22 Oct 2014

"Yeah I Said It! - Potent Whisper - HISTORY IS HISTORY

GlobalFaction: Potent Whisper introduces our new Spoken Word series Yeah I Said It with this short piece on
Black History Month.

Misandry: Sexist Coverage Of The Pew Online Harassment Poll

By The Pew Research Center has released a poll showing that men are more likely to be harassed or threatened with physical violence than women on the Internet. So why are Pew, Quartz, The Washington Post, CNN, and other outlets making this about women?
Here is a video I posted about it, or you can read the transcript complete with links to the source material below:

First Swiss Gold Poll Shows Pro-Gold Side In Lead At 45%

By Mark O’Byrne: The first poll of how the Swiss people will vote in the “Save Our Swiss Gold initiative on November 30th shows that the Swiss are leaning towards voting for the pro-gold initiative.

"Another Shock Drop Is Coming.. And It's Coming Soon" Saxo Bank's Chief Economist Steen Jakobsen

Steen Jakobsen The fourth Saxo Bank #TradingDebates are being held this Wednesday at the British Museum in London. Among the speakers will be Saxo Bank's Chief Economist Steen Jakobsen who's predicting another 'shock drop' in the markets within a few weeks. With debt and low inflation continuing to create a nervous atmosphere behind most markets, Steen argues that we will hit fresh lows in mid-November.

Institutions Of Higher Indoctrination

StudioBrule: Professor Janice Fiamengo, University of Ottawa, speaks about the negative effect that academic feminism has on freedom of speech. Examples of the increasingly drastic measures used to enforce adherence to policies imposed by gender ideologues clearly demonstrate the validity of Fiamengo's warning.

Democracy Is A Lie - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

"The Chinese are allowing Hong Kong protests whereas in Britain, outside of parliament, the house, The Mother, The Auntie, The House of Democracy, ha, ha, ha, the land of freedom! ...They were dragged out! ...You are free to do as you are told!" The Artist Taxi Driver

HeforShe And The Feminist Fossil - Defeating The Feminist Frame

"Emma's primitive proto-language speech comprised of double think and monkey logic. Emma doesn't think men should be stoic and strong. Of course she does expect men to set aside their own issues to save women, which is sort of, well it requires being stoic and strong. Enter the HeforShe movement note who is acting and who is being acted upon. Even if I accept the feminist notion that women are in a state of lesser agency than men and that's bad, how does asking men to save women change this? In essence what Emma has done is throw out the word equality like a tribalistic incantation, as if by merely uttering the word, she can magically erase the fact that she immediately follows up with some of the most primitive thoughts about gender..." Alison Tieman

How To Start A War And Lose An Empire

Warning: further Western attempts at blackmailing them may result in a nuclear confrontation.
By ClubOrlov: A year and a half I wrote an essay on how the US chooses to view Russia, titled The Image of the Enemy. I was living in Russia at the time, and, after observing the American anti-Russian rhetoric and the Russian reaction to it, I made some observations that seemed important at the time. It turns out that I managed to spot an important trend, but given the quick pace of developments since then, these observations are now woefully out of date, and so here is an update.

At that time the stakes weren't very high yet. There was much noise around a fellow named Magnitsky, a corporate lawyer-crook who got caught and died in pretrial custody. He had been holding items for some bigger Western crooks, who were, of course, never apprehended. The Americans chose to treat this as a human rights violation and responded with the so-called “Magnitsky Act” which sanctioned certain Russian individuals who were labeled as human rights violators. Russian legislators responded with the “Dima Yakovlev Bill,” named after a Russian orphan adopted by Americans who killed him by leaving him in a locked car for nine hours. This bill banned American orphan-killing fiends from adopting any more Russian orphans. It all amounted to a silly bit of melodrama.

But what a difference a year and a half has made!

AVfM Launches Whiteribboncampaign.org!

