17 Nov 2014

What Recovery? U.S. Child Homelessness Hits Record - Poverty Highest Since 1960 + Stocks & Homeless Kids Hit All-Time Highs

By Michael Krieger: While the general population is aware something is seriously wrong, people remain extremely confused about the root of the problem. This is because what’s happening all around us isn’t socialism and it isn’t free market capitalism. It is actually a return to something much more ancient and much more oppressive. It is a return to serfdom, neo-fedualism and oligarchy. 
Attempting to explain this reality to people is the primary focus of my life at the moment. It’s incredibly difficult to do, because stories spun by mainstream media and other vested interests convince the gullible population to fight amongst themselves in petty, meaningless narratives.
That said, some days are easier than others when it comes to highlighting the clear and negative impacts of the trends currently afflicting American life and the world at large. One such day occurred a couple of weeks ago when I penned the post: Child Poverty Jumps by 2.6 Million in Developed World Since 2008, While Number of Global Billionaires Doubles.
Today is another one of those days, with two articles coming across my screen proving once again that what is happening isn’t a recovery; it is oligarch theft.
First, we learn from the Boston Globe that:
The poverty rate in Massachusetts is the highest it’s been since 1960.

This Week In Stupid - The 'Shit Flinging' Bristol City 'Feminist Monkeys'

"These idiots (feminists in Bristol UK) have turned this perfectly nice 54 year old grandfather into a figure of suspicion because he likes falconry!" ...and much more about "shit flinging feminist monkeys."

Female Violence and White Knights

"Both of those guys got hurt! ...when you defend yourself, you are fighting every guy around you! ...When you jump on a guy for daring to defend himself, I hope he cripples you!" johntheother

Feminists Piss Paul Off

By I am about to piss some people off.
I am going to piss off Dean Esmay, because I can bet he will think this article is imprudent. I am going to piss off our fine editors, because they prefer to get eyes on everything so they can make us shine. I am going to piss off a few in the gaming community, which is easy because that community is already pissed off, and for damned good reasons.
A lot of people will be, or are, pissed off. That includes me.
I have been having hot tea and Twitter for breakfast. I know, the combination clashes, but I get both callings at once. Reading tweet after tweet, sifting past the Obamacare gotcha game that is going on, illuminati freakazoid tweets and people grumbling about getting to work late (while having time to tweet) I spotted a tweet from Salon.com that said, Bravo to all the nations and hotels banning these jerks who travel the world preaching the gospel of misogyny.” The shortlink was to an article about Julien Blanc getting booted from Australia.

The Next US Presidential Election Will Move The World Closer To War

By Paul Craig Roberts: Glenn Greenwald has revealed that Hillary Clinton is the presidential candidate of the banksters and warmongers. Pam and Russ Martens note that Elizabeth Warren is the populist alternative. I doubt that a politician who represents the people can acquire the campaign funds needed to run a campaign. If Warren becomes a threat, the Establishment will frame her with bogus charges and move her aside.
Hillary as president would mean war with Russia. With neocon nazis such as Robert Kagan and Max Boot running her war policy and with Hillary’s comparison of Russia’s president Putin to Adolf Hitler, war would be a certainty. As Michel Chossudovsky and Noam Chomsky have written, the war would be nuclear.
If Hillary is elected president, the financial gangsters and profiteering war criminals would complete their takeover of the country. It would be forever or until armageddon.

Can Anarcho-Capitalism Work? - Ludwig Von Mises Institute

By : The term “anarcho-capitalism” has, we might say, rather an arresting quality. But while the term itself may jolt the newcomer, the ideas it embodies are compelling and attractive, and represent the culmination of a long development of thought.
If I had to boil it down to a handful of insights, they would be these:
(1) each human being, to use John Locke’s formulation, “has a property in his own person”; (2) there ought to be a single moral code binding all people, whether they are employed by the State or not; and (3) society can run itself without central direction.
From the original property one enjoys in his own person we can derive individual rights, including property rights. When taken to its proper Rothbardian conclusion, this insight actually invalidates the State, since the State functions and survives on the basis of systematic violation of individual rights. Were it not to do so, it would cease to be the State.
In violating individual rights, the State tries to claim exemption from the moral laws we take for granted in all other areas of life. What would be called theft if carried out by a private individual is taxation for the State. What would be called kidnapping is the military draft for the State. What would be called mass murder for anyone else is war for the State. In each case, the State gets away with moral enormities because the public has been conditioned to believe that the State is a law unto itself, and can’t be held to the same moral standards we apply to ourselves.

