anti-Israel Protest Attacked By Violent Police In Washington DC: Video

http://www.presstv.com/detail/2014/08/03/373912/antiisraeli-protest-turns-violent-in-us/Thousands of people took to the streets in the United States to support the Palestinian people who are under continued attacks by apartheid Israel in the Gaza Strip.
Zionist Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: About 10,000 people gathered in Washington DC on Saturday to condemn Israel’s atrocities against the people in Gaza.

The demonstrators angry with the ongoing bloodshed in the region called for an end to the Gaza conflict and chantedFree, free Palestine,” and Free Gaza.”

The rally turned violent after a police officer arrested one of the protesters. People reacted by shouting shame on you.”

In Los Angeles, activists also rallied in solidarity with the people of Palestine. The protesters marched on the Israeli consulate and shut down traffic for hours to condemn the bloodshed in Gaza.

On Friday, thousands of peace activists held a demonstration in New York City to protest against Israel’s crimes in Gaza and the biased coverage they receive in the US media.