28 Aug 2014

US Federal Cybersecurity Head Convicted Of Child Porn Charges

A (G-)Man Of Many Perversions
By Michael Krieger: The following story is a warning as to why centralized power is so dangerous. It doesn’t matter whether the power is political or corporate, overly centralized power in all forms must be resisted whenever it appears. The worst of all worlds is when centralized political and corporate power unite in an unholy alliance, which is what has happened to America in recent decades. When this occurs, the combined forces of oligarchy simply begin to rapaciously feast on the citizenry with zero accountability. This is a fair description of the United States in 2014.
The primary problem with centralized power is that sociopaths (for obvious reasons) gravitate toward, and greatly covet, positions of power. Once entrenched in such positions, they are able to act upon their perversions with general immunity, and if they are caught, are often left in positions of power by others who at that point “own them” via blackmail. This of course is nothing new, it is how the game of power, politics and economics has been played since the beginning of time. It is also why decentralization of power is the natural evolution we as a species must embrace in order to build a better world.
Enter Timothy DeFoggi, the one-time cybersecurity director of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, who received several awards for his government “service” over the years. The self-proclaimed man of “many perversions,” frequented a child porn site called PedoBook where he exchanged private messages with other members expressing interest in raping, beating and murdering infants and toddlers.”

Bitcoin Independence! Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Julia Tourianski

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the high cost of helping politicians with low rates . . . from the increase in the cost of raising a child to the Greater Depression in Europe. And yet, it is the voter who reelects the politicians based on cheap money induced house price rises.

The Artificial Womb Will Bring About Men’s Liberation!

By : A wise man once told me: “If it weren’t for pussy, there would be an open season on women.” Most feminists would scream, “Misogyny!” at that statement. I must admit that I had a similar reaction myself for about half a second. Then I thought about what he said and what it actually meant. It didn’t mean that men would kill women if it weren’t for their vaginas. 
It meant that if men didn’t value vaginas to such a high degree, men would not tolerate an exceeding level of bad behavior from women. After rolling that around in my head for a while, I decided to take a look at the men and women I knew to see if this idea was true. All around me I saw men tolerating behavior from women that they would never tolerate from any man. From my own observations, I concluded that there was a grain of truth behind what that old man had said. Men value women so much, most are willing to tolerate abhorrent behavior from the “fairer” sex.
The feminist and MHRM communities have been buzzing lately with the idea of an artificial uterus. Women would no longer have to carry babies inside them but could grow them at home, like tomatoes. This technology may never be possible. However, if human history teaches us anything, it’s that what women want, they get. Then again, I don’t think all women will embrace this new technology. I think many women will opt for the experience of feeling their child grow inside them rather than in the controlled environment of an artificial womb.

Lay-Z Myers & Hardon Ra Sitting In A Tree.....

"...Since the sixties, feminists have just been standing about scratching their ass waiting on the internet's arrival before they could know what their fucking goals were!?" 6oodfella .....T.A.L.K.I.N.G.S.H.I.T.

Usury And The Rise Of The Bankster Dictatorship

The bankers

The Capitalist Monopoly
The Jewish Question
Austrianism and Libertarianism
– Alternative Currencies
– Putin and Russia
– National Monetary Reform
– And much more.

Bankers Endgame Draws Nigh

By James Corbett: The market is giving itself another congratulatory pat on the back this week as the S&P flirts with the 2000 point territory. Another week, another high. Another month, another psychological market barrier crashed through with abandon.
So what is it this time? The discovery of some new abundant source of safe, clean energy? An invention that will increase productivity by orders of magnitude? Soaring demand on the back of a solid across-the-board economic recovery? Sadly, no, it's just more Hope and Change-ium from the central banking crowd.
            This time it's European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi delivering the market its much needed jolt of central bank funny money. Or, more accurately, the promise of central bank funny money, which is really all that's needed these days to send investors into a tizzy and to keep the longest bull market in recent history ascending into the stratosphere.

