13 Aug 2014

The Terrifying Future of Social Justice

Sargon of Akkad: My prediction for the future of social justice and feminism. I'm not saying this is what _will_ happen, I'm saying it is what _could_ happen.

Eyewitness On Israeli Crimes In Rafah

PressTV: After Israel's death troops pullout from the besieged Gaza Strip, the world is beginning to realize the scale of the damage done to the already impoverished Palestinian enclave. Our correspondent in Gaza Halla Alsafadi has spoken to some of the farmers there, and describes how the Israeli offensive destroyed Palestinian lands and infrastructures in Gaza.

Foodflation - Since QE3, Breakfast Is Up Over 24%

Tyler Durden's picture Having pointed out the 'surges' in the cost of your 4th of July burger at the behest of Greenspan and Bernanke [2], we thought a reflection on the soaring costs of 'the most important meal of the day' were in order. 
As the following chart illustrates in words and pictures even a PhD Fed economist or CNBC pretend-economist could understand - food-flation is here from breakfast through dinner (no matter how many iPads we try and eat).

The Vanguard Report - Episode No. 12

 Nick Reading and Fidelbogen.

Juice Rap News LIVE!

thejuicemedia: Memorable moments from our debut live show at the Woodford Folk Festival (Queensland, Australia),

Indentured Servitude For Men In Iran: The Myth Of Patriarchal Oppressive Divorce

“…effectively denying (Iranian) women the right to divorce and re-establishing men’s unlimited right of divorce.”[1]
“A man may marry up to four wives and divorce them whenever he desires. But mere will is not enough for a(n Iranian) woman to divorce her husband.”[2] penned by Shirin Ebadi, the only Iranian Noble-prize winner. (She received her Noble Peace Prize for her efforts in the field of issues of women and children.)
“Iran’s rising divorce rate is all the more noteworthy given the laws on divorce. While husbands are empowered to end their marriages in a matter of weeks without stating any reason, women must establish sufficient grounds for divorce in a process that can take several years, even with professional legal advice… (women) facing such an uneven playing field…” [3]NY Times.

By : A quick search on the internet will tell you how much women are discriminated against in Iran when it comes to divorce. They will tell you that men have the absolute right to end marriage, and women cannot divorce their husbands if they wish. Some radical gynocentrists even tell you that a woman cannot divorce even if her husband beats her every day. So what do all these statements have in common? You can’t precisely find the similarity, because it is not just what they say; it is also what they don’t say. By the end of this article you have to decide for yourself how appalling these statements are.

Israel Seeks To Eliminate All Traces Of Life In Gaza

President of the Islamic University of Gaza says Zio-Nazi Israeli ground and aerial forces intend to eliminate all traces of life across the besieged Palestinian Strip.
Zionist Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Dr. Kamalain Shaath said in an interview with Press TV on Wednesday that "Israelis want to suppress all elements of life" across the besieged Palestinian coastal enclave. 
Saath went on to say that Israeli forces repeatedly attacked kindergartens, schools, mosques, universities and UN-run institutions during their latest round of aggression on Gaza.
The remarks come as a substantial part of the Islamic University in Gaza City was damaged by an Israeli airstrike on August 2.
Several TV channels showed that glass from broken windows and notebooks belonging to some students who attended the university were scattered around the premises.
In a separate development on Wednesday, an unexploded missile went off in Beit Lahia, killing five people, including a foreign journalist, and injuring several others.
The missile exploded when disposal experts were trying to defuse it. Those injured in the blast are said to be in critical condition. Meanwhile, a Palestinian woman has died of her injuries at a hospital in Jordan.
The latest incidents raise the number of Palestinian deaths from the Israeli onslaught on the besieged Strip to at least 1955.
Over 10,000 others have been maimed in the Israeli attacks that began on July eight. The Palestinian death toll includes nearly 500 children.

Feminism Against Historical Women

By : The ignorance of feminists in regard to history, women’s history in particular, will come as no surprise to any seasoned Men’s Human Rights Advocate (MHRA), anti-feminist, and/or non-feminist. This willful ignorance is a necessary part of the mental process that allows women to believe that they were and still are victims of men’s oppression. In order for feminists to continue to dupe the public, they must ignore and hide the achievements of strong and self-empowered women throughout history. I don’t intend to allow feminists to erase these women from the pages of history. These are the women that girls like my daughter should be admiring and are the ones feminists seek to erase. This is just one of the many ways feminism hurts women and girls.
For the past several months I have been examining the women’s suffrage in the United States. What I found was a bucket of worms that I still haven’t been able to untangle. It seems, surprise-surprise, that women’s right to vote is far more complicated than feminists would have us believe. For the sake of brevity I will only briefly touch on women’s voting rights and female elected officials. However, my search, in which every answered question leads to three more, has uncovered many female historical figures that feminists wished hadn’t existed. These are the women I would like to concentrate on in this article.

Did The Family Courts Kill Robin Williams, Or Was It Just Us?

“I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is ending up with people who make you feel all alone.” Robin Williams as Lance Clayton, World’s Greatest Dad (2009)
By Actor and comedian Robin Williams took his own life Sunday. According some close to him, he had been struggling with depression since two divorces left him in difficult financial shape. He was 63.
The reaction to the bad news has been varied. The typical platitudes are making the rounds on social media platforms. ABC News printed the express wishes of the family to be left alone while they were reeling from the shock. On the same page ABC offered readers a live cam aerial view of Williams’ home.
FOX News’ Shepard Smith referred to Williams with the words such a coward,” then offered a quick retraction and apology as he realized public grief turned to outrage would be aimed directly between his mascara-caked eyes.  “Different Strokes” actor Todd Bridges Tweeted how “selfish” Williams was, then later issued the same CYA apologies. 
Other coverage of this tragedy has been somewhat more thoughtful, but most are comprised of homages to his brilliant work as a comic and an actor.
The circumstances which appear to have actually led to his suicide have been referenced in some places, but have otherwise been left unexamined. So far, no one in the mainstream media is looking at the life of Robin Williams and even trying to connect the dots on what led to the contemporary genius hanging dead at the end of belt noose.
In touching on the bare surface of the story, the media has managed in places to utter the words “divorce” and “financial problems.” Indeed, two terms which seem inextricably locked together for men.

Rid The Bankster Parasite! - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Nick Lambert and David Irvine

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss peer to peer and decentralised systems, an idea whose time has come, thus, making them stronger than all the armies in the world.

"There Is A Brewing Problem... And It's Extremely Dangerous" - Ferguson As America

Protests turn to Free For All But there is Something Much More
Riots have erupted with hundreds of protesters gathering at a suburban St. Louis police station on Monday demanding murder charges against an officer who shot to death an unarmed black teenager over the weekend. Looting just went nuts like the ’60s. While this is being painted as a race issue, there is yet another issue that is not being addressed – that is the militarization of the civil police forces around the country.
Ever since 911, there has been a trend moving toward much harsher local police. Here is a photo of how the Boston Police have militarized to the point it looks like war against the people. Even small towns are geared up for war.
The small town of Medford, Oregon with a population of 76,462 has spent millions of dollars to militarize their police. They have their own Swat Teams, yet no incident in history of some major shooting of such a nature to warrant a Swat Team. The entire reason where there was the Second Amendment was to eliminate this very threat of standing armies. We are seeing the abuse of force at every level.