8 Aug 2014

Glasgow Flies Palestinian Flag In Support Of Gaza v Zio-Nazi Genocide

Scotland's Glasgow City Council has raised the Palestinian flag over the city chambers in a move to express its solidarity with the people of the Gaza Strip.
Zionist Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Sadie Docherty, Lord Provost, or civic head, of Scotland’s largest city, said Friday that the flag is an expression of solidarity with Palestinians.

Docherty wrote a letter to Vera Baboun, the mayor of Bethlehem in Palestine’s West Bank, to inform her of this mark of support.
Docherty also offered her heartfelt sympathyto the residents in Gaza and said that people of Glasgow are united by a common desire to support the Palestinian people.”
I would like to convey my most sincere condolences to the many in your city and throughout Palestine who have been affected by this conflict,” said Docherty.
The decision to raise the Palestinian flag was met by criticism from the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council, while residents of Glasgow welcomed the move, saying on their Twitter accounts that the city made them proud to be Glaswegian.”

Having Fun? Killjoy To The Rescue!

HoneyBadgerRadio: Splitting genital mutilation. Gynocentric male genital mutilation season in Kenya! ...Doctors in the US, the only training they have about the foreskin is how to remove it. There is an anatomical ignorance, so we don't even know what we are cutting off.  ...I bet they know how much they can sell it for. ...To say there isn't an equivalence [gender] is based on ignorance.

Obama 'The Bomber' Celebrates The 50th Anniversary Of The Gulf Of Tonkin Resolution, ...By Bombing Iraq

Hell, those dumb, stupid sailors were just shooting at flying fish!” - U.S. President Lyndon Johnson commenting on the Gulf of Tonkin incident
By Michael Krieger: Fifty years ago yesterday, on August 7, 1964, Congress passed the now infamous Gulf of Tonkin resolution, which led to a massive escalation of America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. Without a formal declaration of war, the resolution permitted President Johnson to take “all necessary measures” to support South Vietnam, including armed forces. This resulted in 58,000 dead Americans and well over a million dead Vietnamese, both civilians and military personnel.
The resolution was passed based on President Johnson’s claim that the destroyer USS Maddox had been attacked for the second time in one week. While the Maddox did indeed suffer from a torpedo attack on August 2, 1964 after a raid on the North Vietnamese coast by South Vietnamese gunboats, the second attack was a pure fabrication. Furthermore, Johnson never discussed the background on the initial incident to Congress. Had Congress actually knew what happened it may have prevented this resolution from passing, thus saving millions of lives.

A Brief Note on the Difference Between Trading and Investing

By Charles Hugh Smith: Investing in oneself and enterprises one actively controls may be the only legitimate deployment of capital that qualifies as an investment in the traditional sense.
Since I've been discussing the stock market in general terms (Bull and Bear, etc.), it seems like a good time to briefly note the difference between trading and investing.
In general, investing is putting capital at risk for the long term, based on a trend or story that the investor believes will have a material impact on whatever financial vehicle he has chosen to invest in.
In general, trading is shorter-term and technical-based. A trader might buy and sell the investor's chosen financial vehicle many times, based on technical trends and indicators. For an example, let's take a look at a natural gas-based commodity fund, UNL. United States 12 Month Natural Gas Fund (UNL):

"The United States 12 Month Natural Gas Fund® LP (UNL) is an exchange-traded security that is designed to track the price movements of natural gas. UNL issues shares that may be purchased and sold on the NYSE Arca. UNL invests primarily in listed natural gas futures contracts and other natural gas related futures contracts, and may invest in forwards and swap contracts. These investments will be collateralized by cash, cash equivalents, and US government obligations with remaining maturities of two years or less."

Feminism Owns #WomenAgainstFeminism?

By The war against #WomenAgainstFeminism rages on, and as expected, the notion of privilege is used in what will be yet another failed attempt to guilt self-owning people into compliance.
IWantedWings, a feminist WordPress blog, recently responded to #WomenAgainstFeminism by rattling off a laundry list of female victims outside of Western civilization. The author (whom I will also address as IWantedWings, or simply IWW) makes a mistake right off the bat by assuming that only Western women would be against feminism.
By doing this, she casts herself as an altruistic soul and casts non-feminist women as privilege-blind bigots. Black-and-white morality aside, IWW makes many unwritten assumptions she never substantiates, as expected from feminist pundits.
IWW uses several hypothetical examples of female victimization based on true events, such as the case of a 25-year-old Pakistani woman forcefully separated from her fiancé by a controlling, abusive father. It is easy to accept the existence of a similar situation, but we can see the conversation being framed where victimization is female and perpetration is male. After painting on only half of the canvas, IWW suggests that feminists are the only moral crusaders holding back the morbid state of affairs she carefully framed while blocking the view of the blank half of the canvas.

