10 Sep 2014

Speed of Life - Taku Mazire, Cape Town + God Within - Synik, Zimbabwe

GlobalFaction: Taku Mazire is a Zimbabwe born African Hip Hop artist Based In the streets of Cape Town , South Africa also know as the Cape Flats.

Did Feminists Really Win The Vote For Women?

By : Feminists today lay claim to the idea of the noble fight of women for the vote by the suffragettes in the early 20th century, but this is a complete canard that has turned into a meme replicating itself in the general consciousness and getting passed on in endless iterations until it becomes received wisdom.
It is not wisdom.
The stark reality is that half the British men who went to the trenches in France in 1914 didn’t have a vote either. Yet they went to almost certain death or the maiming of their young, strong bodies in their hundreds of thousands to defend their country (and their women and children).
Indeed, one of the most shameful things about the suffragettes is that they shamed thousands (possibly tens of thousands) of boys into volunteering by shamelessly and cynically pinning white feathers—a powerful signal of cowardice—on any young man who was not in uniform whilst they themselves were able to indulge in the very freedom these young men were being sent to die for.
That’s a rare form of equality, isn’t it?
It is also a rare form of chutzpah. Even at that time, women were not really disenfranchised. They had had the right to vote in local politics as much as most men, and they were able to take part in civic affairs too. They could even stand for local political office such as mayors. The suffragettes were not the heroines up at the cutting edge of social change as feminists would have us believe today. They were a group of middle-class activists, widely regarded at the time as troublemakers.
At the beginning of the 20th century, women were neither oppressed nor disenfranchised as claimed by the feminists.

Internet Slowdown Day: Leading Web Companies Fight For ‘Net Neutrality’

Patriarchy Defense League Alert: Rogue Member Issuing Unauthorized Edicts!

By Attention all Patriarchs! This is a Red Alert! Token Division Agent 14-9-775-18, code name Alzael, has gone rogue. Repeat, Alzael has gone rogue, apparently attempting a coup by promoting himself without authorization to Overlord status, and openly revealing seemingly unobjectionable instructions to inferior femlaes, but is blatantly revealing specific document numbers and the existence of secret departments such as B.I.M.B.O. As is well known, the first rule of B.I.M.B.O. is that you never talk about B.I.M.B.O. and you certainly do not reveal the contents of top secret training materials by their identification code or even that such training materials exist.
Below is the proof of his treason to the Penis World Order:

The American Public: A Tough Soldier or a Chicken Hawk Cowering in a Cubicle? Some Thoughts on ISIS Intervention

By Michael Krieger: You gotta love the American public sometimes. For a mass of people so easily terrified by guys in caves funded and armed by our intelligence services and “allies” in the Persian Gulf, the same public talks with such armchair bravado when it comes to launching bombs from drones and sending other people’s children to die.
Makes you wonder though, which one is it? Is the American public actually the tough guy soldier it pretends to be when cheering overseas military interventions, or is it really a scared, propagandized, coward hiding in one of our nation’s endless cubicle rows? Unfortunately, based on recent opinion polls demonstrating approval for military action against ISIS, it appears to be the latter. The former is merely a front put on by that terrified, economically insecure, silently suffering automaton. I really wish this weren’t the case.
“ISIS as the new enemy” is a meme that has made me very uncomfortable from the start for several reasons, not the least being the fact that this group seemingly emerged out of nowhere just when it seemed corrupt politicians from both parties in Washington D.C. were becoming increasingly frustrated by their inability to launch missiles into Syria back in 2012, following well documented disastrous campaigns in Iraq and Libya. Not only that, it is quite clear that many of our so called “allies” such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait have been the major funders behind ISIS. Moreover, for a public so squeamish and outraged by beheadings, we hear barely a peep about the fact that beheadings hit a record level in Saudi Arabia during August, with nearly one unfortunate soul decapitated per day during the month. Nope, haven’t heard much about that at all.

Men's Rights Anthem 'No Excuse'

Them ah chat like them bad, but them don't know what them do.
All of them flex - like idiot, Them must be mad, them must be fool.
Them so much them forgot, when them kind of people there pass through.
I just say stupidness is no excuse.