Gents and ladies, I present to you without further adieu, whiteribboncampaign.org. It is a website I am very proud of, and proud to say AVfM will be investing whatever resources it takes to make whiteribboncampaign.org the most highly recognized and iconic voice in the worldwide White Ribbon Campaign.
By The people behind the White Ribbon have undoubtedly put in a huge amount of sweat equity and actual funds in branding the White Ribbon Campaign (WRC).
A simple Google search will return many, many references to that campaign and to websites that have been set up to further its message. That message, of course, is that men can stop domestic violence, that they bear the weight of all evil on their backs and that they need to create a safe world for women, blah, blah, blah.
Obviously, the people getting the job done on behalf of WRC really outdid themselves on planning and marketing.
Well, there was one goof. They neglected to pick up the obvious choices for domains for their program, especially given they are aiming for growth.
I personally interpreted this as an intentional act. It appears to me that the good folks at WRC desire a grass roots movement, with concerned individuals stepping up to the plate to dedicate activism in the area of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).

A Call To Academics And Students By J4MB

By Mike Buchanan: We’re calling for academics and students to stand up and fight the corruption of academia by feminists working in academia itself, in funding bodies, in the Department for Education, and elsewhere. For many years feminists have been corrupting academia for ideological reasons, but we’re convinced they can be stopped. They MUST be stopped for the sake of academia, and all it should stand for – independence of thought, excellence, and so much more.
A few examples of feminist corruption:
1. The Athena SWAN initiative forces research organisations to increase the proportion of female researchers, in order to be eligible for grants. It’s nothing less than an assault on male scientists. Last year we posted this blog piece and our associated briefing paper is here.
2. Women have long been less inclined than men to study STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics – and in turn to pursue STEM careers. The reasons for women’s reluctance to enter these fields have long been well understood, but for feminists this remains ‘a problem to be solved’. The government is spending £30 million persuading young women into engineering, a career few women wish to enter, and female engineering students at Brunel University are entitled to a sponsorship of £22,750 solely on account of their gender – both stories are here.
3. Professional bodies representing those working in STEM (and other) professions are actively campaigning against the interests of the class that makes up a sizeable majority of their members – men.

The MGTOW Philosophy Is Spreading Faster Than You Think

Devlan TheComic: The MGTOW Philosophy is spreading faster than you think. In this videos I talk about how I'm watching the MGTOW philosophy is spreading among many of my friends. I only give an example of two friends in this video but there are many others.

In Uncharted Waters

By Charles Hugh Smith: What I see as extremes that must necessarily end badly, others see as mere extensions of recently successful policies and trends.
A long-time reader recently chastised me for using too many maybe's in my forecasts. The criticism is valid, as "on the other hand" slips all too easily from qualifying a position to rinsing it of meaning.
That said, given that we're in uncharted waters, maybe's become prudent and certainty becomes extremely dangerous. I have long held that the financial policy extremes that are now considered normal are unprecedented in the modern era: extremes in debt, leverage, risk, complexity and willful obfuscation of these extremes.
Consider the extent to which sky-high asset valuations and present-day "prosperity" depend on extremes of leverage: autos purchased with no money down, homes purchased with 3.5% down payments and FHA loans, stocks bought on margin, stock buybacks funded by loans, student loans issued with zero collateral, and so on--an inverted pyramid of "prosperity" resting precariously on a tiny base of actual collateral.
Since we have no guide to the future other than the past, we extrapolate past trends. Human nature hasn't changed over the short time-frames of civilizations (i.e. the past few thousand years), so in terms of human drives, emotions and responses, the past is an excellent guide to the range of human responses to crisis, euphoria, greed, fear, etc.
But extending trends is a shifting foundation for forecasts, as trends end and reverse, generally without telegraphing the end of an era. Few in 1639 China foresaw the collapse of the status quo Ming Dynasty a mere five years hence.
With the hindsight of history, we can discern the cracks in the Ming Dynasty before its collapse, but once we shift to our own era, things become less certain.
In my view, we're drifting in uncharted seas.