3 Nov 2014

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The only show addressing the issues concerning men and boys at a European level. Feminism gets called out for it's lies and propaganda and the state is invited to get out of peoples lives.

Shroom-Induced Brain Rewiring Could Hold The Key To Fighting Mental Illness Say Neuroscientists

By : Psychedelic mushrooms dramatically increase connectivity between otherwise uncommunicative parts of the brain, according to researchers from Imperial College London in an article to be published in the November edition of the Royal Society’s journal Interface.
Paul Expert and his team analyzed functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data from two groups of people — one who had ingested a small amount of the active agent in hallucinogenic mushrooms, psilocybin, and another group who was given a placebo.
They found that the main effect was the creation of stable connections between parts of the brain that, under normal conditions, only communicate with each other in dream states — such as the hippocampus (which deals with short term memory and spatial recognition) and anterior cingulate cortex (which regulates rational cognitive functions).

European Harmony? Merkel Hands Cameron An Ultimatum And For First Time Ever Sees Britain’s Exit From The EU

Among the core principles of the EU are the free movement of goods, capital, and people. Member States have benefitted to varying degrees. Britain – or rather the City of London – has benefited more than any other Member State from the free movement of capital. That speck of land within London has become one of the largest and murkiest financial centers in the world.
By Wolf Richter: The institutions located there have been involved in nearly every major financial scandal and market rigging scheme discovered over the last few years. It’s so big that the British economy has become dependent on it. Any measures that other Member States suggest that might in anyway reduce the bonuses, wealth, and power of those involved in the Square Mile has been opposed with religious fervor by successive UK governments. For the UK, the free movement of capital rules.
But the free movement of people?
Prime Minister David Cameron is under pressure at home, particularly from the UK Independence Party (UKIP). He is struggling to come out ahead in the Lower House elections in May. To mollify his detractors, he vowed last month at the Tory Party conference to push the EU to reform its principle of freedom of movement. There was talk that he wants to introduce a quota system to restrict the number of people from Member States who come to live and work in the UK. And this would come even before the “in/out referendum” in 2017 that he is dangling in front of voters if they keep him in power that long.
Cameron’s battle is best carried out on TV. So when the cameras were trained on him at the last EU summit a little over a week ago, he threw an epic anti-EU hissy-fit.

New US Bankster Capo Di Tutti Capi Yellen Shocked After Fisher (Consigliere) Again Reveals Fed Is Source Of Record Inequality

s Janet Yellen prepares to meet with President Obama this morning for the first time, it appears The Dallas Fed's Richard Fisher has planted a rather uncomfortable tape bomb for her to explain:
So right before the Midterm elections, a week after Janet Yellen discussed inequality, she is summoned to meet with The 'fair' President to explain how her policy is keeping Obama's dream alive?
*  *  *
Janet Yellen becomes aware of the inequality "problem"...

In The USA, Voter Fraud is THIS Easy

Of all of the undercover investigations I’ve conducted, this was by far the easiest. They were willing to pass out fraudulently obtained ballots like it was Halloween candy. With almost three-quarters-of-a-million inactive voters and no voter ID law in place, we could have turned the election results for most major candidates in the state.
– James O’Keefe, quoted in the Daily Mail

By Michael Krieger: James O’Keefe is no stranger to this site. In August, I posted another one of his video stunts in the piece: Video of the Day – Man Easily Crosses U.S.-Mexico Border Dressed as Osama bin Laden, which you should check out if you missed it the first time around.
Well Mr. O’Keefe is back, and it proves that any motivated political operative of either corrupt, phony political party can easily swing U.S. elections via simple fraud. Source

Scotland to become independent within 20 years: Salmond

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond says his country will break away from the United Kingdom and become independent within 20 years.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Salmond, the outgoing leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP), made the remark on Sunday during an interview with British media.
According to Salmond, the desire for change was now so strong even among those who voted against breaking away in a September referendum that independence was now inevitable.
The Scottish first minister’s comments come just days after a new Yougov poll found that 52 percent of Scots said they would vote for independence compared with 48 percent who opposed the move.
In addition, a separate poll conducted by Ipsos MORI revealed that 66 percent of Scots support another vote on their separation from the UK within the next ten years while 58 percent want a referendum on their independence within just five years.
The polls came six weeks after 55 percent of Scots voted in a referendum on September 18 against breaking away from the UK, compared to the 45 percent who voted for independence.

Compassion For Male Feminists

How to win a debate with a male feminist. johntheother
"They dread losing their identity as 'a good man'."

Woman Arrested Over Unwanted Fellatio

Secular Talk: A Texas woman who has already three run-ins with police in the past month allegedly broke into her husband's friend's house on Monday and "performed fellatio upon him," according to police...

Gaddafi's Green Book - "West is maneuvres, intrigues and games" - Letter From Mr A

"The party system is a modern system of dictatorship." "There are more Libyans abroad than there are in Libya now." Morris

This Week In Feminist Stupid And ...ET?

"Violent on-line harassment (aka fem-bullshit) v Mindless misandric trolls (aka feminists)." Sargon of Akkad

Ireland Won't Pay! At Least 130,000 People March Against Austerity

Many thanks to the Detroit Water Brigade who marched in solidarity with us today.

BBC: Tens of thousands of people have taken part in nationwide protests against the introduction of water charges in the Republic of Ireland.
Almost 100 separate demonstrations were staged in towns and cities on Saturday, over charges introduced last month.
The controversial austerity measure is a key part of the government's plan to pay back the international financial bailout the state had to seek in 2010.
It was one of the largest ever mass protests over Irish government policy.
'Had enough' Irish police said they were not able to provide official estimates of the numbers attending rallies and marches across the state.
However, Irish state broadcaster, RTÉ, reported that more than 120,000 people attended demonstrations throughout the day.