Welcome To The Blockchain (The Bitcoin Song)

Toby & Decap

Orwell’s Preface Revisited - UK Feminist Cultural Marxism

By UK MRA: Orwell wrote a Preface to “Animal Farm” which did not appear in early editions. It was discovered only in 1972, some 27 years after the book’s original publication in 1945, and many years after the author’s death. It explains the contemporary context, of which I was unaware. At the end of the second world war, when “Animal Farm” was first published, criticism of the Soviet Union was politically and culturally unacceptable. Many people at the time thought the book should not have been published at all. Indeed, it was rejected by four publishers. The Preface explains the informal, but nevertheless pervasive, censorship which prevailed at the time. It is easy to see why the publisher declined to include it in the early editions. My post below is extracts (only) from Orwell’s Preface. You will see that I have crossed out some words and replaced them with others. Consequently, you can read it as an historical account or one of current relevance…..
The chief danger to freedom of thought and speech at this moment is not the direct interference of the Ministry of Information or any official body. If publishers and editors exert themselves to keep certain topics out of print, it is not because they are frightened of prosecution but because they are frightened of public opinion. In this country intellectual cowardice is the worst enemy a writer or journalist has to face, and that fact does not seem to me to have had the discussion it deserves.
The sinister fact about literary censorship in England is that it is largely voluntary. Unpopular ideas can be silenced, and inconvenient facts kept dark, without the need for any official ban.

International Men's Day Message From Dr. Warren Farrell

"Our sons have begun to drop out of school at a much greater rate, fall behind in reading and writing, and fall behind in almost every other psychological, social and academic area. We're on the verge of a crisis with our boys that is equivalent to the financial crisis that many of us didn't see until it came upon us. International Men's Day is one of the very few alerts in the world to that crisis. It is an early warning signal. We need to choose to pay attention to it or it will hurt us for years and decades to come." lnternationalMensDay

A Misandric Zero-Sum Game

"The whole ugly truth, ...there are differences between men and women! ...A fully fledged gynocracy, a catering service to women. ...Blue pillers just don't know about this stuff. ...There is a zero-sum game conflict of interests between men and women! ...We can't be intellectually honest about this. ...Wake the fuck up!" ThinkingApe-TV

2014 International Men’s Day: Working Together For Men And Boys

By : The following is the 2014 International Men’s Day Press Release.
In 2014, Global and Regional Coordinators for 2014 International Men’s Day are inviting people all over the world to use International Men’s Day—Wednesday, 19 November 2014—as an opportunity to work together to improve the lives of men and boys all over the globe.
This year’s International Men’s Day theme —Working Together For Men and Boys—is designed to encourage greater cooperation in addressing issues that affect Men and Boys all over the world, such as men’s shorter life expectancy, the high male suicide rate, our collective tolerance of violence against men, and the struggles that boys can face in getting an education and the unique challenges of father-child relationships.
On International Men’s Day—Wednesday, 19 November 2014—we are inviting people all over the world to host events and initiatives that involve:

  • Like-minded people finding ways to work together for Men and Boys
  • People from diverse perspectives finding ways to work together for Men and Boys
  • People in different countries finding ways to work together for Men and Boys
  • And most importantly, Men and Women finding ways to work together for Men and Boys
We look forward to people all over the world finding ways to work together that reflect the Six Pillars of International Men’s Day, which means:
ONE:             Working together to promote positive male role models
TWO:            Working together to celebrate Men’s positive contributions
THREE:        Working together to focus on Men’s health and well-being
FOUR:          Working together to highlight discrimination against males
FIVE:            Working together to improve gender relations and improve gender equality
SIX:               Working together to create a safer, better world.