27 Oct 2014

The Zionist Narrative Of Greek Oxi (NO!) Day

Comment by Μανθος Τριανταφυλλος: Metaxas was a fascist dictator. He admired Mussolini it was very difficult for him to say no. He and his generals didn't think that the army and the Greeks have the power to stop the Italians. But they did although some of them fought with guns from the I World War. USA now uses this part of the Greek history as a propaganda tool. Greeks resisted no matter what your as feels about it, if your information lacks read a book. It ain't gonna get you fatter, but wiser.

Help J4MB (Justice For Men And Boys) Launch Their UK General Election Campaign - £1555 Raised Already

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A major public advertising campaign for the 2015 general election

By Mike Buchanan: In less than seven months – 7 May, 2015, to be precise – British citizens will have their first opportunity to vote in a general election in defence of the human rights of men and boys, and we’re raising the money we need to HAMMER OUT OUR ELECTION MESSAGE. Please help us do that.
WE NEED £39,500 and we’re launching this 2-WEEK FUNDRAISER to fund a PLANNED CAMPAIGN. Since we launched J4MB in February 2013, we’ve made no secret of the scale of our ambitions. Ray Barry and I will be standing as election candidates. I’ll be standing in Bedford and Kempston, Ray in Wolverhampton South-West. We plan to attract enough votes to send the message that one day the main political parties will have no option but to engage with us, to deter us from contesting their marginal seats in future general elections.
OUR STRATEGY IS RIGHT, OUR CAUSE IS JUST, and our campaign has been thoroughly planned. We’ve had major input from professional marketing people who are giving their time for nothing. WE KNOW WHO OUR TARGET VOTERS ARE and WE KNOW HOW TO GET OUR MESSAGE TO THEM, but we need your help, because it will cost money -£39,500 TO BE PRECISE.
Ray and I are going to give this everything we’ve got. Every ounce of energy will go into this campaign. WE’RE GOING TO TELL IT LIKE IT IS

The BDSM Origins Of “Yes Means Yes”

By While the debate regarding California’s Yes Means Yes law (henceforth referred to as YMY) rages on—something that, in my view, is definitely a good thing for reasons I should like to make clear in an upcoming essay—for this particular post I’d like to go a bit off the beaten path.
It’s the first time together and I’m feeling kinda horny Conventional methods of makin love kinda bore me I wanna knock your block off, get my rocks off Blow your socks off make sure your G spots soft

Raising Free Sons And Their Sisters

By : Recognizing a problem is only the first step; second is finding a solution. Across nations and demographics, men and boys are suffering and finding the support they need sadly lacking. That is the problem the Men’s Human Rights Movement (MHRM) is working to resolve, and there are solutions already within our grasp. More fundamentally important, however, is changing the core fabric of behavior that has given rise to the problems faced by men. That will start with men embracing their human rights and casting off the shackles of expectations that for generations have driven them to self-destruction.
It is a frightening prospect, embracing a new and different future, and one that for many will have to begin in childhood. It is a parent’s duty to prepare their children for adulthood, and now we have to begin raising our sons to believe in themselves as something more than a utility. It is a challenge every right-minded parent must face: how to raise your son free of the restraints of traditional gynocentric masculinity, proud of himself as a male and ready to live as an equal to all his peers. In other words, to raise him to naturally be the man every (male) MHRA strives to be.

Why Do Banks Want Our Deposits? Hint: It’s Not to Make Loans

By Ellen Brown: Many authorities have said it: banks do not lend their deposits. They create the money they lend on their books.
Robert B. Anderson, Treasury Secretary under Eisenhower, said it in 1959:

When a bank makes a loan, it simply adds to the borrower’s deposit account in the bank by the amount of the loan. The money is not taken from anyone else’s deposits; it was not previously paid in to the bank by anyone. It’s new money, created by the bank for the use of the borrower.
The Bank of England said it in the spring of 2014, writing in its quarterly bulletin:

The reality of how money is created today differs from the description found in some economics textbooks:

