28 Oct 2014

There Is No Spoon - Badgerpod Nerdcast

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MAYOR of MGTOWN: F BOMBS For FEMINISM is blatant EXPLOITATION and ABUSE of CHILDREN! The parents who were paid to have their daughters appear in this ad should be visited by the CPS (child protective services).

Men - The War Within And Without

ThinkingApe-TV: "You can't go back. The self-deception is far worse than the fantasy. ...Ignorance is suffering, it's not bliss! ...AVfM has been infected by gynocentrism, infected by politically correct bullshit!"

Nudging, Bludgeoning & Pigeoning - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert in a double-header discuss nudging citizen-consumers like pigeons and mental patients into behaving as the technocratic elite wish them to behave - more consumption, more selfies, more fatal masturbation. This behavioural outcome is achieved through rewarding desired behaviour with plastic trinkets and poker chips which make the subjects being controlled feel empowered by their decisions to behave as their controllers had wanted them to.

David Cameron Refuses To Wear A ‘This Is What A Feminist Looks Like’ T-Shirt (Unlike Drippy Miliband And Clegg)

By Laura Perrins: The liberal dictators over at the Fawcett Society along with Elle magazine have taken umbrage at the Prime Minister declining to wear one of those infantile This is what a feminist looks like T-shirts". Shocking, is it not, when not everyone agrees with your socialist political views? Why can’t we all just get along with a big group hug?
Lorraine Candy, Elle’s editor-in chief, tells us that the magazine asked Cameron ‘five times’ if he would wear the shirt and post a picture as proof. She has taken time out of her busy schedule of collating photographs of air-brushed models suggesting to us what we should wear, to bemoan our Prime Minister’s lack of feminist credentials.
Let’s leave aside for one moment that the Prime Minister does have other matters to deal with, such as ebola, Isis and the increasing public debt. Ms Candy essentially admits that she badgered the PM to take part in this ridiculous schoolgirl trick. Don’t you know Ms Candy that No means No? I thought that was a cardinal rule of feminism.
The Fawcett Society, which campaigns for women’s equality, agreed it was “unfortunate” that the Prime Minister appeared to be uncomfortable with identifying himself with the ‘cause of feminism.’ They find this hard to believe, even though Red Ed and that nutty one Nick Clegg donned said T-shirt like a couple of cringing schoolboys to tell us all they were feminists. We knew that already, men.

“Stop Thanking Me for My Service” – Former U.S. Army Ranger Blasts American Foreign Policy and The Corporate State

Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz has said of the upcoming Concert for Valor: “The post-9/11 years have brought us the longest period of sustained warfare in our nation’s history. The less than one percent of Americans who volunteered to serve during this time have afforded the rest of us remarkable freedoms — but that freedom comes with a responsibility to understand their sacrifice, to honor them, and to appreciate the skills and experience they offer when they return home.”
It was crafty of Schultz to redirect that famed 1% label from the ultra rich, represented by CEOs like him, onto our “heroes.” At the concert, I hope Schultz has a chance to get more specific about those “remarkable freedoms.” Will he mention that the U.S. has the highest per capita prison population on the planet?  Does he include among those remarkable freedoms the guarantee that dogs, Tasers, tear gas, and riot police will be sent after you if you stay out past dark protesting the killing of an unarmed Black teenager by a representative of this country’s increasingly militarized police? Will the freedom to be too big to fail and so to have the right to melt down the economy and walk away without going to prison — as Jamie Dimon, the CEO of Chase, did – be mentioned? Do these remarkable freedoms include having every American phone call and email recorded and stored away by the NSA?
– From the incredible letter by Former U.S. Army Ranger Rory Fanning: Stop Thanking Me for My Service
By Michael Krieger: I have to admit, whenever I find myself in the midst of a large public gathering (which fortunately isn’t that often), and the token veteran or two is called out in front of the masses to “honor” I immediately begin to cringe as a result of a massive internal conflict.

What Critics Of GamerGate Get Wrong - Based Mom

"Traditionally, women, gays, trans people, they have been policed and humiliated for their sexuality, that is wrong. Today, at least in certain feminist circles, it's open season on the sexual preferences of straight males!" 
American Enterprise Institute: If you have been following recent news reports, you may have heard about an army of angry, thuggish male gamers marching under a banner called GamerGate. According to some reporters, this lynch mobwill stop at nothing to defend its sexist turf. Is video game culture toxic?

