6 Oct 2014

“Common People Do Not Carry This Much U.S. Currency…” – This is How Police Justify Stealing American Citizens’ Money

By Michael Krieger: Police confiscating Americans’ hard earned cash, as well as a wide variety of other valuables, without an arrest or conviction is a disturbing and growing practice throughput these United States. Since cops get to keep the seized funds and use the money on pretty much anything they want, the practice is becoming endemic in certain parts of the nation. The theft is often referred to simply as civil forfeiture, or civil asset forfeiture. Incredibly, under civil forfeiture laws your property is incredibly “guilty until you prove it innocent.”

A Giant Cock In Detroit Following The Anti-Feminist Panties Of DOOM!

"Community Organised Compassion and Kindness."

How To Herd Your Tax Cattle

"Good morning, Mr. President. I'm a representative of the shadow government that put you into power."
corbettreport: Did you ever wonder how we keep people fighting with each other? Or obeying our silly rules? Or actually loving their captors and slavemasters? This morning we're going to brief you on just that. Are you ready to begin?

Jim Rickards On The CIA And Financial Warfare

Boom Bust: Author and economist Jim Rickards tells Erin how the CIA and US government should prepare for financial warfare.

All Supply Of The $1,200 Machine For 3D-Printing Guns Has Sold Out In 36 Hours

By Michael Krieger: Last May, I covered the work of Defense Distributed with regard to its building of tools for individuals to 3D-print their own firearms in the post. Meet “The Liberator”: The World’s First Fully 3D-Printed Firearm, In it, I noted:
3D-printing, like decentralized crypto currencies, have the potential to change the world in which we live in extraordinary ways. Ways that are almost inconceivable at this point given we are so early in the game. More than anything else, these technologies can empower the individual like never before, and I think that is generally a very good thing.

This Week In Feminist Stupid

"...In other patriarchal news, women only train carriages could be introduced in the UK. ...I use public transport all the time and while I am yet to experience, partake or even hear of sexual assault happening on public transport, I am more than willing to accept that they happen all the time, so often in fact that gender segregated carriages are definitely something that is needed!" Sargon of Akkad

“Protect Your Nuts!” aka 'Gone Girl' - Battle of the Sexes!

"The institutions very often filled with what some people call 'white knights' and white knights are a species of men and to some degree women who whenever they see a woman in distress 'trumpet entree' they ride over the hill in their armour and their armoured horses quite often and come to the woman's rescue and of course a lot of women know this who have malevolent intentions and therefore will continually portray themselves as victims and thus trigger the white knight response..." Stefan Molyneux. Stefan of Freedomain Radio unravels the complex gender roles and conflicts behind the smash movie 'Gone Girl.'

Blockchain Technology: Bill Gates Believes It Solves What Apple Pay Makes Worse

IHB: Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft is one of the few tech titans who fully comprehend the possibilities that blockchain technology has to offer. Even though he expressed some apprehension towards bitcoin’s reputation, it is clear that Bill Gates believes bitcoin technology has the potential to help bank the unbanked.
This interview comes on the heels of Apple, a life-long competitor of Microsoft, announcing the launch of Apple Pay – a virtual payment platform compatible with the iPhone 6. Apple pay makes it easier to pay friends and merchants by organizing your wallet digitally. Not only did Apple recently have an iCloud security breach, which doesn’t bode well for financial security, but the bigger issue with Apple Pay is that it does nothing to reduce the cost of sending funds between two parties.
The advantage goes to bitcoin here, the high fee problem due to middlemen is something the block chain inherently solves.
Andreas Antonopoulos, a well-known and passionate Bitcoin technologist, recently made a very true statement in this regard. “The transaction is between you, the merchant and your bank. ...Add Apple and that’s two parties too many.”

Scenes From An Abusive Marriage - In His Own Words

It is day 5 of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Verbal, a longtime member of the Shrink4MenForum, shares vignettes from his marriage to an emotionally and physically abusive monster his wife.
By : I have been married to my wife, whom I shall refer to here as The Crazy Lady (TCL), since 1995. She presents many of the symptoms common to the Narcissistic Personality Disorder type. During the period roughly spanning the years 2000 to 2005, she was regularly verbally and physically abusive towards me. During that period I documented a small number of her attacks on the advice of a couple of mental health professionals. Here are a few of the more memorable attacks, excerpted for your reading pleasure.
Circa April 2001. I went grocery shopping with the kids (I would usually take them with me). TCL had given me a list and told me get those things only. At the store, I got all the stuff on the list, plus I picked up a bag of macaroni. I did this because we talked about me helping out by making dinner sometimes, such as cooking up some macaroni. Besides, it seems like a good staple to have around.
When I came home and we unpacked the groceries, she confronted me on the macaroni. I explained why I bought it, even though it wasn’t on the list. She went into a rage, smashed the bag open on the kitchen floor, and verbally abused me with a stream of profanity. She interpreted my action (buying off the list) as a direct affront to her. While I was kneeling on the floor trying to sweep up the mess, she kicked me several times. She then taunted me for being so slow to clean it up.

Domestic Violence Double Standards: Shackles For Men, Chuckles For Women

Ray Rice got a raw deal.

By We are living in a world of huge double standards when it comes to domestic violence and our men are on the bad end of the deal.  When a man commits domestic violence  he is punished very harshly.  But when a woman commits domestic violence she gets cheers, chuckles or is all too often ignored.

Just look at what happened to Ray Rice.

Dwindling Deficit? Ha! US Government Debt Jumps by $1.1 Trillion in Fiscal 2014

By Wolf Richter: When it comes to the Federal deficit, reliable numbers are as elusive as unicorns. Not that there aren’t plenty of numbers out there, but they don’t match reality. And reality is ultimately the change in the gross national debt which shows in its unvarnished manner just how much money the federal government actually had to borrow to fill the fiscal holes.
Regardless of what has been proffered by the White House, the Congressional Budget Office, and others, the total gross national debt outstanding of the US of A hit $17.824 trillion in fiscal 2014 ended September 30. A jump for the fiscal year of $1.086 trillion.
It could have been worse: note how it jumped on October 1, the first day of fiscal 2015, by another $51 billion. That’s certainly one elegant way of putting some lipstick on the debt in fiscal 2014 – by kicking part of it into the next fiscal year. But hey, we all do that. From the Treasury Department:
The fact that the total debt taxpayers will have to deal with in the future soared by $1.1 trillion in fiscal 2014 is in part due to last year’s debt ceiling charade in Congress.