12 Nov 2014

Global Cultural Misandry: False Accusations As Entrepreneurship

Crime has no gender. Understand the flip side.
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Misandric Secret Kangaroo UK Family Court Judges. You Aid Life Rapists! + Legally Kidnapped: The Case Against US Child Protective Services

ANON UK MHRA: UK family court judges, British women have been raping our kids' childhoods and our lives for decades ...with your help.
You have escaped the wrath of society by hiding behind good old fashioned privilege, weird styles and practises to keep the layman at arms length and confused but now the vale has been lifted and the MHRM has the facts that prove your crimes and lay your wickedness bare for all to see. 

By the same system of one judge and no jury in a secret family court, we each find you guilty of the most egregious crimes against our families and friends. You have aided your kind, the wicked, malignant narcissists and co. in committing this most vile crime possible in our society. We therefore find you guilty of your part in the enforced destruction of our lives and the wider collateral damage to our community.

Furthermore, during the course of these events, you have shown no remorse and indeed utter contempt for a fair and equal society. We find you to be most contemptible and unrepentant misandrists.

Mega Banks Are Fined for Foreign Exchange Rigging – Now It’s Back To “Business as Usual”

Far from chastening the world’s biggest currency trading firms, the multi-billion dollar fines levied by regulators on Wednesday are more likely to draw a line under the affair and gradually allow a return to business as usual.
A year into a wide-ranging industry probe into charges that banks routinely fleeced clients over currencies, industry observers and politicians were frustrated by a deal they said showed the affair will end just with fines rather than any reform of what they say is the Wild West of financial markets.
– From the Reuters article: Banks pay up and carry on after FX fines
By Michael Krieger: While many readers will have likely already heard about the latest slap on the wrist fine received by the mega banks with regard to FX rigging (which will only encourage more criminality), there are two reasons I want to add my two cents on the topic.
First, it’s an incredible admission of the level of lawlessness that society is willing to put up with, that Reuters so matter-of-factly admits that absolutely nothing with change despite mega banks once again being caught in extraordinarily unethical behavior.

Swiss Regulator: “Clear Attempt To Manipulate Precious Metals ” … “Particularly Silver”

By Mark O’Byrne: Further proof of manipulation of gold and silver prices - if any were needed - came overnight as Switzerland’s financial regulator (FINMA) found serious misconduct and a clear attempt to manipulate precious metals benchmarks by UBS employees in precious metals trading, particularly with silver.
Bloomberg report
Switzerland’s regulator found “serious misconduct” by UBS AG (UBSN) employees in precious metals trading, particularly with silver, as part of its review of the bank’s foreign-exchange business.
Electronic chats played a “key” role in the improper conduct in foreign exchange and precious metals trading, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, or Finma, said in a statement today. It found front running, when traders profit from advance knowledge about a transaction expected to influence prices, over client orders for silver.
It is believed that traders manipulated the gold and silver bullion fixes. The benchmarks known as the gold and silver "fix" were used to ascertain gold prices twice daily and silver prices once a day for the precious metals industry and market participants including investors. 
Along with other precious metal benchmarks, it has come under increased regulatory scrutiny since the Libor manipulation revelations in the foreign exchange market in 2012.

ESA: "We are the first!" Rosetta #CometLanding Webcast LIVE

A New J4MB Candidate And Strategy For The UK 2015 General Election

'Life is going to become markedly worse for men and boys if Labour wins the next general election, with truly obnoxious bigots such as Yvette Cooper given free rein to roll out yet more radical feminist agendas, including teaching schoolboys to be feminists, i.e., brainwashing them into becoming lifelong unquestioning slaves to women, grateful for their servitude.' 
By :
J4MB is proud to announce the appointment of Ian Young as a J4MB candidate for the May 2015 general election. Young’s a resident of Hucknall, a town seven miles to the north of Nottingham, a city in central England, formerly the home of Robin Hood and his merry men, who robbed the rich to give to the poor—at least that was the defense put forward by their lawyer after a sneaky dawn raid by the Sheriff of Nottingham and his sidekicks on their lair in Sherwood Forest. It was winter, so there were no leaves on the trees, the place wasn’t hard to find. Mr. Hood and his band of merry men were found to be in possession of more stolen goods than could reasonably be distributed among the population of poor folk living in Nottingham at the time. I digress, as I am inclined to do.

Straight to Hell + Dr Randomercam's Guide To Honey Badgers

"Gay Niggers From Outer Space!" HoneyBadgerRadio

Terror Bliss - FreeFlow + Born 2 Fly - Sinthesis & DISL Automatic

JTO Gets Men's Rights Wrong

"How I got it wrong. Why men's rights are not human rights!?" johntheother

The Forgotten Depression That Cured Itself

Jim Grant, author of The Forgotten Depression--1921: The Crash that Cured Itself, takes markets, depressions, and recovery.

War Criminal Tony Blair Gets Paid (Again) – Secret $61,000 Per Month Contract With Saudis Revealed

By Michael Krieger: While thieving bankers and military-industrial complex executives feeding parasitically off the citizenry is bad enough, there’s really nothing worse than some two-bit, war criminal, faux humanitarian leveraging death and destruction to make a fortune after leaving public service.” That in a nutshell is the resume of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
Mr. Blair is no stranger to this site. Back in August, I highlighted another one of his philanthropic activities in the post, Letter Reveals Tony Blair Advised Kazakhstan’s President on How to Spin Massacre of Innocent, Unarmed Protesters. Here’s an excerpt:

Tony Blair gave Kazakhstan’s autocratic president advice on how to manage his image after the slaughter of unarmed civilians protesting against his regime.
In a letter to Nursultan Nazarbayev, obtained by The Telegraph, Mr Blair told the Kazakh president that the deaths of 14 protesters “tragic though they were, should not obscure the enormous progress” his country had made.

What The Feminist Catcalling Video Gets Wrong

Have you seen the YouTube video that shows an attractive young woman being harassed by men in the streets of New York City? It’s attracted more than 33 million views so far. Some say stopping the verbal assault of women in the street is the new frontier for human rights—and they see this video as a critical tool in raising awareness. Could they be right?