14 Sep 2014

KOHL’S & The Rest Of The Retailers Are In 'DEEP DOO DOO'

“Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable.” 
- Mark Twain
"The numbers the government are accumulating are crap. And then they massage the crap. And then they publish the crap as if it means something. It’s nothing but crap."
By Jim Quinn: I never believe government manufactured numbers. They will always be adjusted, massaged, and manipulated to achieve a happy ending for the propagandists attempting to control and fleece the sheep. Yesterday, the government produced retail sales numbers for August that were weak and the corporate MSM propaganda machine immediately threw up bold headlines declaring how strong these numbers were. Positive stories were published on the interwebs and Wall Street hack economists were rolled out on CNBC, where the bubble headed bimbos and prostitutes for the status quo like Jim Cramer and Steve Liesman declared the recovery gaining strength. Woo Hoo.
If everyone else is whipping out that credit card, why aren’t you? Credit card debt has reached a new post recession high. They tell me consumer confidence is soaring. Forget about the 92 million working age Americans supposedly not in the labor force. Forget about real household income hovering at 1999 levels. Forget about median household net worth still 30% lower than 2007. Forget about what you see with your own two eyes in malls, strip centers and office parks as you motor around our suburban sprawl empire of debt. Those Store Closing, Space Available, and For Lease signs mean nothing.

US Debt - There's Just Too Damn Much Of It

"We are living in the mother of all credit bubbles! More than 350% of total GDP."
The fundamental failing of today's global economy can be summarized simply: Too Much Debt
By Adam Taggart: We have taken too much of it on, too fast, in too many markets around the world, to have any hope of making good on it. Not only does the math not work out, but also on a moral level, we are placing a tremendous obligation on future generations that will unfairly limit the prosperity they can enjoy tomorrow in order to finance our consumption today. In the US alone, total credit market debt stands at over $57 trillion and is doing its damnedest to continue expanding exponentially. Since simple math shows us that this debt level cannot be supported, the key questions to ask at this stage are: Will the unsupportable debt disappear via default, or inflation?
And very important: When these debts do disappear, who will take the losses?

Men Going Their Own Way v Islam Part 2: It Crawls, It Creeps, It Eats You Alive!

"The Gynocentric BLOB!"
You are traveling through another dimension.
A dimension of confusion, banality, and shattered expectations.
A journey awarded to you by a small red pill.
Your next stop, The MGTOW Zone. Ayam Sirias

Dreamt Of A Rape And Now A Man Will Go To Jail

By I’m not one for puffing up stories for sensational news, but here are some facts to get you going:
  • A woman in her 20s dreams a dream in New York. The dream is outrageous: her father had raped her. She wakes up and quickly jots it down and recalls other times this had happened.
  • Years later, she comes to Israel and presses charges.
  • She has no evidence except the dream and her “repressed” memories.
  • The court proceedings are long, and eventually the father after appeals gets convicted at the age of 75.
  • She has no concrete event, not even one in the 10 years of alleged rape, other than a claim she was raped while her mother was in the bed. The mother does not recall such an incident.
  • Her sister claims she is a highly manipulative person and backs the father up. She says that her sister is capable of being very convincing and manipulative when she wants to be.
  • Her past therapists (she has previous mental problems) claim she had never exhibited signs of post trauma or repression of any kind.
The court believes her on the basis of the dream alone.

Feminists Annoyed By Reality

Feminism LOL: Denise Robin Rain didn't need feminism. When a woman is acquitted of charges after killing a man accidentally in true self-defence, feminist lawyers are confounded. Unhappy, even. With cases like these, it makes their bullshit "Battered Woman Syndrome" look bad.

NSA, GCHQ have secret access to German telecom networks

RT: US and UK intelligence services have secret access points for German telecom companies’ internal networks, Der Spiegel reports, citing slides created in the NSA’s ‘Treasure Map’ program used to get near-real-time visualization of the global internet.
The latest scandal continues to evolve around the US’ NSA and the British GCHQ, both of which appear to be able to eavesdrop on German giants such as Deutsche Telekom, Netcologne, Stellar, Cetel and IABG network operators, according to Der Spiegel’s report based on material disclosed by Edward Snowden.
The Treasure Map program, dubbed “the Google Earth of the Internet,” allows the agencies to expose the data about the network structure and map individual routers as well as subscribers’ computers, smartphones and tablets. The German telecoms had “access points” for technical supervision inside their networks, marked as red dots on such a map, shown on one of the leaked undated slides, Spiegel reports, warning it could be used for planning sophisticated cyber-attacks.
The Treasure map, first mentioned by the New York Times last year, provides “a near real-time, interactive map of the global Internet,” offering a “300,000 foot view of the Internet,” as it gathers Wi-Fi network and geolocation data as well as up to 50 million unique Internet provider addresses.
The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) spokesman told the DPA news agency that the Federal Office for the Protection of the Telekom has been informed, and that the authorities are analyzing the situation.

MGTOW? - Mike Tyson 'Curses Out' Presumptuous Host On Live TV

Mike Tyson was on a 'nice' Canadian talk show this morning, doing a nice little hit about his one-man show playing in Toronto, when a set up surprise question/insult sent him off on an expletive-filled rant. Secular Talk

MGTOW Arguments: Never Hit a Child

An argument quickie. M

Scottish Independence or Scotland In Dependence?

corbettreport: James and David preview next week's Scottish independence vote and the various political forces that are clashing as the Scottish people go to the polls. We discuss the push for NATO membership, EU membership and a central bank for "free" Scotland and how it undermines the entire push for independence. We also examine the latest on the ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine and the specter of a cyber-hacking bank bailout.

The So Called Men's Rights Movement

"...needs a nuke! johntheother