15 Nov 2014

The WRC Assists The Australian Parliament In Eliminating Male Victims Of IPV

By : Some time prior to the first International Conference on Men’s Issues, which was held in Detroit, USA, in June 2014, the Australian Domestic & Family Violence Clearinghouse—a government-supported initiative implemented by the University of New South Wales (UNSW)—made the following announcement on its website:

The Australian Domestic & Family Violence Clearinghouse is completing its transition to Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety.
Going forward, UNSW … will build on the Clearinghouse’s achievements through the Gendered Violence Research Network (GVRN) and continue to carry out rigorous, multi-disciplinary research related to gendered violence, including domestic and family violence.
The transition, which became effective on July 1, 2014, symbolizes the fact that the Australian Government (AG) has eschewed any pretense of concern for male victims of female-perpetrated intimate partner violence (IPV) and has now adopted an exclusively gendered approach to this important social issue. Rendering male victims of IPV invisible and eradicating female perpetrators of IPV from existence do not count as “achievements” for those who believe that the AG’s approach to this issue should be gender-inclusive and comprehensive, as opposed to gender-bigoted, unethical, and intellectually dishonest.

British ‘Numpty’ Taxes - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Matt Taibbi

UK Stockholm syndromeNumpty taxes and stupid Ireland as banksters and central banksters treat everyone else like the Muppets they believe we are.

Apartheid: Russell Tribunal On Palestine

"They're killing the children grandpa!"
Ken Loach, Roger Waters, Vandana Shiva, David Sheen, Richard Falk, Max Blumenthal, Mohamed Omer and Michael Mansfield, members of the jury of the Tribunal Russell on Palestine, to present the conclusions of the extraordinary session. GUENGL

Janice Fiamengo At MSP'14

Kim Kardashian Ass v Feminism

Thunderf00t: Feminists.... not offended by Kim Kardashian sexually posing for millions, desperately offended by a man wearing a shirt depicting far more vanilla cartoon versions of those images. I need a drink!

New Dreams - Joshua

Morris Discovers New German Medicine

"Extraordinary threat to the pharmaceutical industry"

What Third-Wave Feminism Is Fighting For

By First-wave feminism fought for women’s right to vote. Second-wave feminism fought for equality in the workplace. Third-wave feminism is fighting for the right for women to engage in self-destructive behavior and get away with it while making sure men do not. For proof, I’ll now direct you to the Jessica Valenti article titled “Real equality is when women have the right to be as drunk and stupid as men.”
Do we really believe that women shouldn’t have the freedom to get drunk and be stupid? That they can’t partake in the silly, fun, dumb behavior that we’ve come to expect of young people – young men – on the brink of adulthood? That one bad decision and they could “get themselves” raped, but that never making a bad one will protect them?
Do we really believe that only women can stop rapists?
Sure, binge drinking is a problem among young people – and, though men are far more likely to binge drink than women, the rate of women binge drinking has stayed steady as the rate among men declined. No, we should not encourage people to do dangerous things (and there are dangers). But the freedom to have fun, make mistakes and participate in some youthful irresponsibility shouldn’t be limited to men.
And if we spent even a fraction of the time and energy teaching affirmative consent, fighting rape and punishing rapists that we normally squander on chastising women for not being good boring girls, it wouldn’t have to be. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need a drink.

Britain's Government Ready To Leave EU In Bid To Remain Relevant

Press TV: British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond says his government is ready to leave the European Union unless the bloc makes a "substantial” and “meaningful” reform over immigration policies.
"We have to be prepared to leave the EU. In this case it isn't even our decision because there's going to be a referendum at the end of this process," Hammond told the Daily Telegraph on Friday.
He added that London is opposed to an EU offer for quotas on the amount of immigrants coming to Britain.
Hammond, however, said that his government may raise the idea of "a mechanism that delivered the same kind of outcome."

Tips For Dealing With Cat Calling

MHRA Julie Borowski: Is someone annoying you on the street? Here's my tip to get them to leave you alone: freak them out. I show you how in this instructional video.

Why Can't Lame-Stream Politicians Talk Like Normal People?

Russell Brand: Analysis of an interview with Ed Miliband after a survey found just 41% of the UK public would vote in the next election, 23% were satisfied with the way MPs are doing their job and only 18% trust politicians to tell the truth. 

Fed Launches STEALTH QE4 Through TOKYO- Currency Reset & New Gold Standard Imminent! - Jim Willie

Simply put, QE can never be halted or even slowed.  The USFed is in a corner, with no policy options, FACING COLLAPSE, with no ability whatsoever to halt the systemic failure in progress.
By The Doc: The USDollar is fast losing its integrity, during a dangerous global rejection episode.   Therefore, QE must be exported, the easy candidate Japan. Call it Operation Tokyo Twist. The King Dollar is in the final death throes, and the entire world knows it.
When the new Scheiss Dollar arrives, the wake up call comes. Its painful devaluations will bring price inflation, supply shortage, social disorder, and shock to the gutted nation. The Tokyo Twist will be the song on the FOREX dance floor where all the gals (fiat currencies) are ugly, in a desperate contest to be the least ugly. The new BRICS gold & silver backed currency is at an advance stage in the design rooms, soon to see actual implementation.
The Gold Standard is to be re-installed, euphemistically called the Currency Reset.

History is on the verge of being made.