25 Aug 2014

Israeli Blitzkrieg Jets Hit Italian 'Gift' Tower In Gaza + Zio-Nazis Launch Attack On UN-Run School In Gaza

UK BANNED Press TV: Palestinians in the Gaza Strip suffer more death and destruction as Israeli warplanes keep pounding the besieged territory. The Italian tower complex and a UN-run school sheltering Palestinian refugees are the latest targets of the Israeli attacks.

How To Kill Brown People In GAZA.. EGYPT, IRAQ - The FKN News

..etc bla bla Deek Jackson

Syrian Girl's Case Against The Neocon Dan Kaszeta Explained By Theadore Postol

Ry Dawson: Do you ever ask but what can we do? Well here is a concrete way to take down a neocon and a central liar for the war in Syria.

What is an Argument?

"A biologist describes, a doctor prescribes..." Stefan Molyneux answers the question - what is an argument. "...Simply not being evil isn't enough to be good."

Israeli Drone Captured In Gaza By Hamas Resistance Heroes

The Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the heroic military wing of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, has seized an Israeli Death Pointer drone in Gaza Strip’s Shejaiya district.
Zionist Shill Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV:  According to media reports, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades announced the capture of the Zionist reconnaissance plane via a message posted on its Arabic Twitter account on Monday.
In a separate statement, the brigades reportedly added that in addition to capturing the drone, Hamas fighters have also continued to pound enemy positions and cities with dozens of rockets in response to Israeli crimes against our people and ongoing barbaric aggression on our people in Gaza.”

Gender Hypocrisy In The Porn Debate

By The ubiquity of male porn use has become the current battleground of a huge cultural war.
In Don Jon, the gender war over sex and porn takes center stagePeople are afraid of the consequences of porn use and fear that it damages men, their brains, their sexual performance, their attitudes towards women, intimacy, and sex. The dialogue has changed, since the days of Take Back The Night, when Andrea Dworkin declared that pornography was rape, and should be restricted. Today, feminist values and perspectives still permeate the anti-porn debate, but they serve as a backdrop for the argument that porn is an addictive stimulus that overrides our natural evolutionary responses, changing our brains and bodies. Porn is presented as scary, insidious and deceptive. We are told to “be afraid, be very afraid” of what porn is doing to men. The new Joseph Gordon-Levitt film Don Jon tells a different message, and suggests that the real problem with porn is not that it is scary, but that it is free, convenient, and offers men a discounted option to the high cost of sex. There is a fascinating subplot in the film, which explores the way that sexuality has been turned into a commodity. Scarlett Johansson’s character uses her sexuality deliberately and blatantly to manipulate Jon’s character into complying with her wishes of how and who he is supposed to be. Commercials shown in the film depict how men are manipulated by sexual images and themes in advertising.
Scarlett’s character flies into a rage when she finds out that Jon has continued to watch pornography, ostensibly because she finds out he lied to her. But, is she really angry about the lie, or is she angry because Jon’s easy access to porn takes away some of her power?

Award-Winning Artist Opens Exhibition Of “Palestinian Voices” In London

UK BANNED Press TV: The struggle of Palestinians can be reflected in many ways, including political action, protest and even art. Award winning artist Rich Wiles opened a new exhibition of Palestinian voices in London.

Koalemos Awards II

This Week in Feminist Stupid + Histrionic Personality Disorder Quest .exe + Quinnspiracy And Does 'Maybe' Mean No?

"U.S. corporations boycott Glasgow over Gaza support."  Sargon of Akkad

On Generalizations About Women (And Men)

"Abandon the collective vagina,"
By : I’ve been wondering for years now how I’ve been able to make some pretty sweeping generalizations about women (and men) in my videos—even going so far as to outline why I believe some stereotypically negative “female” behaviors are actually innate to women’s biology—without receiving the kind of negative response from non-feminist women that many men receive when making similar comments.
I’ve also long wondered why, as a woman, I don’t take generalizations about women personally, which is what I think is going on most of the time when people rant about misogyny whenever a man says anything remotely critical of women as a class, or even a single woman if the criticism resembles a common stereotype.
I’m starting to think that part of my imperviousness to defensiveness when some MRAs say things like “Women are like this” or “Women do that” comes from me not identifying as a woman in the same way that other women seem to.
Yes, I am a woman, but I don’t tend to think of myself in those terms. In fact, when I talk about women, I usually say “they” and “them,” not “we” and “us.” I do not feel like there is a collective identity to which I belong based on some abstract, shared vagina.

The Propaganda Of Toxic Feminism Part 9

"Would you ask the Ku Klux Klan for advice about black culture?" bane666au