2 Nov 2014

Lower The US Drinking Age To Combat Campus Rape

Julie Borowski: The legal drinking age in the U.S. is 21. That's ridiculous. It hasn't stopped underage college students from drinking. It's only driven it underground and behind closed doors where it's more dangerous and binge drinking is encouraged. As a recent college grad, I've seen it.

Who’s Tripping Up The Designs Of The Global Corporatocracy?

Resistance comes not only from certain quarters of the largely disenfranchised public but also from the least likely national governments.
By Don Quijones: In Europe, opposition to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Treaty is rising. The primary cause of concern, both among the general public and certain national governments, is the proposed inclusion of the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS).
As I previously reported, this rather innocuous-sounding provision is what gives the new generation of bilateral and multilateral trade agreements their sharpened claws and canine teeth, by allowing private companies and investors to sue entire nations if they feel that a law lost them money on an investment. As even The Economist now admits, while the original intention of ISDS was to encourage foreign investment by protecting them from discrimination or expropriation, their implementation has proven disastrous:

Multinationals have exploited woolly definitions of expropriation to claim compensation for changes in government policy that happen to have harmed their business…

Companies have learnt how to exploit ISDS clauses, even going as far as buying firms in jurisdictions where they apply simply to gain access to them. Arbitrators are paid $600-700 an hour, giving them little incentive to dismiss cases out of hand; the secretive nature of the arbitration process and the lack of any requirement to consider precedent allows plenty of scope for creative adjudications.
A New World Disorder

62p AN HOUR: What Women Sleeping 16 To A Room Get Paid 'By Feminists' To Make £45 'This Is What A Feminist Looks Like' T-shirts

  • Feminist T-shirts worn by politicians are made in 'sweatshop' conditions
  • Migrant women in Mauritius are making the £45 tops for 62p an hour
  • They say: 'We don't feel like feminists. We don't feel equal. We feel trapped'
  • Machinists sleep 16 to a room and earn less than average wage on island
  • T-shirt is sold in Whistles in aid of activism group The Fawcett Society 
  • Deputy chief executive of the charity Dr Neitzert said they had originally been assured the garments would be produced ethically in the UK
  • Harriet Harman wore shirt on front bench of the Commons during PMQs
By Ben Ellery: Feminist T-shirts proudly worn by Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Harriet Harman are made in ‘sweatshop’ conditions by migrant women paid just 62p an hour, a Mail on Sunday investigation has revealed.
The women machinists on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius sleep 16 to a room – and earn much less than the average wage on the island.
The £45 T-shirts carry the defiant slogan ‘This is what a feminist looks like’. But one of the thousands of machinists declared: ‘We do not see ourselves as feminists. We see ourselves as trapped.’

The Case For All-Male Education

By Herbert Purdy: What is going on in the education of our boys is an abomination. Boys are failing in our schools because they are being failed by an education system that has become dominated by women, their thinking, and their ways: a system that reeks of a political ideology – feminism – that is outrageously favouring girls’ needs and learning styles, and in which boys’ natural boyish boisterousness is being routinely pathologised as deviant behaviour.
Boys in British schools today are being treated as  a problem because they are boys, and this is entirely due to the feminist anti-male doctrine that informs the entire education system.

For proof of this, we need look no further then recent utterances from Yvette Cooper, one of the leading political feminists (and shadow Home Secretary) who, on Sunday 6 July 2014 said ‘We must educate our sons to save our daughters’. (See my post here.)
Her dismal diatribe amounts to this:

‘No teenage boy should grow up persuaded that abuse is normal, or feeling forced to behave in particular ways to prove their masculinity. For years we have talked about the importance of empowering our daughters, giving them the confidence to challenge abuse and bringing them up as feminists. If we are going to achieve a real-step [sic] change in tackling violence against women, we need our sons growing up as confident feminists too.’ [My emphasis]

What absolute, utter nonsense. Yvette Cooper is one of the most dangerous women loose in our society today.

Man Against The Wall—It All Balances Out: Part 1

By Tim Goldich: What would it be like if Woman and Man were to give up the contest for most powerless victim and simply call it a draw? I envision a world in which both feminism and masculism have been replaced by a new gender-neutral gender politics (equalism), a world in which men and women are united in seeking a deeper mutual understanding and fairness.


