13 Oct 2014

Irish Government Seek to Keep Neo-Liberal Wet Dream Alive

By Dublin Eileen: Despite Concessions of Euro 100 on water tax, post Saturday’s Big Demo, I received this communication about the situation from a professional company secretary who sits on the boards of many private limited liability companies. They wish to remain anonymous.

“The whole situation with Irish Water must not be allowed to continue.  PPS numbers are not relevant and we have been told our whole lives never to give this info to anyone. Now the rules have changed so they can double tax us for the rest of our lives. They have been taxing us for water for years and never invested in the system.  Now the European political masters and their cronies want more money from us, so they have created the new funding method for water, so we can fund the multi million euro bonuses, (gym and consultant fees), and the European bank debt and bondholder bailout even further. A contract can only legally exist where the terms and conditions and payment rates have been clearly stated in advance of the customer signing the contract. As they have not told us how much they will be charging us, how can we have a contract with them? It’s the same as signing a car finance agreement and giving the finance company carte blanche to remove as much money as they see fit from our account every month. RIDICULOUS! The whole thing is a farce!”

US Cops Caught Using Millions In Unfairly Seized Assets On Luxury Vehicles, Weapons And Clowns

An investigation concerning the use of federal civil forfeiture law by local law enforcement agencies across the United States has exposed this routine but rarely discussed police scam.

RT: After obtaining 43,000 reports from agencies across the United States, journalists at the Washington Post wrote over the weekend that the budgets of police departments and drug task forces are being padded largely by a program that redistributes the worth of seized assets, including property and money that might never have been involved in a crime but taken nonetheless.
Police agencies have used hundreds of millions of dollars taken from Americans under federal civil forfeiture law in recent years to buy guns, armored cars and electronic surveillance gear,” Robert O’Harrow and Steven Rich wrote for the Post. They have also spent money on luxury vehicles, travel and a clown named Sparkles.”

Malala Yousafzai: Far Better Than A Martyr For Feminism

We have cut the links between child and parent, and between man and man, and between man and woman. No one dares trust a wife or a child or a friend any longer'
By Herbert Purdy: When I heard that Malala Yousafzai had been named as co-recipient of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize, I was filled with a deep sense of unease. I sensed that this innocent young woman, terribly used and abused as she has been, and coming as she does from that crucible of international terrorism, Afghanistan, has all the potential of becoming even more dangerous to world peace than Osama Bin Laden ever was in his time operating from that troubled country’s mountainous border with Pakistan.
In Malala, we obviously do not have an international terrorist, but what I see emerging is an international figure – madonna-like (in the Roman Catholic sense) – who is being groomed by international feminism in furtherance of its angry, divisive, hate-filled creed.
In Malala, international feminism has found something far better than a martyr for its cause, it has found a ‘martyr-survivor': a concept that plays perfectly into its women-as-victims narrative, and that I have no doubt it will use it to enormous advantage in furtherance of its work worldwide disadvantaging men, who it hates with such venomous passion.

JSIL Poodle US ‘Worst Rogue State’, Obama ‘Waging War On Humanity’

A history of covert and overt interventions shows that the United States is by far the worldsworst rogue state,” says an analyst.
Orwellian UK Regulator BANNED Press TV: American author and radio host Stephen Lendman pointed to a litany of interventions by Washington—from supporting militant groups in the Middle East against “adversaries” to the 2011 military campaign in Libya—and said rogue states operate this way.”
America is by far the world's worst. Throughout its history, it's done more harm to more people over a longer duration than history's most ruthless despots,” Lendman told Press TV on Monday.
“Most Americans are woefully uninformed. Especially on major geopolitical issues mattering most,” he added.
Lendman said most Americans support President Barack Obama’s war on ISIL terrorists in Iraq and Syria, “mindless that they're a US creation.”
US special forces and CIA operatives train them in Jordan, Turkey and Georgia,” he noted.
US Congress has approved a measure authorizing the Pentagon to begin training and equipping moderate militants in Syria to confront ISIL terrorists, now in control of vast expanse of land in Syria and Iraq.