Cryptography Of The Cryptocracy: Of Gods And Computers

'First, remove the chip in your all-seeing eye.'
Jay's Analysis: In January of 2014, IMF Chief Christine Lagarde gave a speech that was lost on most of her audience and amongst the media. She stated:
“Now, I’m going to test your numerology skills by asking you to think about the magic seven, okay? Most of you will know that seven is quite a number in all sorts of themes, religions. And I’m sure that you can compress numbers as well. So if we think about 2014, all right, I’m just giving you 2014, you drop the zero, 14, two times 7. Okay, that’s just by way of example, and we’re going to carry on. So 2014 will be a milestone and hopefully a magic year in many respects. It will mark the hundredth anniversary of the First World War back in 1914. It will note the 70th anniversary, drop the zero, seven– of the Breton Woods conference that actually gave birth to the IMF.”
In his classic Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, Hoffman wrote of coincidence, synchronicity and curious connections between 007 and 2001 that also relate to obscure subjects like numerology and gematria.  The first 007 was Dr. John Dee, as will be investigated below, but the reason this is of import is the similarity between Christine Lagarde’s seemingly strange comments to her Press Club audience.  Hoffman has recently commented on this, and I myself at the time of Lagarde’s comment speculated on the connections between the numbers of sevens that appeared in the downed Malaysian Plane incident(s).  Numerous conspiracy sites and speculators got in on the action, but what no one (other than Hoffman) did was look at the motivations behind such a mindset.  The natural approach of those in conspiratorial and alternative media circles would be to leap at the occult.  While I don’t intend to deny such associations, I would like to highlight another element that almost none have considered.  Yes, there are believers in dark forces in high places, but there is also another factor that should be kept in mind, as I myself had conversations with individuals about this that appeared a frightened by such calculating mumbo jumbo.

How Will The US Stock Market React To The End Of Quantitative Easing?

By Michael Snyder: It is widely expected that the Federal Reserve is going to announce the end of quantitative easing this week.  Will this represent a major turning point for the stock market?  As you will see below, since 2008 stocks have risen dramatically throughout every stage of quantitative easing.  But when the various phases of quantitative easing have ended, stocks have always responded by declining substantially.  The only thing that caused stocks to eventually start rising again was a new round of quantitative easing.  So what will happen this time?  That is a very good question.  What we do know is that the the performance of the stock market has become completely divorced from economic reality, and in recent weeks there have been signs of market turmoil that we have not seen in years.  Could the end of quantitative easing be the thing that finally pushes the financial markets over the edge?
After all this time, many Americans still don't understand what quantitative easing actually is Since the end of 2008, the Federal Reserve has injected approximately 3.5 trillion dollars into the financial system.  Of course the Federal Reserve didn't actually have 3.5 trillion dollars.  The Fed created all of this money out of thin air and used it to buy government bonds and mortgage-backed securities.
If that sounds like "cheating" to you, that is because it is cheating.  If you or I tried to print money, we would be put in prison.  When the Federal Reserve does it, it is called "economic stimulus".
But the overall economy has not been helped much at all.  If you doubt this, just look at these charts.
Instead, what all of this "easy money" has done is fuel the greatest stock market bubble in history.

Peak Vagina - This Week in Feminist Stupid + Honey Badgers 108

"...witnessed the complete intellectual meltdown of the social justice warriors as they began claiming black is white and up is down because these people are apparently completely delusional." Sargon of Akkad

Feminist Lunatics Running The Asylum

"Feminist Kills Paul and then calls his daughter to tell her, (daughter's freaking out) then shoots the girlfriend's finger off and shoots her in the head, then chases her around the house with a knife. ...It was a planned revenge killing.

...Ridiculous Canadian feminist supreme court judge spends 90% of closing remarks inviting the lunatics to take over the asylum." Feminism LOL

Ebola Hoax Created To Justify Imposing Martial Law In US: Prof. Fetzer

The Ebola outbreak is a hoax which is being perpetrated on the American people to justify imposing martial law in the United States, a political commentator in California says.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: In an interview with Press TV on Sunday, Professor James Henry Fetzer said, “The situation with Ebola is very strange indeed, because there are multiple indications that it’s some kind of fraud or hoax or scam being perpetrated on the American people.”
“There’s a new Ebola false-flag exposed, compilations of evidence [are] available on YouTube now,” he added.
A nurse who just returned from Sierra Leone has condemned the US government for a 21-day mandatory quarantine despite testing negative for the Ebola virus.
Kaci Hickox said in an article on Saturday that she was “made to feel like criminal,” after she was placed in quarantine at a New Jersey hospital upon her return from West Africa.

Pretty Little Liar - IHOW

By : It’s day 26 of Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2014 for Men and Boys, the invisible victims of domestic violence. “Kenneth” had an abusive, borderline personality disordered stepmom.
Children with an abusive parent(s) are essentially groomed to tolerate and accept abuse. They are often told that the abuse they experience is their fault. This can create the faulty belief system that it is their job to “fix” and protect their abuser. It may also foster the equally faulty belief that  if only they “do everything right,” their abuser will finally see what a good person they are and stop the abuse.
This a recipe for disastrous, abusive adult relationships. Today’s In His Own Words is an example of this.
Pretty Little Liar
I just ended a 6-month on again/off again relationship with a woman who I think fits the description of Borderline Personality Disorder. A lying, manipulative, crying, sniveling, deceptive and, above all, self-righteous human being.
First off, I am no saint, okay. Second, until recently, I always believed that woman could never set out to intentionally be selfish and abusive (probably comes from being raised by a physically abusive BPD stepmother and henpecked dad), so excuse me for looking like a dumb ass for not leaving this witch sooner.

Screaming Revolution X Art v The NWO 2014