25 Oct 2014

Fuzzbeads - Because It's Obvious Everybody Should Be A Feminist

"Ever feel like you're the stupid one? Ever feel like you're NOT the stupid one? Ever feel like you're right on both counts and you're starting to feel dizzy and blind?" DoctorRandomercam

Ian Young, Formerly A Victim Of Domestic Violence Over A Lengthy Period, Interviewed On BBC Radio

Mike Buchanan: While Ian Young was given the pseudonym 'John' by the presenter of this programme, Sarah Julian, he's prepared to be known by his actual name, and he's agreed to us using that in this piece.

The Terrifying Idea That The US Economy Might Stay Stuck Forever Just Got More Terrifying

The U.S. economy has fallen, and it can't get up.
At least that's the way it seems. That's because our slump hasn't really ended, even though the Great Recession officially did more than five years ago. Growth has been low, unemployment is still high, and it'd be even more so if the labor force hadn't shrunk so much. And all this, remember, has happened despite interest rates being zero the whole time. It's the opposite of what we would have expected: big crashes are usually followed by big comebacks. So why has this time been different?
Well, it hasn't — not if you compare it to other recoveries from financial crises. These, as economists Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff have shown, tend to be nasty, brutish, and long: it takes, on average, eight years just to make up lost ground. But even so, this doesn't fully explain the kind of persistent economic weakness we've seen here and most everywhere else. Look at Japan. Its own bubble burst in the 1990s, and since then even zero interest rates haven't been enough to save it from first one, and then two, lost decades. The same is happening to Europe today. Bad recoveries, it seems, have a way of turning into bad economies that never get better.

It's brought back the specter of "secular stagnation." That's the idea, first proposed by Alvin Hansen in 1938, that an economy can get stuck in a never-ending slump if slower population growth means slower investment. Now, the baby boom thankfully proved him wrong, but what if he's right this time? That's the question Larry Summers has been asking for a year now. As he points out, the U.S. economy has needed lower and lower interest rates just to get the investment it needs so that virtually everyone who wants a job can get one — and even then, it's taken bubbles to get us there. But interest rates can't go only lower -- they're effectively at zero. As a result, the not-so-great recovery might be followed by a future that's just as bad.

Sinking British Ship - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Helena Norberg-Hodge

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the increasingly bankrupt British government as a sinking ship on George Osborne’s river of denial. They discuss the remedy for the too many poor peoplefor democracy problem being global trade deals like TTIP and TPP whereby elected leaders can claimtheir hands are tied’ by contractual obligations.

Granted By Whom? - Israel, Britain & Palestine

George Galloway MP addresses a Zionist caller and asks him "what right did Britain have to grant you somebody else's country?" - A two minute call about the all-round injustice of Palestine [made by Ghaida Nasser]. Molucca Media

MHRM: Victimized By Victim Support Advocates - IHOW

By : It’s day 24 of Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2014 for Men and Boys, the invisible victims of domestic violence. Today’s In His Own Words is an example of the systemic abuse to which men and boys are frequently subjected. It is an egregious example of sexism and misandry. It is also an example of how many women use victimhood (real or imagined) as a form of street cred and/or social status.
My ex-boyfriend cheated on me. Yeah well, my husband beat me and I had cancer. My adopted third world son has soooo many behavioral issues, we have to give him meds that make him morbidly obese, it’s sooooooo hard on me. That’s nothing, I was raped by my college boyfriend. Big deal, I was molested by my father and gang raped by the marching band and have a deadbeat husband.”
I have personally witnessed this kind of “victim off” in academic settings, clinical settings and, most recently, at a friend’s birthday party — women trying to “out victim” each other. In other words, not in a therapeutic setting. These are  women who were superficial acquaintances, colleagues and/or classmates, not intimates. It’s disturbing. Healthy individuals don’t want to be seen as victims, even if they have, in fact, been legitimately victimized.
“Tim” wanted to give back to his community by volunteering with a victim advocacy support agency. In the end, he became a victim of their bigotry and sexism. If this is how a victims advocacy organization treats male volunteers, just imagine how they treat male victims. Is it any wonder there are precious few services for male victims of domestic violence and sexual assault?

