18 Nov 2014

Leading UK Women For Shared Parenting

By Today I have joined several other well known women in the UK alongside many other women working in the field of families and family support across the world in
Leading Women for Shared Parenting.
Leading Women for Shared Parenting (LW4SP) is an international child advocacy organization supporting the implementation of a presumption of shared parenting as a standard in child custody determinations. Founded in 2013, LW4SP is comprised of prominent female psychologists, attorneys, elected officials, domestic violence practitioners, social scientists, authors, child advocates and others who support shared parenting. We advocate for shared parenting as LW4SP is in contact with the most prominent social scientists in the world and is aware, except in cases involving abuse, neglect or abandonment, shared parenting produces the best outcome for children. LW4SP focuses its advocacy on educating politicians, judges, policy makers and the public about the value of shared parenting for children of divorce.
UK women in the group are
Erin Pizzey – International Founder of Refuge/Refuge Movement for Victims of Domestic Violence and Author
Dr. Nicola Graham-Kevan – Professor of Psychology, Domestic Violence Expert
Ruth Langford – Manager, Wikivorce Philippa Dolan, Esq – Partner, Practicing Family Law Attorney Celia Conrad – Solicitor, Author
Alison Bushell – Co-Founder, Child & Family Solutions
Information about the other leading women from around the world can be found at the LW4SP site.

Apartheid JSIL Terrorists Attacked Palestinian Cities Again

Tensions have been escalating in the occupied Palestinian lands as JSIL forces attack several cities and towns across the West Bank.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: JSIL (Israeli) death squads with armored vehicles attacked Palestinian cities of Ramallah, al-Bireh and Wadi al-Joz in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday, leading to rising tensions between Israelis and Palestinians.
Meanwhile, a Palestinian man was stabbed by a group of Israelis in northern al-Quds (Jerusalem).
Fadi Jalal Radwan, 22, was attacked and stabbed by four Israelis while walking in the town of Kafr 'Aqab. He was seriously injured as he was stabbed three times in the legs and once in the back.
The rising tensions came after four Israelis and two Palestinians were killed in an attack on a synagogue in West al-Quds on Tuesday.
Earlier in the day, the two Palestinian men 'reportedly' armed with axes and handguns, entered the synagogue in Har Nof, killing four Israelis, and leaving several others wounded. The two were then fatally shot by JSIL death squads.

Big Problem? Regulators! - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Alasdair Macleod

Precious metals manipulation in Switzerland and the costs of the never-ending banking fraud

Against Parental Leave

One of the forms of sex discrimination that many governments engage in is having different laws for maternity and paternity leave. 
By Various countries have laws that entitle female employees who become mothers to several weeks or months of paid maternal leave as well as months or even years of unpaid leave in which the woman’s job must be reserved. Where paternity leave exists at all, it is usually much shorter than maternity leave.
This is typically seen as discrimination in favour of women and against men. However, this is far from obvious. In this article, I want to argue that the right to maternity leave is a double-edged sword that probably harms women more than it helps them and that it is in fact women (and in particular women who don’t want to have children) who are being discriminated against, while men can count themselves lucky not to be burdened with this right (or at least not to the same extent).
How can this be? Shouldn’t it always be to one’s advantage to have a particular right, especially when one need not exercise it?

“Criticism of teachers is misogyny!” Says Misandric Teacher Nikki Suydam

By Nikki Suydam is a humanities teacher (surprise, surprise) in Oregon who has just about had enough of everyone thinking that we can improve the quality of America’s teachers. I first came across Suydam’s piece because an 11th grade English teacher—a feminist—linked to it from the r/Education subreddit.

Again, this drives home my recurring point that, too often, the humanities are a feminist zoo.
Anyway, Suydam has written a piece for The Oregonian titled “The mindless misogyny of education reform” criticizing a columnist for wanting the world to have better teachers. Here’s how she starts out:

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni’s latest attack on public school teachers (“It’s time to address failures of underperforming teachers,” Oct. 30, Oregonian e-edition) is nothing new. The profession has been under assault for over a decade by self-proclaimed education reformers. It is also nothing new from a cultural-historical perspective.
Education reform movements will always be with us. It is something that will never end, ever. Our culture and the learning tools available to us are always changing. That’s nothing too controversial. But here’s where she starts shoving her head where the sun doesn’t shine, starting with her very next sentence:

Feminist Will Wheaton Thinks People Should Be Beaten Up

"He has more kool-aid than blood in his body! ...Feminists, you are using dead people to further your agenda, you have no shame, you are literally scum, you don't understand how you come off to normal people, it's filthy, you should stop it. ...You are pissing kool-aid all over the screen!" Veemonro

The Most Prescient Statement Ever Made

“we are not at war with ISIS or Russia, but the ECB.” Beppe Grillo
By Andrew Hoffman: Major, major tremors in the global financial system; and ironically, the epicenter of the “Big One” may well be Switzerland.  This tiny nation, most famous for its neutrality, is on the front line of the “Gold Wars”; and as we wrote in yesterday’s “call to the Swiss,” its eight million people have the opportunity to slay the evil banking Empire with just four million or so votes.  Then again, the best things often come in small packages; and the worst, too, like, Cyprus – a nation of just one million, which itself caused momentous shock waves.  Heck, the lowly Florida Marlins, owned by Darth Vader’s sports world equivalent Jeffrey Loria, are about to pay Giancarlo Stanton – following one fantastic season – $325 million permanently shattering the cost structure of professional sports to the detriment of millions of unsuspecting fans.  I’ll get to the “most prescient statement ever made” momentarily”; but beforehand, want to discuss why my initially planned title was “you can’t make this stuff up” – featuring, in our mind, the “peak hubris” of this, the final chapter of history’s greatest “emperor has no clothes” story.
In doing so, I must start with the ramblings of St. Louis Fed President James Bullard, who yesterday reversed his stance on delaying QE, following the past month’s historic PPT market goosing – in doing so, telling us all we need to know of the Fed’s true mandate.  That is the explanation of his change of heart is what makes this “foolishness moment” so poignant – in citing “higher inflation expectations” over the past month.
Higher inflation expectations?  Really?

SNOWDEN: A Limited Hangout CIA Op

AMTV: Christopher Greene of AMTV explains that Snowden may be a CIA limited hangout operation.

Smart Highway - A Dutch Road Illuminated With Solar Power

By : The first glow-in-the-dark road of Daan Roosegaarde's Smart Highway project has opened in Oss, the Netherlands. Glowing Lines uses photo-luminescent paint to mark out the edges of the road, and is the first of five concepts to be realised from Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde's Smart Highway project – designed to make highways safer while saving money and energy.

The Real Reason For Cheap Oil and Gas

WeAreChange:  Luke Rudkowski explains the greater geopolitical chess game that is causing gas and oil prices to drop globally. 

Thunderstruck - 2CELLOS

2CELLOSlive: Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser playing their arrangement of Thunderstruck by AC/DC BaRock style!

WAM-Bam: No Thank You Ma'am

MykeruMediaFinally, after some email tag and general game playing by Twitter support, the reason for my now nearly three-week long suspension from Twitter has finally been revealed:
Targeted Abuse