11 Sep 2014

Humans Need Not Apply - How Robots Will Take Over The Economy

George Soros The Notorious Zio-Nazi Bankster Who Raped The UK For His Fortune Is Scared Of Scottish Independence

By George Soros: The EU is an unfinished project of European states that have sacrificed part of their sovereignty to form an ever-closer union based on shared values and ideals. Those shared values are under attack on multiple fronts. Russia’s undeclared war against Ukraine is perhaps the most immediate example but it is by no means the only one. Resurgent nationalism and illiberal democracy are on the rise within Europe, at its borders and around the globe.
Since world war two the European powers, along with the US, have been the main supporters of the prevailing international order. Yet, in recent years, overwhelmed by the euro crisis, Europe has turned inward, diminishing its ability to play a forceful role in international affairs.  Source
Angelo: BLAH, BLAH, it doesn't end there, Soros goes on and on regurgitating, talking about world influence and all that other shit that keeps us in perpetual wars, debt and looking everywhere but at the terrible state of our own culture, the family and so on.

Hail Jah - Raggo Zulu Rebel + SEPTEMBER 12th - S.Kalibre


Men's Rights India: Is Dowry Law Abuse The Only Issue Men Face?

By : On July 2, 2014, a nation went berserk after a landmark judgment was passed by the Supreme Court of India directing police not to arrest without following due procedures in dowry cases, and there were reactions coming in from all sides - positive and negative.
Some over-enthusiastic people even went to the extent of thinking that dowry law had been diluted and men could breathe easy as its misuse would now be curbed.
And thus it made me think, “Is dowry law abuse the only issue men face?”
Also, how does one judgment ensure that men won’t be arrested under other false charges? In a society where we have a plethora of anti-male laws, such a hope is far-fetched and wrought with imagination.
I recently came across two such instances wherein men have been arrested under sections 107/151 on a complaint of creating a public nuisance without trial or investigation.
The real issue isn’t that of section 498A being merely misused. The real issue is the absence of the concept of men’s rights in society. As a result, men have no dignity in this country, and any man can get arrested on a complaint of a woman even without investigation or due compliance with laws and legal procedures and no one would bat an eyelid.
Section 498A is merely an example of one such law that is being widely and conveniently used to jail men at will because of the negative social context created around dowry against men, mainly due to the feminist media spreading lies and misinformation about women’s issues.

Obama 'The Baby Bomber Declares Open Season On Planet Earth! - Airstrikes On Islamic State ‘Wherever It Exists - No Safe Haven’

RT: 'Coffee morning Kill List' Barack on Wednesday outlined his plan to authorize broader US military involvement for hunting down the fighters of the notorious Islamic State jihadist group in Iraq, Syria and wherever they exist.”
In a public address to the American people, President Obama announced that the US will "conduct a systematic campaign of airstrikes against these terrorists."
“I have made it clear that we will hunt down terrorists who threaten our country, wherever they are," Obama stated. "That means I will not hesitate to take action against ISIL in Syria, as well as Iraq. This is a core principle of my presidency: if you threaten America, you will find no safe haven.”

Spain’s Catalans To Stage Rally For Independence

Catalans in Spain are planning to stage a major rally in Barcelona on the National Day of Catalonia demanding independence for the country’s northeastern region.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Inspired by Scotland’s upcoming independence referendum, nationalist in Catalonia have vowed to pour out on the streets on Thursday for a huge protest march to demand their own referendum to break away from Spain.
Demonstrators plan to march along two central avenues in the shape of a giant letter V for vote.
Meanwhile, organizers say that more than half a million people have signed up for the Thursday demonstration.
Catalan President Artur Mas said earlier on Wednesday that if the Catalan population wants to vote on its future, it would be “impossible to stop that forever,” adding that the Spanish government should realize that it cannot stand against the people’s will.
If a nation such as Scotland can vote, why not Catalonia?” said Mas, who has defied Madrid by calling a vote on Catalan independence for November 9.

Institutionalised Misandry: Young Men And Gender Issues

"Young men do not get told about their issues, they don't see people talking about them, they don't come into contact with people who join the dots and even if they do, even if they realise these issues are there and are big problems they are not allowed to raise them." Josh O'Brien
Popular YouTuber Josh O’Brien gives an overview of young men’s engagement with gender issues.

Hillary Clinton Aides Remind Us She's A Warmonger + Tripoli Clinton - WB7

Secular Talk: Wednesday morning anonymous former aides to Hitlery Clinton were distancing the presumptive 2016 presidential candidate from President Barack Obama, just hours before his scheduled address outlining military action against ISIS. Anonymity! Is there anything it can’t do?

Dutch War Shill News Channel NOS' Blatant Anti-Russia Propaganda

Dutch State Broadcaster @NOS Caught Manipulating Putin Interview. The Dutch News Channel NOS lost his credibility today, after it was proven they manipulated an item of 'Russia Today' with Putin. The Dutch TV has been caught manipulating and cutting footage of Putin and BBC. The lies of NOS are blatant anti-Russian propaganda.  
TheVoxRox: Just watch the short video of the misleading broadcast: 
Part 1: NOS (September 8, 2014) propagates that Putin “ignores” and walks away when he got a question from a British journalist about Russian involvement in the situation in Ukraine.
Part 2: The version of Russia Today, in which Putin is not ignoring the question of the British BBC journalist John Sweeney at all, on the contrary, he devotes quite some time to answer those questions.

“You do not agree with THOU SHALT NOT KILL because it is old fashioned?”

By John Fleming: Yesterday’s blog was about a radio show I took part in for London Hott Radio, which is based in a cafe in Streatham.
Some people have asked me for more details about a reference I made to a sculptor.
An audio recording of that edition of  The Anti-Duhring Battalion Radio Show has now been posted on YouTube (it is 1 hour 42 minutes long).
Below is an extract from the recording.
The show was hosted by performer the Anti-Duhring Battalion. I was a guest on the show with stand-up comedy act President Obonjo Obonjo and musician Mark Meller. Also on the show – via a phone-in line – was a ‘real’ person called Matt. He was not and is not a performer.
This extract starts with the Anti-Duhring Battalion talking to President Obonjo Obonjo…
Anti-Duhring Battalion - One of the reasons we have you on the show is you are one of those people who sticks by his word – you’re a Christian – but you do not agree with the Thou Shall Not Kill commandment because, as we discussed last week and as Pastor Femi agreed, it is old-fashioned and out-dated.
Matt - I’d like to say I agree with that as well. That was not a very good judgment on God’s part.
Anti-Duhring Battalion - Thou shalt not kill? Of course, because you’re an artist, Matt. You make sculptures, don’t you?
Matt - Well, everything I do is based on killing, so…