4 Nov 2014

Man Who Donated £1,000 To The Current J4MB Appeal Explains His Motivations

By I should like to start this piece by thanking MHRM supporters from around the world for their generous donations toward funding J4MB advertising materials for the May 2015 general election in the UK.
The other day someone anonymously donated £1,000 to our current appeal, the largest donation we’ve yet received as a party. We had the person’s pseudonym—”numbCruncher”—and an email address, so we wrote to thank him (from experience we know donors of substantial sums are far more likely to be male than female) for the generous donation and asked him for his motivations. He turned out to be a British man, and he responded to the question over a couple of emails. With his kind permission, the content is reproduced below:

No problem, Mike. Thank YOU for the great work you are doing.
I made the donation because there is nothing else in the world that I want to do with my money. Every time I switch on the TV, every newspaper I look at, I see men being run down and demonised. It is ME they are talking about. It is ME that is the target of their contempt. Society makes a hell of a lot of demands on me and gives very little back except spite. I have no desire to engage with it on these terms.
I’m not interested in providing for some ungrateful woman who will openly show her contempt for me and my gender whilst expecting me to make her feel wonderful. I am not interested in funding feminist propaganda via my taxes. I would much rather spend my money on people who respect a fundamental part of who I am.


By Scott Ludlam: Data retention is likely to require all Internet Service Providers telcos and social media sites operating in Australia keep the following types of data for all Australians for a period of two years:

  • Telephone records detailing who called who, at what time, for how long and from what location, including mobile phone records detailing precise geographical location

What's Going On? Potent Whisper

GlobalFaction: Just two weeks after the launch of new Spoken Word series 'Yeah I Said It', Potent Whisper returns to release his debut short film 'What's Going On?'

The three minute film, written in rhyme, is the first in another new series entitled 'Real Talk'; a string of films that are written, directed by and star the BRIT School graduate.

Traitors To Their Sex

`There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women.—Madeleine K. Albright
By : From the very beginning, feminism has been a movement as divided in its sensibilities as women are divided in ours. While many early feminist leaders were concerned with issues that affected all women of every class and situation (such as reproductive freedom and social, legal, economic, and educational equality) and by their efforts reshaped Western society for the better, the majority of rank-and-file feminists (especially in the US and UK) were unimaginative, middle-class White women who were primarily concerned with their own peeves rather than the very real needs of women who were lower-class, non-White, or unconventional. But whenever I dare to make statements like this, I am often countered with a disingenuous “Feminists are just people who want women to have equal rights with men.” If only that were true!  Certainly some feminists were and are like that, and Goddess bless them for it, but then as now most simply used the movement as most people use any political or social movement, namely as an excuse to control others. While the best and brightest early feminists were working to win rights for individual women and thereby strengthen liberty for all people, the majority were working to do the exact opposite by imposing their own prudish, repressed, Christian, Victorian, and feminine sexual morality on the 85% or more of society who were none of those things.

'Revolution' Third Reading - Addict - Russell Brand

"I believe, praise the lord, hallelujah!"

On The Lame Stream Media - Max And Stacy With The Artist Taxi Driver

"The government hate free speech."

US Election 2014 - Why I Opt Out Of Voting - The Dissident Dad

Before I get to the Dissident Dad’s latest post, I want to provide my own perspective with regard to this very important debate. While I agree that voting is generally meaningless in our current system, this is because the two choices we are given are 99% of the time captured cronies of the two corrupt political parties.
So this begs the question, can we ever get real choices on the ballot? I believe we can, but we need a much larger percentage of the population aware and engaged. While I completely respect the decision to not vote for either false choice (for example, in Colorado both choices for Governor are horrific), I hope people who make this choice don’t altogether give up on grassroots activism and civil disobedience, but rather direct their energy elsewhere.

The Ritual of Voting
by the Dissident Dad

This year, my wife and I will – for the second time in our adult lives – not vote. Previously, I would have seen this stance as many people do: as an irresponsible act. The ritual of voting is very much like taking communion in church for half of this country.

As a father, I want to raise responsible adults, which is why my wife and I will not be heading to the polls this election.
I want to always help my children understand that they are sovereign men and women and have no obligation to any government.

90,000 Kids Homeless In The UK - Shelter

A recent report shows there are around 90,000 homeless children in Britain, the equivalent of three in every school
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: The report, published by housing and homelessness charity group Shelter on Monday, was complied in accordance with analysis of the latest government figures on homelessness in the UK.
“I believe that figure because I see a lot of people in my community that are homeless, so I think that it’s true,” said a UK citizen.
Following the report, Shelter said it would launch an emergency appeal in response to what it described as a “crisis.”
"In the 21st century, it cannot be right that homeless children are experiencing severe emotional distress, facing three-hour round trips to school and having to eat their dinner on the floor," said Shelter chief executive Campbell Robb.
The report also said that on average three children are homeless in every school in Britain.

