18 Aug 2014

The Male Paedophile

Human Rights Watch USA - Amnesty International Deploys in America + Amnesty Criticizes ‘Dictators’ For Silencing Protesters In Ferguson

“We criticize dictators for quelling dissent and silencing protestors with tactics like curfews, we’ll certainly speak out when it’s happening in our own backyard. The people of Ferguson have the right to protest peacefully the lack of accountability for Michael Brown’s shooting.”
- Amnesty International USA’s executive director, Steven W. Hawkins
By Michael Krieger: I’m sure most of you have heard by now of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s decision to deploy the National Guard to the unrest in Ferguson, but what you may not have heard is that human rights organization Amnesty International is also on the ground. In fact, it has been there for several days now and is quite disturbed by what is happening.

A New Fathers 4 Justice Protest In Hyde Park, London: deeply moving videos about children’s and fathers’ rights - iDad and Spider Man

By Our thanks to James Williams of Menmatters Radio for bringing this matter to our attention. It concerns a New Fathers 4 Justice protest that started August 12 in Hyde Park, London, one with a difference—one aimed at an international audience. James sent the following message, which included a link to to a short video that we consider the most moving video we’ve ever seen about children’s and fathers’ rights:
On Tuesday 12th August 2014, I was phoned by a man called Archi who, with 5 other companions, had scaled Apsley House in Hyde Park London. The protestors are in full view of the busy traffic that pass through this part of London. It is claimed to be the first international protest of its kind consisting of three Brits, two French and an American.

Youri World Economy

Youri Carma says: If you only have a look at the latest Headlines, only in this post today, the conclusion must be Über-evident, n’est-ce pas?
- Support for a Scottish “Yes” vote is on the rise, and has closed the gap on the unionist “No” campaign by two percentage points according to a survey.
- UK exit from the EU could lead to banking exodus
- Several US banks would consider moving key London-based operations abroad if Britain were to leave the EU, according to a report in the Financial Times (FT).
- UK Property Prices Suffer Largest Decrease Ever As London Real Estate Goes Into Full-Scale Collapse – panic selling in London as owners try to cash in on their overpriced houses at the very top of the market

- China’s July economic data points to further softness
- Surprisingly weak China July money data cast doubts on recovery’s durability
- China July property investment slows, sales drop sharply
- China home prices fall for third straight month in July
- Shanghai Gold Exchange Said to Plan FTZ Contract for Sept
- West Australian Treasurer revenue fears after iron ore price plummets

The Truth About Michael Brown and The Ferguson Riots + Stefan Molyneux Raps

Stefan Molyneux: Ferguson, Missouri has been engulfed in rioting and looting following the death of 18-year-old black teenager Michael Brown. Officer Darren Wilson, a white policeman, shot and killed Brown on the streets of Ferguson - a tragic incident that became the catalyst for a wave of civil unrest in the local community. Brown died shortly after robbing a convenience store with his friend Dorian Johnson. This information wasn't confirmed until Johnson's attorney, Freeman Bosley, admitted that his client took part in the crime. What happened? Who is responsible? What is the truth about Michael Brown and the Ferguson Riots?

Is Libertarianism The Undercurrent Of The MHRM?

You can all go to hell is the natural reaction of people who perceive an entire system that views them with contempt. Until you do something to address that, you’re an idiot if you don’t expect screw the government, screw the system, screw society, screw everybody
By Politics, most especially in the United States, has become so incredibly polarized that there is a tendency to instantly identify anyone and everyone as either “leftist” or “right-wing,” wingnut” versus “moonbat.” When politically-oriented publications take a look at the Men’s Human Rights Movement, they tend either to be bewildered and out of their depth, or to try to pin a label on us that won’t stick.
Full disclosure before I say more: I at one time considered myself a diehard liberal Democrat (of the U.S. variety). I got older and I became a libertarian. I got older and became a Republican (again, of the U.S. variety). Then I got older still and threw it all away, and now refuse to self-identify as anything but a classical liberal and a pragmatist, which is where I’ve been for more than 10 years and will likely be for the rest of my life. I think Ayn Rand was as nutty as Karl Marx, and I think Von Mises and Keynes both had valid points of view. Sorry, ideologues, you don’t have to like it, I am who I am, so if you need to split the world into binary “you’re either this or you’re that,” then fine, assign me your favorite label and just walk away.
Now, for those of you who can think independently:

The Ebola Effect: Hyping The Next Bioweapon For Fear And Profit

corbettreport: Are you worried about the ebola pandemic? Should you be? Is it hype? Real? A false flag? Bioterrorism? A Big Pharma scam? Join James today on The Corbett Report podcast as he peels back the layers of the ebola onion and exposes the pandemic endgame.

The Uncomfortable Truth About Battered Women - COCK Fairy

Feminism LOL: Killing is not the solution to domestic violence. If women stop acting like parasites the problem could be solved a lot quicker.

Another Girl Tired Of Feminism

"The special snowflake oppression Olympics."

Humanitarian Situation Worsening In Gaza "After Israeli Blitz"

The humanitarian situation in the besieged Gaza Strip is getting worse more than a week after world outrage pressure forced the Zio-Nazi Israelis to stop openly butchering Palestinian children.
Zionist Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Most of the blockaded enclave has been without power for 18 hours a day since genocidal terrorist Israel attacked the territory’s sole power plant on July 29. The damage is said to take up to a year to fix.
On Saturday, the Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority said it will be able to continue supplying Gaza with six hours of electricity a day for another two months.
People in Gaza also face a shortage of water, with reports indicating that various diseases are spreading among the population that has been displaced due to the Israeli war.
According to reports, the displaced Palestinians living in UN-run schools struggle for access to water. They say there is no water in the bathrooms and that the dirt in the area causes serious problems for them.
“All my children got sick here because of the dirt and the lack of hygiene, they’ve all got skin infections and scabs,” said Faten al-Masri, a Palestinian mother.

This Week in (Feminist) Stupid

Sargon of Akkad: Jessica Valenti needs tampons! "...For her over sized gaping vagina."

How Jews Justify Gaza Genocide