Every Zio-Nazi Blitz Strengthens Heroic Hamas Resistance: Israeli FM

The apartheid Israeli regime's Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman says Hamas is getting stronger and enjoying majority support among the Palestinian public with repeated bouts of Tel Aviv’s military conflict.
“Every confrontation strengthens Hamas politically,” Lieberman said in an address to a conference by the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center on Tuesday.
“In recent polls Hamas has become the dominant factor,” he added.
Orwellian Zionist Shill UK Regulator BANNED Press TV: He noted that Hamas has increased its rocket range after each Israeli war on Gaza, 'Cast Lead' in 2008-2009, 'Pillar of Defense' in 2012, and the 50-day conflict in July and August this year.
The minister said that the recent 'Operation Protective Edge' was the third Israel’s conflict with Hamas in six years and the Gaza-based group has survived each time.
Lieberman further elaborated on Hamas increasing military capabilities and said, “If the range of the rockets in the first operation was 15 kilometers towards Sderot, in Pillar of Defense they already reached the edges of Tel Aviv and Rishon Letzion."
He admitted that heroic senior Hamas resistance leader Ismail Haniyeh currently enjoys great popularity, saying, “If there were elections today, Ismail Haniyeh would win 66 percent of the support.”

Wikipedia And Anita Sarkeesian Busted Again

By Despite brazenly disingenuous claims from mainstream mediareporters(such as The Washington Post’s Caitlin Dewey), Wikipedia is overrun by bullying gender ideologues. We already knew this, but here we see it again as the inherently corrupt Wikipedia Feminist Task Force (and its supporters) are shown to be pretty obviously covering for serial liar and con artist Anita Sarkeesian.
As others have noted, the current #GamerGate war has its roots in the mainstream’s complete refusal to allow any reasoned skepticism and criticism of Sarkeesian and its tendency to ignore or marginalize every corrupt move she made. The Lace Curtain protected her, just as it protects Zoe Quinn and her friends now, no matter what vile crap she does. Thunderf00t

UK Attitude Adjustment Camps - Max and Stacy with Charlie Woolnough

"It will put the lotion on, or it gets the hose again! ...Beg, role over, be conformist."
Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss bad attitudes and ‘free lunches’ from the UK government. Some benefit claimants have the right attitude to get some, others need to be sent to attitude adjustment camps.

1,400 Girls Raped In Rotherham, England And Big League Feminists Don’t Care?

By Recently, news broke of widespread child sexual exploitation in the northern English town of Rotherham. An independent inquiry into the abuse, led by Professor Alexis Jay, found that over 1,400 children, mostly White girls, had been repeatedly victimized. Professor Jay wrote: “It is hard to describe the appalling nature of the abuse that child victims suffered…. They were raped by multiple perpetrators, trafficked to other towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten, and intimidated.” The abuse had been going on for 16 years, and while it was widely known to the police, child welfare officials, and council leaders, they all chose to look the other way. To date, only five men have been convicted for these crimes. Disturbingly, this appears to be just the tip of the iceberg. Reports claim that similar gangs operate in many other towns and cities in England, in many other European countries, and even in Australia.
You might expect this would be a feminist field day. After all, rape is their favorite and most important issue, the original sin of the male sex, and the primary source of their victim power. So, tipped off by an article by Ian Tuttle in the National Review, I took a look to see what they had to say. And what I found was … nothing. Complete and total silence.
As of this writing, Google can find no mention of Rotherham (except for one or two discussion comments) at any of the feminist websites I examined: Feministing, Feministe, Bitch Magazine, Ms. Magazine, Bust, Crunk Feminist Collective, Jezebel, Broadsheet, and The XX Factor. Feminist-friendly news sites including MSNBC, Daily Kos, Think Progress, and Truthout were also completely silent on this topic.

Moral Rot Of Zionist Christians

"Looks like they love Jews more than they love Jesus! ...Moral rectitude or moral rot is the last judgement. ...Bad morals follow bad theology! ...Will Jesus have an e-mail address? ...The tree is judged by it's fruit, which side are you on?" Brother Nathanael

World Bank Warns Of Global Jobs Crisis: 'Challenging Times Loom Large'

NewsMaxFinance: The world is facing a global jobs crisis that is hurting the chances of reigniting economic growth and there is no magic bullet to solve the problem, the World Bank warned on Tuesday.
In a study released at a Group of 20 (G-20) Labor and Employment Ministerial Meeting in Australia, the Bank said an extra 600 million jobs needed to be created worldwide by 2030 just to cope with the expanding population.

"There's little doubt there is a global jobs crisis," said the World Bank's senior director for jobs, Nigel Twose.

"As this report makes clear, there is a shortage of jobs — and quality jobs.

"And equally disturbingly, we're also seeing wage and income inequality widening within many G-20 countries, although progress has been made in a few emerging economies, like Brazil and South Africa."

He said that overall emerging market economies had done better than advanced G-20 countries in job creation, driven primarily by countries such as China and Brazil, but the outlook was bleak.

"Current projections are dim. Challenging times loom large," said Twose.