15 Oct 2014

Traditionalists: As Toxic As Radical Feminists

"The killing of men is becoming normalised!" Feminism LOL (aka ELF COCK Fairy). 
Traditionalist JudgyBitch (Director of Media for AVfM) tells us why women should “suffer” to allow a few men to die at the hands of murderous bitches: because it's a small “price” for “compassionate” women to pay in exchange for male protection in return.

Why We Should Treat Our Children As We Wish To Be Treated

Don’t just take things, that’s what the criminals and the government do
The Dissident Dad: That’s something I told my son yesterday when he ripped a book right out of my daughter’s hands. Respecting others and their property, and using conversation to express our wants and desires, is how I am raising my children. Essentially teaching them to grow up to become the opposite of an oppressive state.
Early on as a father, I regularly used spankings to discipline my children, even though it never logically made sense to me. My oldest daughter or son would hit each other, only to have me come in as the authority and spank them, while at the same time telling them to stop hitting each other.

I would never hit my wife, heck I wouldn’t hit a stranger who wasn’t attacking me either, yet I regularly swatted my children on the bottom.
My dad spanked me, and I turned out fine…right? That’s what we all tell ourselves anyway. Ultimately, upon reflecting on my own struggle to think as a sovereign man, I realized that abusing my authority in the house is just as unhealthy in many ways as state-worship, and it isn’t normal since I believe that violence outside of self-defense is wrong.
For many people I know, spanking goes beyond the family history; it’s religion. We’ve all heard the Biblical quote: “Spare the rod, spoil the child,” or at least I did growing up. While writing this article, I learned that the verse out of Proverbs is actually much worse than that. It says, “whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.”
Now I am sure that there have been all kinds of studies done on the pros and cons of spanking; however, I have a personal study from my own household I’d like to share with you.
In February of 2014, my wife and I decided to end all spankings for good.

Child Support For Prostitutes - MGTOW

Sandman: If men going their own way ever needed a reason to ghost and stay away from women and even avoid having sex with even prostitutes then this would be it.

UK & Sweden Recognize Palestinian State

"The US should cut off all aid and then sanction them (JSIL - Jewish State of Israel in the Levant)." Secular Talk Monday night's 274-12 vote in the British parliament in favour of a motion calling upon the government was a "historic moment".

Meanwhile, At Global Central-Planning Headquarters...

In Her Own Words: I Lost My Brother To His Abusive Wife, Part II

It’s day 14 of Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2014. LostMyBro continues her story from yesterday.
By : While Katie was sicking her fashion police on me, my brother started making some off the wall demands of my mom. He told her she needed to kick in money for the wedding and chase down Katie’s “irresponsible friends” (who we’d never met) to plan her bridal shower. He was constantly calling my mom up and telling her what she was or wasn’t doing that was offending Katie.
Katie did a great job of painting herself as the victim during this time. My mom tried to go over to their home one day to smooth things out, but instead my brother and Katie screamed at and lectured her for over two hours about my inappropriate dress and everything else under the sun that Katie found offensive. We were damned if we did and damned if we didn’t.

Real Rape v "Rape Culture" - Lena Dunham!

"I thought we were big fans of rape!" StevenCrowder

Are You Among The World's Wealthiest?

If you have $3,650, you’re among the wealthiest half of people in the world, according to Credit Suisse's new report on global wealth. In numbers and charts, we break down the need-to-know stats
By : Global wealth grew by 8.3pc - its fastest rate ever - over the last year, reaching a worldwide total of $263 trillion, according to Credit Suisse's Global Wealth Report for 2014. From average worth to millionaire growth, here are the other numbers you need to know.
• Over the past 12 months, the world got $20.1 trillion richer, growing at record pace to $263 trillion. That’s the first time household wealth has surpassed the $250 trillion mark.
• In 2013, global wealth increased by $21.9 trillion - the largest annual growth since 2000. That’s more than the total loss from the financial crisis in 2007 to 2008, which knocked $21.5 trillion off global wealth.

Apartheid JSIL 'Settlements' “Wicked Cocktail” Of Occupation And Illegality Observes UK MP Alan Duncan

RT: Israel’s 'settlements' in the West Bank are a wicked cocktail of occupation and illegality and similar to former apartheid South Africa, a UK MP said. His comments come as British MPs vote to recognize an independent Palestinian state.
Occupation, annexation, illegality, negligence, complicity: this is a wicked cocktail which brings shame to the government of Israel,” former Tory minister Sir Alan Duncan said on Tuesday. It would appear that on the West Bank of the Jordan the rule of international law has been shelved.”
Settlement endorsement, meaning the denial that they are illegal and the support for their consequences, is a form of extremism which we should not tolerate,” he said in a speech to the Royal United Service Institute (RUSI) in London.
He added, Israeli settlements are the worst, most destructive, aspect of the military occupation, an occupation which has become the longest in modern international relations.”

Hidden Agenda Behind The New Free Trade Deals: “Everyone but China”

Free tradeis at best a misnomer, at worst an oxymoron: these trade pacts contain surprisingly little related to trade. So, what are they really about?
By Don Quijones: On Saturday, people hit the streets of Europe to protest the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Deal (TTIP), a hyper-secret, so-called “free” trade agreement that aims to bind together two of the world’s biggest markets that together represent more than 800 million consumers and 45% of global trade.
But “free trade” is at best a misnomer, at worst an oxymoron: TTIP contains surprisingly little related to trade, as Ben Beachy of the Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch explains.

In the TPP deal (DQ: TPP stands for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is currently stalled in the U.S. Congress but which Obama seeks to revive during the lame duck session)… only five of 29 chapters have anything to do with what is traditionally defined as trade (i.e. customs, tariffs and other barriers to trade). [Most are] so-called “non-traditional” trade issues, which would include, for example, the right of a corporation to have a monopoly patent over some drug that it produces, a right that is fundamentally antithetical to free trade.

Writing A Realistic Matriarchy - Typhon's Tropes

JSIL Terror: Shocked At Gaza School Ruins, Ban Ki-moon Urges Probe

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called for an independent investigation into the apartheid Israeli regime's deadly shelling of a UN-run school during JSIL's latest genocidal onslaught on the Gaza Strip.
Orwellian UK Regulator BANNED Press TV: He expressed shock at the devastation during his Tuesday visit to some of the areas worst hit during the Israeli raids on Gaza in July and August, saying, “No amount of Security Council sessions, reports or briefings could have prepared me for what I witnessed today.”
The secretary general also visited a UN school in Jabaliya, where tank shells struck two classrooms in July, leaving about 20 people sheltering there dead.
“The shelling of the United Nations school is absolutely unacceptable. These actions must be fully and independently investigated,” he said.
After meeting several Palestinian officials, Ban described the devastation as worse than any such destruction in the JSIL offensive against Gaza in winter 2008-2009. This is a much more serious destruction than what I saw in 2009.”