6 Aug 2014

Boycott Israel Disinvest Sanctions Warsi Art/Arms Dealers - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

"Put Israel where you put the South African apartheid pariah! ...The whole of the middle east is on fire, what have we done? Start shouting start telling people. Israel has gone mad and they've lost it! This is about the future ...These drones, this surveillance. They are working out how to deal with resistance. They are getting ready for us." The Artist Taxi Driver.

Attack of the Strawman + HONEY BADGERS 102

"Concentrated babbling fuckchunderism, Dick (the walking cunt factory) ! Is very much a problem. We (MRA's) are trying to save kids!" DoctorRandomercam. ...It's really starting to occur to me what a goddamn zoo this place is.

Turkey Takes On Big Pharma, Big Banking, Zionists? + What Happened to the WTC Gold on 9/11?

corbettreport: "The Value of western life v third world. ...Big Pharma using third world people especially in Africa, as Guinea pigs!" Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is currently embroiled in a Presidential election campaign in the upcoming Turkish elections, but his biggest enemies may not be his political rivals. Sibel Edmonds breaks down Erdogan's moves to take on Big Pharma, the big banks and the Zionists, and how this has precipitated his recent fall from grace amongst the globalist jet set.

Israel Suffered Much Bigger Losses Than Stated - Phone Call - Gaza German Journalist

"600,000 people in Gaza are homeless. Their houses have been destroyed! ...50 meters from me a missile fell and killed a Palestinian family! More people want to join Hamas now. ...I think the Israelis have heavy losses that's why they withdrew." German Journalist.

Men Checking Privilege

By : Like most rational people, I don’t care for the phrase “check your privilege (although hearing Julie Borowski say it always cracks me up). It’s overly simplistic, totalitarian, and, dare I say, bossy. However, I recently had a sudden realization that not only is privilege checking a valid concept, but it is already widely practiced by men with no feminist intervention whatsoever.
I’m not talking about men checking their male privilege, though. In fact, I’m not convinced there’s any such thing; respect due to responsibility isn’t privilege, but that’s a different argument. No, I’m thinking about the ways men force other men to check their privilege whether it is from class, position, education, or gender (but not necessarily male).
But first let me back up a little to how I got started on this. The light bulb moment came shortly after the publication of a previous article of mine. I was skimming over it, reading the comments and such, when I saw one particular line:

like a girl” is a form of hazing
For context, that previous article is about the phrase “like a girl” and how it’s used to accuse others of acting weak and to excuse female under-performance. When I mentioned hazing, I was referring specifically to female athletes being told not to act like girls and to “man up.” But that’s not limited to girls, obviously, as just about any man can tell you. Boys and men are told not to act like a girl, in sports or otherwise, along with countless other phrases and idioms meant to push them toward masculinity.

Derivatives Casino Is Wobbling Tower

WallStForMainSt: Jim Willie talks about the origins of many over the counter (OTC) derivatives and how these OTC derivatives are used as a phony foundation (bad collateral) for banks to invest/speculate/loan with the rest of their businesses. Jim traces many of these large, opaque zero sum game derivatives casino type bets/games back to the early 1990s. Jim talks about a lot of the fraud at many large banks in the US and in Europe.

A Message to the Politically Correct...

Israeli Blitzkrieg Deteriorates Gaza Water Crisis + Iran Vows To Back Palestinians Forever

Apartheid Israel’s offensive on the besieged Gaza Strip has exacerbated a crippling water crisis in the Palestinian enclave.
Zionist Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: The Gaza Strip was already facing a water shortage before the Israeli war on the blockaded enclave began on July 8. The Israeli onslaught on the area has deteriorated the situation and most of the families in the blockaded territory now do not have access to either drinking or running water.
Around 25 percent of our water supplies fell behind the Israeli army lines after the first week of the Israeli regime (recent) offensive on the Gaza Strip, Monther Shublak, the head of Gaza water authority, told Press TV. This intensified the contamination in the water supplies and water distribution networks, he added.
The water and sanitation crisis in the Gaza Strip is very critical,” Arwa Mhanna, a spokeswoman for the UK-based charity organization Oxfam, also told Press TV.
Most areas in Gaza have unhealthy water because water supplies reach the population without being treated.
“As you can see we are displaced. At last, we are sheltering in the schools after our houses were destroyed in Beit Hanun. There is absolutely no water. And we wander everywhere looking for any water or electricity,” a Palestinian woman said.
We have nothing. We are sitting in a school. We have no water and no food. There are a lot of casualties in the school. We even don’t shower,” a Palestinian child said.

Viral Online Petition Urges ‘Nuremberg For Israel’ Over ‘Genocide Of Palestinians’

RT: Hundreds of Italians have signed an online petition slamming Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip as aslow genocideof the Palestinians and demanding aNuremberg trialfor Israel over thedestructionof Palestine.
The petition was signed by 525 Italians, mainly academics, Haaretz reported. The signees say they are dismayed by the events in Gaza and accuse Israel of pursuing colonial policies and “ethnic cleansing” of the Palestinians.

The document calls for Israel to face an international tribunal, a Nuremberg-like trial, for its war crimes and the slow genocide of the Palestinian people. Italian activists believe that not only the Israeli military and the government, but also the entire state of Israel and its accomplices should be brought to trial over current events, as well as those in the past and the foreseeable future.”

The online document also blames the US for supporting Israel, and the EU for active or passive complicity in Israel's actions against the Palestinian people.

Godfrey Reggio’s Haunting and Incredibly Accurate Prediction of Our Orwellian Future…from the 1970s

By Michael Krieger: There have been many artists, writers and intellectuals who were able to see the writing on the wall regarding our Orwellian future many decades ago. Several of them became so concerned they took it upon themselves to warn us of the dangers in no uncertain terms, with Aldous Huxley perhaps being the most prescient.
A lesser known individual who also accurately warned us about the dangers faced of a totalitarian government/corporate partnership dead set on the destruction of privacy is filmmaker Godfrey Reggio.
Back in 1972 Mr. Reggio founded the Institute for Regional Education (IRE), which partnered with the American Civil Liberties Union in New Mexico to create a series of advertising spots purchased for television, radio, newspapers, and billboards that warned of the forthcoming technological fascist state. 
Below is a haunting compilation of some of these ads:

Candidate For Worst Mother by C.O.C.K. Fairy + This Week in Stupid

Feminism LOL: The Canadian public is supposed to feel guilty for the tragedy of Bonnie Mooney. When you hear the story, and not just the feminist spin, I hope you find, as I did, that Bonnie Mooney deserves no respect, no sympathy, and no place in the public discourse of how to deal with infantile women.

Gazan Kids Reduced To Silence By Trauma: Report

http://www.presstv.com/detail/2014/08/05/374201/trauma-pushes-gaza-kids-to-silence/Traumatized by the Zio-Nazi atrocities, little Gazan kids are the most important problem the besieged enclave is facing.
Children refuse to talk. I could barely make anyone speak to me today because they are so traumatized they cannot even comprehend what’s happening around them,” said Halla Alsafadi, Press TV’s correspondent in Gaza, on Tuesday.
Zionist Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: A three-day truce took effect at 8 a.m. (0500 GMT) Tuesday and Israeli troops withdrew from the coastal enclave, giving the residents of war-torn sliver a chance to return to their homes and check the damage caused by Israeli airstrikes or tank shelling.
The amount of destruction in unbearable and it needs years to be rebuilt,” Alsafadi said.
Pernille Ironside, the head of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Gaza, said earlier in the day that the genocide has had a catastrophic and tragic impact on children.
There isn’t a single family in Gaza which hasn’t been touched by direct loss,”