So, This Is What Passes For Harassment Now?

By : A video is making the rounds on social media of a woman on a hidden camera walking through the streets of New York. Thankfully, most of the people I associate with are making fun of it. The video claims that the woman was harassed over 100 times in 10 hours, but most of this “harassment” came in the form of greetings and compliments. Things like “How you doin today?”, “What’s up, beautiful? Have a good day”, “Hey, beautiful”, “How are you this morning?”, “Have a nice evening”, “What’s up, miss?”, “How you doin?”, and “Have a nice evening, darling.”
Oh, the horrors these American women have to go through. They dress up in tight clothes designed for the specific purpose of showing off their ass and tits to attract men. When their choice in clothing does exactly what it’s designed to do, they complain about it.
The video then goes on to solicit donations to an organization dedicated to stopping this from happening. The organization that produced the video and is soliciting the donations is called Hollaback!, and they claim, “Street harassment is a gateway crime that makes other forms of gender-based violence OK.”
So apparently saying hello is now promoting rape culture.

10 Examples Of The Extreme Incompetence That Now Pervades The US Federal Government

By Michael Snyder: There has always been a substantial level of incompetence at federal agencies, but under the Obama administration incompetence has risen to unprecedented levels.  This year the incompetence of the Secret Service, the Veterans Administration, the Department of Homeland Security and the CDC have all made national headlines.  And it is hard to forget how the launch of Obamacare was such a failure that it became a global joke.  We live at a time when our government officials can’t seem to do anything right.  When Americans complain about the government, most of the time they focus on how corrupt and wicked our politicians have become, and that should not be downplayed whatsoever.  But just replacing those politicians is not going to fix what ails our government.  The quality of the workers throughout the government bureaucracy has fallen so dramatically that our federal agencies can no longer be depended upon to perform even the most basic governmental functions competently.  The following are 10 examples of the extreme incompetence that now pervades the federal government…
#1 The Secret Service
Once upon a time, the Secret Service was considered to be one of the finest security organizations in the entire world.  But these days, they seem to be too busy partying and chasing prostitutes around to do their jobs properly.
For instance, multiple intruders have recently been able to cross the White House lawn and walk right into the White House without being stopped by anyone.  Here is just one example

Gender Income Propaganda

By mra-uk:  Don’t worry. I’m not about to reiterate the reasons why the gender pay gap is not gender discrimination yet again. This has been done over and over, for example here and here and here and here and here . I’d just like to draw your attention to the killer graphic in case you missed it – that’s it above, heading this post. It is reproduced from Figure 17 of Ref.[1]. It shows the gender pay gap (men’s full-time hourly earnings minus that of women) as a histogram against age. The salient point is this,

There is no pay gap between the ages of 18 and 40.

There is a pay gap gap.

The oft-claimed gender pay gap is obtained by averaging full-time hourly rates over all age ranges. Anyone claiming that this is evidence of gender discrimination must therefore answer this question,

Why does the evil patriarchy give a pass to women in the age range 18 to 40? Why does the discrimination only start for women over 40?

Of course we know the answer. It’s spelt out in detail in the above links: there is no pay discrimination. At least, not in favour of men.

US Presidential Crimes: Then And Now

By Paul Craig Roberts: Writing for Americans is not always an enjoyable experience. Many readers want to have their prejudices confirmed, not challenged. Emotions rule their reason, and they are capable of a determined resistance to facts and are not inhibited from displays of rudeness and ignorance. Indeed, some are so proud of their shortcomings that they can’t wait to show them to others. Some simply cannot read and confuse explanations with justifications as if the act of explaining something justifies the person or event explained. Thankfully, all readers are not handicapped in these ways or there would be no point in trying to inform the American people.
In a recent column I used some examples of Clinton-era scandals to make a point about the media, pointing out that the media and the American people were more interested in Clinton’s sexual escapades and in his choice of underwear than in the many anomalies associated with such serious events as the Oklahoma City bombing, Waco, and the mysterious death of a White House legal counsel.
Reaganphobes responded in an infantile way, remonstrating that the same standards should be applied to “your dear beloved Ray-Gun” as to Clinton. Those readers were unable to understand that the article was not about Clinton, but about how the media sensationalizes unimportant events in order to distract attention from serious ones. Examples from the Clinton era were used, because no question better epitomizes the level of the American public’s interest in political life than the young woman’s question to President Clinton–”boxers or briefs?”