17 Aug 2014

MHRM: That's What She Said + What Makes A Successful Relationship

"The Big Lebowski and female ghost busters."

F.G.M. v M.G.M. Parts One and Two + Men's Rights - Vanguard Report

The War Machine.. The Movie ..Trailer

"It's about Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, Palestine, the police, the judiciary, the city of corruption, food banks, the war machine and RFID chips in your nut!" The Artist Taxi Driver

Monetised World Where Millions Die From Poverty - Letter From Mr A + Who We Are Told To Hate


Communism and Libertarianism Won’t Save Men

"Problem is, as usual, they forget all about the men and boys."
By : Every movement has a goal, and every movement faces criticism. Sometimes it’s criticism of the goal itself, sometimes of the method chosen to achieve it. The Men’s Human Rights Movement (MHRM) is bombarded with both, ranging from blatant attacks on the very concepts of men’s rights to debates over the place of women in the movement.
Other criticisms, though, are more universal. Throughout history, every movement for social reform has faced blowback and resistance due to humanity’s natural inertia. In today’s globalized, digitized world, a new go-to argument has emerged: “Aren’t there bigger things to worry about?”
It seems like no matter what you are fighting for, there is some bigger battle out there, and some people think you should be waging that battle. In the case of men’s human rights activism, critics will point to the “broader” social ills of wealth disparity, under-education, corruption, poverty, and starvation, domestically or overseas, and argue that these are bigger issues that need addressing. Do away with poverty, they say, and men’s problems will disappear. End government overreach, they attest, and men will no longer be abused.
Is it a strawman argument? Only half-straw: all fights against inequality and oppression are valid, and some do have a more sweeping impact than others, but thinking that general social reform will solve men’s issues is a confusion of cause and effect.
For specific examples of this fallacy, you can look at two of the stronger currents in western social reform movements: communism (socialist/big government) and libertarianism (individualist/small government).

When Venn Diagrams Go Horribly Wrong

Tyler Durden's picture Or maybe just one of those rare occasions when the truth slips through? Source

Joaquin Does USA: Ferguson + Kiev Forces Losing Thousands of Men + The US Horror Show - No American Resistance Movement + Germany - Still Occupied! + America - More Police and More Poverty!

"Ferguson is about poverty. ...Justified pent up aggression."

The Trouble With Testosterone: Will boys just be boys?

Face it, we all do it. We all believe certain stereotypes about certain minorities. The stereotypes are typically pejorative and usually false. But every now and then, they are true. I write apologetically as a member of a minority about which the stereotypes are indeed true. I am male. We males account for less than 50 percent of the population, yey we generate a disproportionate percentage of the violence. Whether it is something as primal as having an ax fight in an Amazonian clearing or as detached as using a computer-guided aircraft to strafe a village, something as condemned as assaulting a cripple or as glorified as killing someone wearing the wrong uniform, if it is violent, males excel at it.
Why should that be? We all think we know the answer. A dozen millennia ago or so, an adventurous soul managed to lop off a surly bull’s testicles and thus invented behavioral endocrinology. It is unclear from the historical records whether this individual received either a grant or tenure as a result of the experiment, but it certainly generated an influential finding–something or other comes out of the testes that helps to make males such aggressive pains in the ass.
That something or other is testosterone.1

Small Government?

"How is a fight against government, that is limiting or abolishing it, not a fight against human nature?" bar bar

The 6oodfella and Sargon Show with DoctorRandomerCam

Sargon of Akkad: The Patriarchy Podcast, with DoctorRandomerCam as a special guest.

C.O.C.K. and The Power of Women

"...those are my sperm cells you are using! ...Shut up and pay up, you should have kept it in your pants dude. ...The male point of view has no political currency what so ever." johntheother

“Can’t explain” – the evil of Parental Alienation 'PAS'

 "...the (UK) social services that are supposed to be around to protect the interests and welfare of the children utterly fail when it comes to parental alienation! ...deliberately inadequate..."
Menmatters: Parental Alienation poisons families and can cause serious harm to children and adults alike. It is a social evil and a form of emotional abuse that is often ignored or denied by child support agencies. James Williams interviews co-authors of a new book called Can't Explain and touches on the prevalence of psychopathy and narcissism in abuse.