29 Oct 2014

Why Judaism Is Bankrupt

"The rebuilding of the temple is a sham. ...All that's left are holocaust re-runs!" Brother Nathanael

I Pledge Allegiance… The Dissident Dad - USA

'Do we really want our kids pledging obedience and loyalty to the U.S. federal government? Especially when the pledge itself is masked with a lie. I mean, it ends with, “with liberty and justice for all.” Now that’s a crock of shit right there.'
By The Dissident Dad: Remember those weird kids who didn’t say the Pledge of Allegiance in school? They either sat down or just stood up silently. I sure do. Most likely for religious reasons, but I remember thinking to myself as a kid that it was wrong not to say the pledge aloud with the rest of us. As I got older in my teenage years, I even felt that those kids were not being respectful.
Some adults may even give them the old, “well, if you don’t like it then you can leave” routine that is mentioned every time a minority opts out of the majority’s way of doing things.
Homeschooling my children will really make this a non-issue; however, my nieces were reciting the American Pledge of Allegiance the other day while playing with my children. In fact, here in Texas the kids recite both the American and Texas Pledge of Allegiance before class.
After hearing them recite it, and of course remembering the 2,500 or so times I said it in my lifetime, I started to think about the purpose and real meaning of this pledge that millions of school-aged children recite every morning Monday through Friday.

Alan Greenspan: QE Failed To Help The Economy, The Unwind Will Be Painful, "Buy Gold"

It appears it is time for some Hillary-Clinton-esque backtracking and Liesman-esque translation of just what the former Federal Reserve Chief really meant. As The Wall Street Journal reports, the Fed chief from 1987 to 2006 says the Fed's bond-buying program fell short of its goals, and had a lot more to add.

Mr. Greenspan’s comments to the Council on Foreign Relations came as Fed officials were meeting in Washington, D.C., and expected to announce within hours an end to the bond purchases.

He said the bond-buying program was ultimately a mixed bag. He said that the purchases of Treasury and mortgage-backed securities did help lift asset prices and lower borrowing costs. But it didn’t do much for the real economy.

Effective demand is dead in the water” and the effort to boost it via bond buying “has not worked,” said Mr. Greenspan. Boosting asset prices, however, has been “a terrific success.”

Marriage, Megalomania And MGTOW

Paul Elam: MGTOW community thoughts on marriage, ...extemporaneous.

Feminism: 108 Compliments In 10 Hours = Harassment

6oodfella: We're now at the point where a privileged princess can claim that the adoration she receives from men is a form of harassment.
If this does not make you understand just how spoiled, privileged, and pampered women in the western world are, you'll never understand.

Fireworks Fly As Peter Schiff Warns "An Economy That Lives By QE, Dies By QE"

Tyler Durden's picture Ahead of tomorrow's decision by the FOMC, Peter Schiff ventured on to CNBC to discuss the economy, the fed, and gold... among other things. Schiff rightly fears that while the Fed may well stop QE3 tomorrow, QE4 will not be too long behind it as he notes, rather eloquently, that "an economy that lives by QE, will die by QE" as the Fed's total lack of willingness to allow stocks to fall (see Bullard 2 weeks ago) or a 'cleansing' recession leaves the nation's economy in far worse shape than it was before the Fed's intervention. Schiff calmly replies to the anchor's questions (as she proclaims "I am not on the side of the Fed but..."), gently explains his view on gold when challenged about his 'wrongness', but when a guest starts hounding him for being dangerous to CNBC viewers wealth... Schiff (rightly) loses it - must watch!
A well reasoned discussion of the Fed's manipulation of markets and mal-investment hangovers is well worth the price of admission... but at around 6:35 when Scott Nations unleashes his tirade on Schiff, the fireworks start to fly...

We Don’t Have One Problem - We Have Three Interlocking Sets Of Problems

By Charles Hugh Smith: The additional sets of problems added assolutionsonly guarantee that the third and final crash of asset bubbles just ahead will be far more devastating than the crashes of 2000 and 2009.
The conventional view tacitly assumes the global economy is dealing with one problem: recovering from the Global Financial Meltdown of 2008-09. Stimulating a “recovery” has been the focus of central banks and states everywhere.
Short-sighted political expediency is a hallmark of the modern state’s reaction to crisis, but political expediency isn’t the only flaw in the central banks/states’ obsessive focus on “recovery;” it’s not even the primary flaw. 
The real flaw is the central banks/states don’t even recognize that we face three interlocking sets of problems, not one. Each set of problems is layered on top of the previous layer, and each sets reinforces the other two. In other words, the entire problem set is more than just the sum of the three problem sets.

Obama Official Says JSIL's Netanyahu Is A 'Chickenshit,'

A senior Obama administration official has described JSIL (aka Israel) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “chickenshit,” expressing the US president’s frustration with the apartheid JSIL leader.
Zionist shill UK regulator BANNED Press TV: The thing about Bibi [Netanyahu] is, he’s a chickenshit,” the unnamed official told the Atlantic when asked about the foreign leader who seems to frustrate the White House the most.
The official added that the good thing about Netanyahu is that “he’s scared to launch wars,” and the bad thing about him is that he won’t do anything to reach an accommodation with the Palestinians.”
The only thing he’s interested in is protecting himself from political defeatHe’s got no guts,” the official said.
According to the Atlantic, the statement by the top Obama official indicates that relations between Washington and Tel Aviv have moved toward a “full-blown crisis.”
The United States recently criticized JSIL’s plan to build more than 1,000 'settler' units in the stolen occupied Palestinian lands.

Conned By A Female Sociopath. IHOW

By It’s day 28 of Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2014. “Beeker” shares his story about how his true love became his abuser.

Our eyes met across a crowded room. As trite as it sounds, that is how I met the woman who became my wife and my abuser… the Hungarian Horntail. The cafeteria was loud and boisterous. I was eating lunch and looking for one of my friends so when my eyes met with a woman who I did not know, it was fleeting. When our eyes met a second time, I was curious why.
We ran into each other frequently. She was energetic, bright, articulate, charming and handsome rather than pretty. She was slim, fit and muscular. I wasn’t looking for a relationship; she said she wasn’t either. Everyone around us relaxed by drinking alcoholic beverages; we had non-alcoholic coolers, juice or coffee. In retrospect, a great number of Horntail’s positive aspects were reflections of me.

Traditional Gynocentric MGTOW

"A gynocentric deal where your identity hangs in the balance of being able to perform a lifetimes service for somebody else's benefit. ...It's the happiness of a slave who believes in his own chains." johntheother

Shared Parenting ND Research - Go North Dakota!