Dem Bitches Be Crazy - The C.O.C.K. Fairy

Feminism LOL: What happens when a passive guy gets killed by a violent woman? She gets away with it, of course.

Russia Sanctions Hit German Consumers, “Economic Expectations Completely Collapse”

: It starts out un-alarmingly. The optimism of German consumers weakens somewhat, according to the forward-looking Gfk survey, conducted on a monthly basis for the European Commission. So the overall index fell to 8.6 for September, from 8.9 in August. It was the first decline since January 2013.
The index bottomed in late 2008 below 2, after a breathtaking crash during the financial crisis. In late 2007, it had hovered above 9. Early 2014 was the first time since the prior bubble that the index broke above 8. And August’s level of 8.9 represented an “extremely optimistic economic outlook,” as Gfk calls it. German consumers have been feeling good, and according to the headline index, they’re still feeling good up there somewhere in the rarefied air above 8.
But beneath the surface, there is serious trouble. Gfk reports that the sub-index of economic expectations, “in light of the intensified state of international affairs, completely collapses.” 
It plunged 35.5 points to 10.4. The worst monthly plunge since the beginning of the survey in 1980. In a single month, it nearly wiped out all the gains of the boom of the last 12 months. Gfk cites the escalation of the situation in Iraq, Israel, the Eastern Ukraine, and particularly “the faster rotating sanctions spiral with Russia.”

Full Spectrum Dominance Powerful Speech by Chris Hedges!

"We are the people 
we have been waiting for!"
Chris Hedges on Overthrowing the Corporate Fascist State

An extremely powerful and inspiring speech by Chris Hedges. The award winning journalist has been ahead of the curve on many issues of national and global importance, including being one of the earliest critics of the Iraq war. Chris has an unshakable moral compass and a passion to match it. He has been a shining light in a sea of darkness and cowardice when it comes to public figures speaking truth to power, including having led the charge to sue the Obama administration on the right to imprison American citizens without trial.

Letter Reveals Tony Blair Advised Kazakhstan’s President on How to Spin Massacre of Innocent, Unarmed Protesters

It doesn’t matter who pays Tony Blair, as long as Tony Blair gets paid. When he’s not busy committing war crimes or advising JP Morgan, the former UK Prime Minister (who has amassed a fortune estimated at over $115 million) can be found doing public relations work for some of the world’s most autocratic rulers, such as Kazakhstan’s Nursultan Nazarbayev.
By Michael Krieger: There’s nothing warm and fuzzy about Kazakhstan. In its latest global corruption index, Transparency International ranked Kazakhstan as one of the most corrupt countries on earth in its latest report, 140 out of 177 to be precise (the higher your rank the more corrupt). The oil and gas rich former Soviet Republic has a horrible record when it comes to human rights, but that doesn’t stop Tony Blair from advising the country’s leadership in exchange for millions of dollars per year.
In one of his most shameful acts, the UK Telegraph reports it has received a 2012 letter from Tony Blair to Kazakhstan’s President in which he advises how the leader should spin the 2011 massacre of unarmed civilian protesters on the world stage.

White Knight US Cops' Stitch Up Goes Wrong - Ferguson Men's Rights Context + PORK PIG - Logic

toxiccopscom: Evidence from a dashboard camera on a police cruiser ended a nightmare for a New Jersey man facing false charges of eluding police, resisting arrest and assault. 
Prosecutors dismissed all the criminal charges against Marcus Jeter, 30, of Bloomfield, N.J. and instead indicted two white knight Bloomfield police officers for falsifying reports and one of them for assault after the recording surfaced showing police officers beating Jeter during a traffic stop, according to WABC of New York. A third has pleaded guilty to tampering.

Men's Rights: Slipping A Roofie To Jessica Clown Valenti

johntheother: I apologize to actual clowns, for the unfair and unkind comparison to feminists.