20 Aug 2014

Semantic Distinctions, Subjective Experience; Robin Williams

Twitter Changes its Timeline Algorithm – Here’s What You Need to Know

By Michael Krieger: Ever since I took the plunge and joined Twitter a little over two years ago I’ve had an unbroken love affair with the microblogging site. Prior to Twitter, I had essentially zero presence on, or interaction with, any social media. Although I tried Facebook in the distant past, I found it to be generally useless and uninteresting. As such, I was very hesitant to try something new; however, after consistent badgering by friends I ultimately relented and haven’t looked back since.
Twitter can be used for all sorts of purposes, but for those who are interested in staying up to date on certain topics, pundits, or breaking news generally, it can be a very serious and effective tool.
That is how I use Twitter. It’s my direct link into the thought processes of some of the smartest minds in the world. It is also where people in the thick of things choose to share “what’s happening” in real time before they share it anywhere else. This is incredibly valuable.
 Since I take my timeline pretty seriously, I carefully select accounts to follow so that it is as clean and simple as I can possibly make it. It is this lack of clutter that makes it so useful. Unfortunately, it appears Twitter is determined to add clutter to my timeline without my permission.

Misogyny Versus Misandry: From “Comparative” Suffering To Inter-Sexual Dialogue

By : My colleague in research on men is Katherine Young. She is not here today, at least not in corporeal form, but we have collaborated on all five volumes in a series of books on misandry—that is, the sexist counterpart of misogyny. When I say “I,” therefore, I usually mean “we.” Her interest in men emerged from her research on women in India, finding that she could not see the gender norms of one sex adequately without also seeing those of the other. What she needed was “stereoscopic” vision. My interest in men emerged from personal experience as a gay man. But both of us are academics in religious studies, or comparative religion, a field that includes comparative ethics. I rely primarily, though not entirely, on the latter.
Ten or eleven years ago, a journalist interviewed me about misandry for an article on the troubled relations between men and women. But first she told me that not all of her friends, some men and some women, were eager to read her findings. Why, they asked, would anyone be preoccupied today with sexual polarization? The culture wars, they said, were over. Women had made great gains in the world of work. Men were spending more time on household chores. Feminism had done its job, right? Well, I thought, guess what? They were wrong. But they were not wrong for the supposedly obvious reason: that women remain unequal to men in various ways, which means that feminism had yet to complete its job. They were wrong, I suggest, for two other reasons—two intellectual and moral mistakes.

Murderous Israeli Regime Attacks Gaza With Warplanes, Missiles - Iran President

Zionist Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has lashed out at Israel after it resumed targeting Gaza in a flurry of airstrikes. Rouhani described Israel as a murderous regime which is attacking defenseless people in the besieged Palestinian enclave with missiles and warplanes. Rouhani said the situation in the region is critical where people in the Palestinian territories as well as Iraq and Syria are looking at the Iranian nation for help.

Is the Independent’s Matthew Champion championing violence against Indian men? You decide!

By “We can’t condone violence.” These are the very words that i100 website news editor Matthew Champion uses to introduce his latest article on the Independent’s new UK website. In the very same sentence, he describes how “satisfying” it is to see an Indian man being forced to kneel while a woman stamps on his head. “Hurrah!” Champion exclaims in this outstandingly shoddy piece of reporting.
He is writing about a YouTube video shot in Bangalore. A young man, K R Suryaprakash, is pursued down the street and physically attacked by a woman after he allegedly “eve-teased” her—an Indian term used to refer to sexually suggestive behaviour by men toward women.
The term “eve-teasing” is important because it has cultural significance in India and is subject to a drive for cultural change. It is often portrayed positively in Indian cinema as mild teasing and flirtatious courtship. In recent times, there has been a drive to stamp it out and to conflate it with rape and throwing acid at women. Now I do not defend sexual harassment—I think it is unacceptable—but the fact is that the term “eve-teasing” could mean virtually anything. The reality is what Suryaprakash allegedly did or said isn’t captured in the video, nor is it even clear what that was.

The Trouble With Traditionalists - C.O.C.K.

"...the social contract between men and women is defunct." johntheother

The World Has Lost It.. - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

"Where's the humanity? Israelis have lost it again, ISIS chopping of heads, ...the world is like a Quentin Tarantino movie!" The Artist Taxi Driver

"The Revolution Of Our Conscience Will Not Be Televised!" Anonymous Call to Protest #HandsUp

Greetings citizens of the United States. We are Anonymous.
In recent light of the situation in Ferguson Missouri, where the people's right to protest has been usurped by an illegal curfew and the deployment of the national guard, we're committed to stand hand in hand with the people in Ferguson, where peaceful protesters have been arrested, journalists threatened and the right to protest criminalized. Using jammers to disrupt communication of livestreamers, letting plumb rule the streets like dictators in the middle east to hurt people, no-fly zone: in a word "a military force" will not ensure peace and justice in Ferguson.

CNN Anchor Wonders Why Police Aren’t Using Water Cannons in Ferguson + The World Comments

By Michael Krieger: The following short video clip is simply incredible. Not just because of the incredibly insensitive comment made by CNN anchor Rosemary Church, but even more so due to the horrified and confused look on the face of black co-anchor, Errol Barnett. While CNN may not be particularly good at covering news or understanding racial sensitivities, you have to give the network credit for providing the world with one of the most memorable clips of 2014.
See for yourself.
Egypt Urges Restraint While China Tells the U.S. to “Stop Pointing Fingers

A Voice For Men's New Mission Statement

By : The past 50 years has been a time of remarkable change in the world of western women. With the help of technology and forward thinking our society has thrown off sex based expectations and limitations for women, allowing them important, long-deserved access to the path of self-actualization.
We now live in a world where a woman’s role in life is one of choice, not a destiny shaped by tradition, determined by biology or forged in law.  This, we think, is as it should be.
This revolution in freedom and identity, however, will not be complete until the same standards find their way into the lives of the average man. The absence of that complimentary change in the lives of men has created an imbalance that erodes the autonomy of both sexes. Unless this changes, that Imbalance will worsen.

Master Of Me - Logic Ft. Femi Santiago + Hand On Your Gun - Lowkey

"I am the master of me! ...go tell your slave master."

Gender Equality Social Experiment

By Funk You: Girls have faced many problems in our society, but even boys have faced such problems many a times, which went UN-NOTICED. Whether a Girl or a boy, ALL ARE EQUAL. We Choose to have a Society Free of Gender Inequality.