The MHRM: Shared Parenting - Please Do The Right Thing North Dakota

When Gender Hatred Is Funny

“I’ll kick you in the vagina if you annoy me again!” Ha, ha!
By : I have, for a long time, been deeply disturbed by the seemingly endless demonization of the male gender in our society. I won’t even attempt to delve too deeply into the countless examples of this bigotry that one can come across in some form of media on an almost daily basis. Much of it is based upon utter fabrications and deliberate deceit and propagated by people with a hidden agenda. It is almost impossible to combat because any man (or woman) who raises an eyebrow (let alone a voice) in protest is immediately branded “a woman hater,” “misogynist,” or a supporter of the oppression of women. It is a very clever tactic. I suppose people who questioned the tactics and rhetoric of totalitarian governments were labelled traitors and enemies of the state in times gone by.
This tactic has been very successful, and only the bravest of people will take the risk of wearing such labels by attempting to address this horrendous imbalance in the way each gender is represented in our Western culture.
Often this bigotry comes in the form of outrageous double standards that are so common most people barely register the fact that they are watching bigotry on their screen. Two of the more mild examples of this happened while I was watching The Big Bang Theory only this week. In the first episode, Penny (an attractive young woman) was comforting a nerdy friend. He mistook her affection for something more. He attempted to kiss her, and she promptly smashed his nose with her fist. In the following scene, we see the man with two black eyes and a swollen nose with bloodied tissue sticking out of both nostrils. A series of jokes were then made about the bashing.
Try to imagine for one moment the scenario being reversed.

Britain’s GCHQ More Dangerous To Privacy Than NSA - Snowden

Edward Snowden has warned that Britain’s GCHQ spy agency is a bigger threat to privacy than the NSA, as it uses illegally collected information in criminal prosecutions and, unlike in the US, has relatively few constitutional checks on its activities.
RT: Speaking by Skype video linkup to a London festival, Snowden also emphasized why it shouldn’t be up to the citizen to justify why they need a right to privacy – something that forms the core of his beliefs and decision to go against the law.
In an answer to a question at the event, a central London ‘Observer Ideas’ festival organized by The Guardian, Snowden said that the GCHQ uses unlawfully collected information to pursue criminal prosecutionsto share with other countries, where they will use foreign intelligence powers to gather information that’s then used for law enforcement purposes – and this is very dangerous.”
When citizens don’t have the opportunity to challenge [such evidence] in courts – judges aren’t aware where this evidence originated fromit undermines the system of laws, the system of justice… upon which we all rely,” Snowden said.
While in the US there are “constitutional protections that prohibit even the passage of any laws that might enable [surveillance] programs… In the United Kingdom, where you don’t have the same kind of constitutional limits on the sort of laws the parliament can pass, what we’ve seen is the creation of a system of regulations where basically anything goes,” he added.

This Week In Feminist Stupid

Christopher Columbus: Bankrupting An Empire

Stefan Molyneux: Happy Columbus Day! Millions of people throughout the world will commemorate the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the New World.

Media outlets generally don't shy away from exposing the truth about this American hero and most people who educate themselves outside the propaganda vacuum of public schools know that in the 21st century the man would be put on trial for crimes against humanity - well, unless he managed to reach the summit of political power.

Feminism - Honey Badgers + Fake Prince Fools Gullible Women Prank

Do not try any of this at home. Most of it is impossible under the currently established laws of physics. Normally that would stop people by itself, but this is a crazy old world now. DoctorRandomercam

Feminist Media Censorship Puts Public Safety At Risk

Laurie A. Couture: This video discusses the issue of feminist media censorship of:

1. The true incidence of rape and sexual and domestic violence against boys and men and female perpetration of these crimes
(based on empirical evidence), as well as other issues relating to the safety and mental health of boys and men such as Male Genital Mutilation and suicide,

Any critique of feminist ideology.