Video Shows US Police Shot Black Man 45 Times Like A 'Firing Squad'

New video footage shows brutality of US police against black people as eight police officers shot a mentally ill African-American man 45 times in Michigan.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: The 49-year-old victim, Milton Hall, was killed by the officers in Saginaw in 2012.
The shooting aroused a local outcry and a federal investigation two years ago.
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) that released the video on Monday presented a testimony about the police shooting.
The video shows that eight police officers ringing the man in a parking lot with one dog growling at the poor man. Hall was not carrying any weapons except for a penknife. He was then shot by the officers 45 times and 14 of those shots struck him dead.
The ACLU gave the police dashboard footage to representatives of the Organization of American States in order to pressure the federal government to look at Hall's death scene one more time.
In February, the Department of Justice said it could not find “sufficient evidence of willful misconduct” to prosecute the eight officers.
During the Monday hearing, Mark Fancher, a lawyer with the ACLU of Michigan, said the officers were likened a firing squad and slammed the Justice Department for not prosecuting them.

Saudi Arabia Sentences 3 Lawyers To Jail ...For Tweets!

By Michael Krieger: Saudi Arabia’s fear of the viral free-speech platform 'Twitter' has been well documented as of late. I first highlighted it last year in the post, Saudi Religious Police Chief Goes on the Attack…Against Twitter, in which I noted:
You know something isn’t right in your country when you have a “religious police force.”  You know something is really, really not right in your country when the head of that religious police force starts condemning twitter and saying its users will go to hell as a consequence.  Talk about pathetic.  Just more strange and panicked behavior from the Saudi government.  
 From the BBC:
The head of Saudi Arabia’s religious police has warned citizens against using Twitter, which is rising in popularity among Saudis.
Sheikh Abdul Latif Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh said anyone using social media sites – and especially Twitter – has lost this world and his afterlife”.

Apparently, a year and a half worth of tweets hasn’t eased the good Sheikh’s concerns. Just last week he proclaimed that 'Twitter' is the source of all evil and devastation.”

JSIL (Israel) Violence As Dangerous As ISIL Actions: Jordan

Jordanian Parliament Speaker Atef Tarawneh has compared the JSIL (Israeli) regime’s atrocities against the Palestinians to the ISIL Takfiri militantsacts of violence in Syria and Iraq.
Zio-Nazi Shill UK Regulator BANNED Press TV: He made the remarks on Monday during a meeting with visiting Maltese Foreign Minister George William Vella, Jordanian media reported.
Tarawneh called on the international community to exert pressure on Israel to resume talks with the Palestinians and put an end to its repeated violations against the holy sites in East al-Quds (Jerusalem) as well as construction of settler units in the occupied Palestinian territories.
His comments mirrored earlier remarks by Jordanian King Abdullah ll who warned about “Zionist extremism” in the region last Monday.
The king said that people in the Middle Eastern country should join hands to keep threats posed by all extremists away from its borders, adding, “We have to think together how to deal with the various challenges.”

To Protect And Perve - US Cops Share Nude Photos Stolen From Citizens’ Cellphones

The new court documents describe a second incident involving a 19-year-old woman who was in a DUI crash in Livermore on Aug. 7. On Harrington’s phone, Holcombe located two photos of that DUI suspect in a bikini accompanied by a text message from the day of the arrest from Harrington to Hazelwood: Taken from the phone of my 10-15x while she’s in X-rays. Enjoy buddy!!!”
A “10-15x” is CHP code for a woman in custody. The woman may have been at a hospital to have X-rays taken after the crash.
Hazelwood replies: No fuck nudes?”
– From the San Jose Mercury News article: CHP officer says stealing nude photos from female arresteesgamefor cops
By Michael Krieger: The worst thing about the government’s reckless response to the financial crisis of 2008, even worse than the trillions in taxpayer bailouts and backstops granted to the financial criminals that created the disaster, is the primary lesson that it sent to American society as a whole. Some people like to call it “moral hazard,” but in more pedestrian terms it really just boils down to: The Bad Guys Got Away with It.

EU Decries JSIL (aka Israel) Plans For East Al-Quds Settlement Construction

The European Union has censured JSIL's plans to construct more settlements on the stolen/occupied Palestinian land.
Zio-Nazi Shill UK Regulator BANNED Press TV: EU foreign policy spokeswoman, Maja Kocijancic, made the remarks in a statement on Monday after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered plans for the construction of 1,060 new settler units in East al-Quds (Jerusalem).
Kocijancic said if such a decision is confirmed "it will call once again into serious question Israel's (JSIL) commitment to a negotiated solution with the Palestinians.”
She went on to say that the only thing the EU could do was to condemn such an ill-judged and ill-timed decision.