Dr Strangelove’s Vision Of Utopia From 1966 Looks A Whole Lot Like The UK & USA 2014

Watch the clip here (hopefully non-UK can also watch?) in which he (along with his assistant) sets out how to create a Utopia without violence:

G20 Rap with Tony Abbott - feat. Scott Ludlam

The G20 Summit is happening and the leaders of the wealthiest nations on the planet are converging on Australia to come and learn directly at the feet of the master of fascist dystopian fuckwittery: Tony Abbott. Join the noble Australian Prime Minister as he lists his recent achievements and launches the opening of the G20 Summit in Australia, backed by a faithful and compliant mainstream media, represented by our favourite local correspondent Ken Oathcarn. This episode features a magical cameo from Wizard Senator Scott Ludlam, who has been campaigning tirelessly in speeches to empty Senate rooms to stop the Government’s proposed mandatory data retention laws - coming up soon for a vote in the Senate. After this G20 episode, no one will be in any doubt why Australia is leading the civilised world in the global race to towards 1984. thejuicemedia

Jill Filipovic Of COSMO Works At The Speed Of Light!

By : Here is how AVFM (A Voice for Men) works. We say and do a lot of provocative things in order to force an examination of the state of men and boys, and we do so in this fashion because the world has demonstrated a consistent history of listening to nothing else.
Of course there is a price to be paid for that. When people are cornered into paying attention to what you are doing, they find it much easier to take a dim view of your actions. Given that and the synergy with their ideology, bad reviews are a given.
So are lies.
So are disgusting, filthy lies, half-truths, distortions and aggressively ignorant avoidance of facts, such as we have seen with the likes of Jessica Roy, Adam Serwer and a slew of other hacks currently jaundicing a profession once called “journalism.”
The only thing different today than yesterday is that we get to add another name to the list of known scum buckets infesting the mainstream media.
We now welcome Jill Filipovic of Cosmopolitan Magazine to the ever growing circus of fools with press passes and the equivalent of a 4th grade education. You will find her article here, if you are able to see it in spite of all the “how to make your butt rounder” ads.
I was interviewed by Filipovic the day after whiteribbon.org was launched, and the article based on our “interview” was published the day after that. Clearly Filipovic accomplished a great deal of research in that short bit of time! Or, she made up her mind what she was going to write, grabbed every negative sound bite she could from places like MammothBoobz, asked me a bunch of bullshit questions, and then started the final edit of her article.

Is The Market System The Leading Cause Of Unnecessary Death On The Planet Today?

TZM: Can you resolve these three questions/problems logically without realizing the need to remove the Market Economy?

The Three Questions:
1) Given the market economy requires consumption in order to maintain demand for human employment and further economic growth as needed, is there a structural incentive to reduce resource use, biodiversity loss, the global pollution footprint and hence assist the ever-increasing need for improved ecological sustainability in the world today?

2024: Prepare for Global Gold Confiscation and Orwell's 1984, Warns Rickards

By Mark O’Byrne: Microchips embedded in the arms of citizens to track their activities, the total destruction of the middle classes and a cashless economy where an authoritarian state can freeze the accounts of dissenting citizens excluding them from all economic activity….. These are all part of the cheery scenario painted by the highly respected author and IMF-insider with connections to the Pentagon, Jim Rickards in his most recent article for Agora Financial.
"In the year 2024" as the article is called, capitalism and markets will have been abolished in favour of a marxist dystopia managed by the "New World Order." The savings and assets of the middle classes will have been annihilated. This unfolds through a series of panics and shocks to the markets and hyper-inflation. As the hyperinflation takes hold there is a mass exodus out of paper currency and into gold. The G-20 arrange for the mass confiscation of gold, to be stored in an enormous vault in the Swiss Alps, in order to force the public back onto newly created digital currency. To ensure that the public cannot protect themselves from the profligacy of governments gold is taken out of circulation forever.

UK Tarpaulin Square - What's The UK Lame-Stream Agenda?

"There's a fathomless tundra of wickedness governing us!"
Russell Brand's reaction to questions and comments about recent Trews & news. Including: Newsnight, Jeremy Paxman, 9/11, ecology, banksters bonuses, immigration, Nigel Farage, the swastika, the iPhone, employment, and more.