"Two monks walking down a path..." Feminism LOL: Philosophy has a tendency to be abused by pseudo-intellectuals who don't really understand what they are talking about. It is also abused by those who should know better but are overcome by their own ambitions and ego.

I leave it for you to judge how this zen analogy applies or doesn't apply to MGTOW. This is just my take on the scenario.

Remember Remember 5th November - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

"The Million Mask March UK! November the 5th! Are You Ready?" The Artist Taxi Driver
"...If you see what I see, if you feel as I feel and if you would seek as I seek then I ask you to stand beside me outside the gates of parliament and together we shall give them a 5th of November that shall never ever be forgot!" V.

The Political Class Is Engaged In A Feminist-Inspired War On Men

Depressingly predictable, because it is entirely in line with how the political class acts and behaves. Dominated by arrogant, selfish careerists with pitifully narrow life experiences, they lack any kind of organic understanding of the people or society they purport to serve, and instead see the rest us in purely mechanical terms, as atomised units of production and desire.
In much the same way as marketing men divide us into categories such as “ABC1”, “C2” and so forth, so the political class categorise us as men or women, gay or straight, ethnic minority or white, and so on.
Nowhere is such a crude and demeaning approach more damaging than in family policy, which is considered purely in terms of what politicians think of as the  “female” vote. More “females” vote than “males” and – this is absolutely crucial from the political class point of view - are more likely to belong to that magical category called the “floating voter”, the capture of which is the Holy Grail of any political class career. Moreover, as most senior politicians are men, they feel intensely vulnerable to charges of sexism, and are easily intimidated by the shrewd and savvy feminist sisterhood in the media who, particularly as a general election approaches, can always be guaranteed to launch co-ordinated campaigns in line with their agenda. As Kathy Gygnell has pointed out, senior women politicians are no better, as they themselves are usually careerists who are unrepresentative of most women and usually take the feminist line.

US North Dakota Shared Parenting PSA - Vote Yes For Families & Children

WD: Good luck next Tuesday people of North Dakota. ...Lawyers want you to vote No on Ballot Measure 6 because they make money off of custody battles. Vote YES to take children out of the middle and to stop the fighting. Millions of people around the are counting on you to set a precident.

US JSIL (Israel) Lobby "Behind everything"

The JSIL lobby in the US spares no effort to create obstacles in negotiations between Iran and the West over its nuclear issue, says a German analyst.
Zionist UK Shill Reguator BANNED Press TV: Dr. Udo Ulfkotte made the remarks to Press TV on Saturday while commenting on earlier comments by White House Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes regarding a nuclear deal with Iran.
Rhodes said on Friday that the deal is one of the US president's top priorities in his second term in office.
“Bottom line is, this is the best opportunity we’ve had to resolve the Iranian issue diplomatically, certainly since President Obama came to office, and probably since the beginning of the Iraq war,” Rhodes said in an audio obtained by the American news website Washington Free Beacon.
Ulfkotte stated that the pro-Israeli lobby applies “extreme” pressure on the US government and Congress to stop it from “making peace” with Iran.
“Israel has more than 200 nukes. Everybody knows that,” said the German author, adding, that is the reason behind attempts to hamper the deal.
“The Israeli lobby is behind everything. It is not only behind the majority in US Congress or even in the president’s office. It is especially in the US media,” Ulfkotte said, noting, Iran has shown that it is “willing to compromise” over the nuclear issue but “to make a compromise you need two sides not just one giving everything.”
“The Iranians (have) offered their hands of peace to the US and it was the US and the pro-Israeli lobby in the US to bite this hand.”

THOUSANDS Swarm Athens In Anti-EU Austerity Demo

RT: Thousands of people demonstrated against the Greek government’s Troika austerity policies in the center of Athens on Saturday. They also called for political and economic reforms, pay rises, and other social benefits.
The protesters gathered at the landmark Syntagma Square, located just outside Greek parliament, and marched through the center of the city carrying anti-EU and anti-austerity banners.

Naughty Bankster Girls - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Dan Collins

Dominatrix 'Miss Conduct' spanking banksters or providing 'lip service'? Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss how, in the words of Laura 'Miss Conduct' Ingalls Wilder, once you begin being naughty, it is easier to go and on and on, and sooner or later something dreadful happens. And in a world of very naughty bankers, many dreadful things have happened.