21 Sep 2014

J4MB Publicly Challenges Mark Carney, Governor, Bank Of England

By Mark Carney, a former governor of the Bank of Canada, was appointed governor of the Bank of England in July 2013. His annual salary is said to be around £624,000 ($990,000). His contract term is the customary eight years, but he’s said he’ll serve no more than five. One of his first acts as governor was to capitulate to Caroline Criado-Perez’s silly campaign to retain women on British banknotes, and in 2017 the wildly overrated authoress Jane Austen will appear on £10 notes. Our blog piece on the matter is here. Janet Bloomfield’s piece is here.
Some lines written by, and about, Jane Austen:

I think I may boast myself to be, with all possible vanity, the most unlearned and uninformed female who ever dared to be an authoress. (Letter, 11 December 1815. ‘Jane Austen’s Letters’ – 1952)
One of Edward’s Mistresses was Jane Shore, who has had a play written about her, but it is a tragedy and therefore not worth reading. (‘The History of England’ – 1791)
Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery. I quit such odious subjects as soon as I can. (‘Mansfield Park’ – 1814)
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. (‘Pride and Prejudice’ – 1813)
How horrible it is to have so many people killed! And what a blessing that one cares for none of them! (Letter to Cassandra Austen, 31 May 1811, after the Battle of Albuera, 16 May 1811. ‘Jane Austen’s Letters’ – 1952)

Gaza Schools And Public Buildings Ruined By Israeli Regime Blitzkrieg

Many public buildings and schools in the Gaza Strip have been destroyed by Israeli WMD's from war planes and tanks during apartheid Tel Aviv’s recent genocidal onslaught on the besieged enclave.
Orwellian Zionist Shill UK Regulator BANNED Press TV: Almost all the infrastructures serving the Gaza population, including the only school for physically disabled children, were destroyed in the Israeli Blitzkrieg.
Our school was bombed. There is no education anymore. We don’t carry weapons, nor fire rockets. Why did they (the Zio-Nazis) target our schools?” Mohammed Hindi, a Palestinian physically disabled student, asked Press TV.
The school took huge effort, time and money to be built. But now, the students are faced with a major problem in their way to continue education.
There is absolutely no safe place now for these children. There must be an alternative school to guarantee their educational process,” Fadwa Sahar, the head of the school, said.

Man, The Self-Loathing

"I'm not the sexist pig you're looking for." ThinkingApe-TV

Traditionalist Women Want Their Slaves Back

johntheother: Why isn't a return to traditional gender roles a good thing for men? Because a traditionalist man is an indentured, disposable servant, stupid.

The Crash Heard Round The World - Saudis To Reject USD For Oil Payments

The Doc: Putin kicked out the Rothschild bankers from his country.  Putin interrupted the USGovt heroin trade supply routes out of Afghanistan. Like Abraham Lincoln 150 years ago, the elite banker chambers wish to remove Putin and to suppress Russia, but the sprawling nation has joined at the hip with China.  Thus Russia cannot be isolated any more than a bear can be bear hugged.  The nation spans 12 time zones and is a top supplier of numerous important commodities. The Russia & China bond is growing and will result in a marriage, the consummation being a baby called the Gold Trade Standard.
The King Dollar is being displaced, kicked off its throne.  Its squire the Petro-Dollar is undergoing demise.  The Ukraine War is the USDollar Waterloo event.
The Saudi rejection of the USD in exclusive oil payments will be the crash heard around the world.

EU Caves To Powerful, Scandal-Infested Finance Paradise, The City Of London

By Don Quijones: There’s been a common misconception doing the rounds in Europe – namely that whatever is good for Brussels and Frankfurt must by extension be bad for the City of London, that small incorporated area of London known as the Square Mile that is uniquely powerful and at once unaccountable. The basic premise behind this flawed assumption is that with the creation of a single supervisory mechanism for all of Europe’s disparate banking sectors, including the UK – set to occur at the end of October – the City’s see-no-banker-evil, hear-no-banker-evil regulatory environment will lose much of its appeal.
However, as I reported previously (here and here), the stone-cold reality is that the EU’s new banking regulation is primarily aimed at increasing the concentration and consolidation of Europe’s financial sector, to the obvious and exclusive benefit of Europe’s biggest banks, including British banking behemoths such as HSBC and Barclays. In its ongoing negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the European Commission is doing everything it can to water down banking regulations on both sides of the Atlantic, in the process even outdoing its U.S. counterparts.
All of which will naturally benefit the City of London. After all, when it comes to the art of passing voluminous folios of toothless financial regulation riddled with gaping loopholes, no one – not even Washington – can hold a candle to the City’s servile watchdog, Westminster Palace.

The Singularity - Rap News With Ray Kurzweil & Alex Jones

thejuicemedia: Today we travel into the pure world of sci-fi to investigate the much vaunted, mysterious potential future event known as 
'The Singularity'. What will a machine consciousness mean for humanity? What are the ethical, political, military and philosophical implications of strong A.I.? And what would an AI sound like when spitting rhymes over a dope beat? All this and more shall be revealed in Rap News 28: The Singularity - featuring a special appearance from famed technocrat, futurist and inventor, Ray Kurzweil, in full TED talk mode; everyone's favourite warmonger, General Baxter; and we welcome back the dauntless info warrior Alex Jones, who last made an appearance in RN6. Join Robert Foster on this epic Sci-Fi quest into the future/past of humanity.

Gender Studies: Breaking The Camel's Back

In this lesson, the girls learn how to debate with an anti-feminist. 6oodfella

Russians Stunned As Chinese Leader Pushes Gold Backed Yuan

By KingWorldNews: Today a legend who was just asked by the Chinese government to give a speech to government officials in China told King World News that the Russians listened intently as the leader of a state owned Chinese company pushed for a gold backed yuan.  John Ing, who has been in the business for 43 years, also shared many other stunning developments from his trip to speak with a large number Chinese government officials. 

Ing:  “Gold has made an 8 1/2 month low while the U.S. dollar has made a 4 year high.  I have said repeatedly that gold has a triple-bottom in place at $1,180.  So I think that’s the worst case and that’s less than 3 percent away from current levels....

“We’ve already seen gold fall 6.5 percent recently, so I feel that the worst is over.  The technical charts show that gold and the gold stocks are very oversold, and of course the U.S. dollar and the stock market are very overbought.  So my sense is that this disconnect will not last long.

Also, Eric, I was invited to give a speech at the first ever Chinese Gold Congress, which was sponsored by the Chinese government and the 5 big gold companies, including (state owned) China National Gold.  There was a heavy Chinese government representation (600+ attendees).  The fact is that the Chinese remain bullish on gold and they have been buying up to 1/3 of world supply.

All five Chinese producers echoed that their reserve life is something that concerns them.  So all of them are looking internationally to acquire reserves in the ground.  Even the president of China National Gold said that the renminbi, which is becoming internationalized, should have a gold backing.

Sargon of Akkad with Davis Aurini - A Conversation

Sargon of Akkad: A conversation with Davis Aurini on various topics, the Sarkeesian Effect and #GamerGate probably being first on the list.

Westminster Lies To Scotland Shocker!!! - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

"Things will start to change for Scotland on the 19th, the day after the vote, the day after they took your lives! ...You fell for it, ha, ha, ha, ha!" The Artist Taxi Driver

Twitter: Criticize Anita... you're GONE!

Thunderf00t: According to twitter, it looks like Anita Sarkeesian was directly responsible for me being banned from twitter.