23 Sep 2014

Apologist Emma Watson - Submit, Puny Males! + Dear Based Mom

Emma Watson is here to persuade you to white knight for all women. Now bend the knee to be knighted. Sargon of Akkad

An Inquiry Into The US CDC’s 1 In 5 Rape Figure

Rape is a serious issue. So is making up ridiculous statistics about it.
Questioning its reliability and comparing to other viewpoints 
On September 5, 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released the results from its 2011 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS). Many newspapers, such as USA Today, wrote headlines claiming that 1 in 5 women in the United States were raped. By their methods, while men experienced other kinds of sexual violence at half the rate and stalking at a third of the rate of women, they experienced rape at only a tenth of the rate of women.
Is it really possible that 20% of women in the United States are victims of rape? What was the definition that they used, and what kinds of questions did they ask? Finally, how reliable is the survey’s structure? Overall, no matter what is really true, rape should be studied with the upmost care, as it is a hard-to-define but sensitive issue.
An Overview of the CDC’s Questions and Methods
The 2011 NISVS survey was conducted over the telephone, with randomly selected respondents’ 12,727 completed responses. This was only the second time the survey was conducted. Additionally, the response rate was only 33.1%.
The statistic that stands out the most is that 19.3% of the surveyed women have been raped in their lifetimes. How was “rape” defined in this survey? There were three categories: “completed forced penetration,” “attempted forced penetration,” and “alcohol- or drug-facilitated penetration.”  Already just from observing the data, the “attempted” category shouldn’t have been mixed in with the two other statements.

Price Propaganda and "Skatocracy*" - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Mitch Feierstein

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the price propaganda of markets that convinces voters and investors to vote and bet against their own self-interest. Meanwhile, banking crooks seldom pay their high-profile fines and French farmers have just set the tax office on fire in protest at sanctions driving down the price of their goods.

Glenn Beck Answered: Explaining the World!

Stefan Molyneux: Glenn Beck recently asked the question - should we be shielding our kids from what is happening in the world? Between ISIS beheadings, endless wars, domestic violence, bullying and so many other incredibly dark situations happening in the world, what do we tell our children? It is an incredibly difficult situation for any parent and Stefan Molyneux - with some help from his five year old daughter – provides an answer.

Child Friendly Satanism - This Week in Feminist Stupid

"Rape Rapedy Rape Rape Culture! ...Child friendly Satanism in US 'schools'. ...Woman murders son. ...Putting kids first is cheating on your spouse and other idiocy." Sargon of Akkad

Dude/Creep Shaming: You're Not A Real Man

Feminist Emma Watson Asks Men To Be White Knights

"What about little baby boys that get the end of their cock chopped off Emma? ...You are just making things up!" 6oodfella
So, she wants us men to care about all the females in the world, which is only fair, since females are always putting males first (aye right!).

We Are 1 - Logic & RU1-Fam

8 Civilians, Including 3 Kids, Killed By Zio-Nazi Shill US Attack On Syria

RT: Eight civilians, three of them children, have been killed in the US-led air strikes on Al-Qaeda Nusra front positions, Reuters reported, citing Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
Zionist Washington carries a series of airstrikes on the city of Raqqa in the early hours of Tuesday. At least 30 militants died in the strikes, which were carried out on IS positions in Syria. Washington informed Damascus about the operation, according to a representative of Syrian Foreign Ministry.
The strikes targeted residential buildings in Aleppo allegedly used by Al-Nusra Front, according to Rami Abdulrahman, who runs the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
The US-led coalition’s targets also included training camps, headquarters and weapon supplies in northern and eastern Syria, with many IS locations "destroyed or damaged” around the cities of Raqqa, Deir al-Zor, Hasakah and the border town of Albu Kamal, Reuters reported.
In particular, "[Islamic State] fighters, training compounds, headquarters and command and control facilities, storage facilities, a finance center, supply trucks and armed vehicles" were hit.
Raqqa (Al-Raqqa) is a city with a population of over 200,000 people, and is strategically located just 40km east of the largest Syrian dam.

Is Real Hell: “Why do you continue to kill people?”

The question of my headline was asked by an exasperated and quietly angry Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the UN during his diplomatic effort in the Middle East.
By Alan Hart: Because Israel is doing virtually all of the killing I think it is more than reasonable to assume that the SG’s rhetorical question was addressed primarily to Israel’s leaders. The answer to it can be very simply stated.
Because it is committed to retaining the maximum amount of Palestinian land with the minimum number of Palestinians on it and therefore has no interest in peace on terms the Palestinians could accept, Zionism knows no other way of behaving. Killing Palestinians comes natural to it.
Another part of the whole terrible truth as noted by Gideon Levy is that most of the brainwashed public in Israel is not remotely concerned by the death and destruction its war machine is inflicting on the Palestinian inhabitants of the Gaza Strip prison camp.
One of Gideon’s most recent articles for Ha’aretz included the following revealing and chilling paragraph.
QUOTE The website “Walla!” published talkback comments on an article about the four children killed on the Gaza beach. Shani Moyal: I couldn’t care less that Arab children were killed, too bad it wasn’t more. Well done to the IDF.” Stav Sabah: Really, these are great pictures. They make me so happy, I want to look at them again and again.”

Why So Many Girls Have Trouble With Gaming Culture

By : Thinking back on how I became an anti-feminist, I realise just how much feminism has crawled its way into every aspect of life. The video game community is one that has recently experienced a huge surge of feminist-focused drama. Likely due to having a nerdy father of two daughters, I ended up practically being raised with a game controller in my hand. As such, I was confused when I heard accusations of gaming as being unwelcoming or even hostile to female players. I decided to sit down and analyse the actual impact my gender has had on my gaming experience and consider why feminists might feel this way.

Gaming can be hostile, but not specifically to women.

This is true for many communities all over the Internet, not just in the gaming world. Anonymity encourages hateful expression (often without cause), and some people are just bad eggs to begin with. There are particular places around the web known infamously for their toxicity, ranging from competitive gaming to YouTube comments. Nobody cares if you’re offended, and trolls will happily use your tears as a life force. It’s not uncommon for the shocked and offended to be met with the question “Are you new to the Internet?” Though I imagine for many women the answer may be yes.
I believe the problem lies in the way that feminists highlight “sexist” harassment as something notably different to general harassment.

Russia, China Wonder When America Will Attack Them: US Journalist

The United States’ recklessly aggressive posture towards Russia and China has put them in a position where they are wondering when Washington will attack them, an American political commentator says.
Orwellian Zionist Shill UK Regulator BANNED Press TV: Don DeBar, an anti-war activist and radio host in New York, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Monday while commenting on a retired US Navy admiral’s assertion that the US should keep its nuclear weapons in European countries in the wake of Russian activities in Ukraine.
"Withdrawing our relatively few weapons would be the absolute wrong signal at this moment," former NATO chief James Stavridis said last week.
DeBar said that “the United States is playing a very dangerous game with Russia, and with China, by the way, but particularly with Russia.”
“Aside from the decision that was made long time ago to implement the so-called missile-defense [system] in Europe and to move NATO up to the borders of Russia, and even aside from the overthrow the Ukrainian government that took place with the backing of the United States earlier this year, and the civil war, the war that’s have been going on in Ukraine on the border of Russia now for six months or more, and even despite the obvious determination of Russia to stand up at this point and say enough and no further, the United States now is contemplating or has announced its intensions  to bomb targets in Syria in the face of the Syrian government’s sovereignty basically,” he added.
“With Syria being a treaty-bound ally with Russia with a mutual defense pact,