Cut All Aid To Zio-Nazi Israel Is Getting World Reactions

"Now is the time to continue to boycott and cut all foreign aid to these despotic Judeo-Nazis! ...The child murdering bigots! We may not have the money but we've got the numbers." Ry Dawson

Riding The Donkey Backwards: Men As The Unacceptable Victims Of Marital Violence

By : In post-Renaissance France and England, society ridiculed and humiliated husbands thought to be battered and/or dominated by their wives (Steinmetz, 1977-78). 
In France, for instance, a “battered” husband was trotted around town riding a donkey backwards while holding its tail. In England, “abused” husbands were strapped to a cart and paraded around town, all the while subjected to the people’s derision and contempt. Such “treatments” for these husbands arose out of the patriarchal ethos where a husband was expected to dominate his wife, making her, if the occasion arose, the proper target for necessary marital chastisement; not the other way around (Dobash & Dobash, 1979).
Although the patriarchal view supporting a husband’s complete dominance of his wife persisted into the twentieth century (E. Pleck, 1987), during the latter half of this century, we find a definite shift in people’s attitudes toward marital relationships. Beginning in the 1970s, for instance, advocates like Del Martin (1976) and Erin Pizzey (Pizzey 1974; Pizzey & Shapiro, 1982) exposed the “hidden” secret of domestic violence. As a result, terms like “domestic violence,” “domestic abuse,” and “battered wife” have found their way into our everyday speech. Finally, society seems to be taking the issue of domestic violence against women seriously and looking for solutions to stem if not to end the violence.

Palestinian Child Killed As Zio-Nazi Warplanes Blitzkrieg Gaza City + Apartheid Israel Resumes Gaza Blitzkrieg Genocide

A 6-year-old girl has been killed and several others were maimed in fresh apartheid Israeli attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip.
Zionist Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: This comes as Tel Aviv’s warplanes hit several residential areas across the northern and eastern parts of the Gaza Strip on Friday
Palestinian sources say nearly a dozen people were also wounded in the deadly attacks.
Initial reports say the renewal of the fighting has forced thousands of people in eastern Gaza to flee from their homes.
The end of a 72-hour ceasefire prompted an order by the Zio-Nazi Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin "The Butcher Of Gaza" Netanyahu to attack the coastal enclave again.
In retaliation, the heroic Palestinian resistance fighters have fired home made rockets and mortar shells into Israel since this morning, wounding three Israeli death troopers.

Arguing A Feminist

RazorBladeKandy2: This is a cartoon reenactment of an argument I had on twitter. Aside from a few ad libs to interact with the extras, and some grammar correction, this entire argument is copied and pasted from my twitter.

Shit Feminists Say

HoneyBadgerRadio:  We’re no strangers to the ravings of feminists. In fact there’s very little that we haven’t seen. With the popularity of the women against feminism hash-tag, the web is filled to the brim with feminist bullshit. But sometimes there are things said which are exceptionally bad. Words that are so bafflingly dumb, so mind numbingly stupid, that it simply must be shared. Because this is a level of ignorance that must be seen to be believed.

Gaza Israel Did Not Stop Because Of International Pressure IMO


Great Cake Collapse and The Triskelion Uprising - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Peter Greenhill

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the headlines which prove that a great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges.

The Greek Olympic Wasteland In Photos - Ten Years Later

Tyler Durden's picture Ten years ago, when Europe was successfully pretending it is solvent for the benefit of German exports and Greece was happily masking its budget deficit disaster with Goldman Sachs currency swaps, the Olympic flame was about to light up the Athenian night sky. As BBC reports, the return of the Games to the Olympics' spiritual home was widely hailed as a success at the time. Now, not so much and most Greeks view the Athens Olympics with anger as a contributing factor to the country's economic catastrophe. The Games cost almost twice their projected budget, with organisers not opting to use any temporary, collapsible venues, as other host cities have done.
In total, Greece spent over $10 billion on the Games. "The Games were a lost opportunity, no doubt about it," admits former Athens 2004 spokesman Stratos Safioleas.
Sadly for the broke country, that is an understatement. Here, ten years later, is the wasteland which is all that's left of the 2004 summer Olympics.

Not Killing Gazans And Their Children ‘Moral Mistake’: Netanyahu

Blood thirsty Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin 'the butcher of Gaza' Netanyahu has blatantly defended Zio-Nazi Tel Aviv’s bloody massacre of countless Gazan children and civilian men and women as ‘proportionate,’ while attempting to shift the blame for heavy civilian toll onto Palestinian resistance fighters.
Zionist Shill Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: During a Wednesday news conference, the Israeli apartheid premier described the Tel Aviv regime’s month-long genocide against the inhabitants of Gaza as proportionateand justified.”
I think it was justified, I think it was proportionate.