22 Aug 2014

Zoe Quinn and Feminist Mean Girls - Honey Badger Radio

A Commenter - MGTOW

"Women by default have respect, it is men that are being treated without respect. I'm tired of feminists." 14 year old who doesn't take any crazy feminist BS.

Big Plans For Walk A Mile! - Men's Rights Edmonton, Canada

"We feel that the focus on patriarchy as a proximal cause of domestic violence and the male as perpetrator model only perpetuates the cycle of family violence. ...Family violence is a cycle, a generational cycle and children will learn that hitting is the way to resolve conflicts no matter whether the person they see hitting is the father or mother. ...This 50 year disinformation campaign has to stop!" Karen Straughan

Patriarchy Math

By In 2011 I had a heated debate in a hallway with one of the executives of the Political Science Society. She was a radical feminist and insisted that men have it so much easier than women, and I told her that between being called a slut and a rapist, I’ll take slut because as far as defamation of character goes, I’ve never heard a man recover from the latter.
For this, and for insisting that 95% of rapes being male-perpetrated was not a real statistic, I was branded a misogynist and shunned at mixers. It did not help that this girl ran the Political Science Society like it was high school student council, emphasis on the HIGH school. I came across Karen Straughan’s GirlWritesWhat YouTube channel and found her view on men’s issues refreshing, but I have some issues with how feminism is addressed and for this reason I don’t identify as an MRA.

Prince Charmless and The DV (Domestic Violence) Double Standard

By An artist going by Saint Hoax has been in the news regarding several series of anti-abuse posters he’s produced themed around animated Disney characters. The first two were about the Disney princesses, but now, responding to online feedback, Saint Hoax has produced a poster series about abused men.
You can read about it here at Huffington Post. The poster series is meant to highlight the plight of victims of domestic violence by graphically portraying Disney “heroes” after having been beaten by their respective “princesses.” The goal, Saint Hoax says, is to encourage men not to be embarrassed to ask for help when they are abused.
Now, the HuffPo article itself is a mess, reporting on the posters with obvious reluctance and bending over backwards to cite every misrepresented, ill-conceived, and debunked pseudo-statistic on DV ever printed, with the usual goal of insisting that women are the majority of victims.
The posters, however, seek to draw attention to abused men. I salute Saint Hoax for this, but I also must cry foul. His heart is in the right place, but even these posters fall far short of what needs to be said about abused men. They also carry the telltale signs of (I’ll be polite and assume unconscious) gynocentrism and Patriarchy Theory.

Women Against FEMINISM - Hulk Hogan Divorce And Other Horrors

"Let there be infighting. ...it's their Russian winter." MAYOR of MGTOWN. How MGTOW and the MRM should see this new trend as an opportunity.

Mafia Boss Says Stocks A Bubble, Buy Physical Gold and Silver

By Mark O'Byrne: Michael Franzese, the former powerful mafia boss turned motivational speaker and author, warned on CNBC that stocks are a bubble, Wall Street is crooked and advised people to own physical gold and silver bars.
Asked for his “top investment tips,” Franzese told CNBC:
“I did a lot of things at times with people on Wall Street and I don’t trust them … that is the bottom line … a lot of [Wall Street] guys are shady and they did shady things with me and I don’t trust them. And I don’t like other people that I don’t know really well taking care of my money. I think that I can do it better.”
Regarding stocks he said “he thinks there is a bubble there and when it bursts it is not going to be good.”
He said he would not invest in gold ETFs, rather he owns physical bars:
“No matter what, it’s [gold bullion bars] always going to have a value and there will always be something there.”

469 Gaza Children Killed, Over 370,000 Need ‘Psychosocial Aid’ - UNICEF

At least 469 children have been blown to pieces and over 3,000 maimed for life in Gaza since the start of the Israeli genocide, a senior UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) official said, adding that more than 370,000 Palestinian kids require “immediate psychosocial first aid.

RT: Another nine children have been butchered in Gaza violence since Wednesday, the chief of UNICEF’s Gaza field office, Pernilla Ironside, said at a press conference on Thursday in New York.
“There isn’t a single family in Gaza who hasn’t experienced personally death, injury, the loss of their home, extensive damage, displacement,” Ironside said.

A Palestinian woman cares for wounded children at the hospital following an Israeli air strike on a house in Gaza City (AFP Photo / Mohammed Abed) 
She stressed that while 373,000 Palestinian children are in need of “immediate psychosocial first aid,” UNICEF only has 50 psychologists and counsellors on the ground in Gaza. Those specialists were able to reach just 3,000 children.

A Salute To Robin Williams

Terrence Popp: We all know he voluntarily kicked his own air addiction, but why? Popp breaks it down with numbers, the Redonkulas way. Get ready to be pissed off.

US Congress Proposes New Law Prohibiting Body Armor In The Land Of The Free + Logic - Pork Pig

By : By the late 1920s, Joseph Stalin became the unchallenged leader of the Soviet Union after having eliminated his opposition.
He topped it off in 1929 by serving a decisive blow to anyone that would dare to oppose him by outlawing private gun ownership in the country.
From that year on until 1953 when Stalin died, it’s estimated that more than 20 million Soviet citizens that were seen as a threat to the country’s leadership.
People were rounded up and either murdered outright, or sent to infamous gulag labor camps.
Stalin is an extreme case. But history is ripe with examples of governments which disarm their citizens, only to engage in serious oppression afterwards.
Communist China. Nazi Germany. Cambodia. Guatemala. Uganda. The list goes on and on. Pacification of the citizens is almost always a prerequisite to totalitarianism.
There have been a lot of attempts to disarm, or at least partially disarm, people in the US throughout history as well.
Each time there’s a major shooting somewhere, the chant to ban firearms grows louder.
But the latest proposal is especially telling.
H.R. 5344 is a bill currently going through Congress that would ban the purchase of body armor.
Violation would carry CRIMINAL penalties, including up to ten years in prison.
Many bullet-resistant items on the market now, such as bulletproof backpacks for school children, would be banned by this legislation.

Anarchy - The Joe Rogan Experience with Stefan Molyneux

"Government is akin to shitty parenting." Joe Rogan.
"I hate the war on drugs on a visceral fundamental level." Stefan Molyneux
Anarchy and the non aggression principal.
Stefan Molyneux speaks to Joe Rogan on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast in Los Angeles

European States Mulling UN Resolution On Gaza Truce

Some European countries are reportedly discussing a possible UN Security Council resolution to call for a sustainable ceasefire in the Gaza Strip amid Israel’s military campaign against Palestinians in the besieged coastal sliver.
Zionist Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: UN diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity, said on Thursday that Britain, France and Germany have shared the elements of the possible resolution with council members, including Jordan, which has circulated its own resolution for a ceasefire.
The diplomats added that the resolution would include the opening up of Gaza's borders and the return of the impoverished territory to Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority.
It would also incorporate a European Union offer to take charge of Gaza's border crossings.
The UN diplomats have emphasized that the discussions over the resolution are in the early stages, and there is no timeframe for introducing it.
Gaza has been blockaded by the Israeli regime since June 2007, a situation that has caused a decline in the standards of living, unprecedented levels of unemployment, and unrelenting poverty.