19 Nov 2014

This Is What's Really Taking Place Behind The US-Russian Cold War 2.0

Tyler Durden's picture It appears John Kerry is at it again. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says the US Secretary of State called on him to "pay no mind" to a statement by President Obama, in which Russia was included to a list of top global threats.
Seeking Russia's cooperation in Iran and on the Korean Peninsula, Kerry told Lavrov to "forget about" what Obama said. As US foreign policy credibility dissolves, we leave it to Lavrov to conclude, "it is flippant," he jabs, "it’s not appropriate for a powerful country to have such a consumer attitude to its partners - where you’re needed, help us; where you’re not, obey us."
As RT reports,

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says US Secretary of State John Kerry called on him to “pay no mind” to a statement by President Obama, in which Russia was included to a list of top global threats.

President Obama voiced the three most significant global threats at the UN General Assembly in September. Ebola topped his list, followed by “Russian aggression in Europe.” In third place was the threat represented by the Islamic State extremist group.
And RBTH adds,

"The first time I took note of the listing of threats that President Obama took the liberty of doing was when I spoke at the UN General Assembly. Some time later, talking to John Kerry not so long ago, I asked him what it was supposed to mean. He said: "Forget about it".

In Defense Of Families

By I was raised by a single mum. She had a string of more and less serious boyfriends during my childhood. I liked all of them. I’m naturally openhearted so I would become attached straight away, but it always ended in tears—and the revelation that he was (from her perspective) a douche, the most damning vitriol delivered to me via overheard conversations. Having been exposed to the emotional turbulence of human relationships—at a time in life when the ideal is innocence and naivety—I grew up with the explicit attitude that relationships were not a desirable or valuable possession.
Then I fell in love and became pregnant… I shared the most magical experience with my partner—we were happy, healthy, talking about the birth, talking about how we would raise our children, he came to every appointment with me, listened to the baby’s heartbeat, saw him in the scans… And I was so surprised because I suddenly realised that I had never even considered the possibility that there might be a man involved if I had a baby—and probably would have snorted at the idea that one might be of any use. I don’t think that’s such a widespread idea anymore, that fathers are of any use. But by some kind of fluke I was living with the proof of it.
Three years in (give or take), we had a miscarriage that destroyed me completely. I lost my mind, I had no perspective—and no model of a healthy relationship to emulate. Plus, feminism had taught me that men are aggressors and oppressors and women are childlike innocent beings of such great value that men should take any of the shit we throw at them and fucking thank us for it. So that was the filter I unfairly imposed on our interactions with little regard for the fact that I was mentally really quite ill. My partner totally held our relationship together (thanks, baby).

Man Up Disposable Male! + Our Mother Abandoned Us

The Real-Time Relationships approach, paralyzing certainty through theoreticals, people don’t change, what’s the evidence, people who say - man up, the inevitability of personality, people without self-knowledge are robots, requiring the permission of a women to accept reality. Stefan Molyneux

#ShirtGate Proves That Feminism Has No Place In Science (And Engineering)

When a wise man points at the moon the imbecile examines the finger.” 
I can think of no better reason feminism should be kept out of science.  Scientists do real work expanding the frontier of human knowledge.  Feminists are obsessed with meaningless issues like a man’s shirt and are a force against human knowledge.  Just look at the bio of Matt Taylor, the scientist who wore the shirt:
Matt Taylor was born in London, gained his undergraduate Physics degree at the University of Liverpool, and a PhD from Imperial College London. His career has focused on the space plasma measurements, working in Europe and the US on the four spacecraft ESA Cluster mission, leading to a post at ESA which started in 2005 working as the project scientist for Cluster and the ESA-China Double star mission. His studies have focused on energetic particle dynamics in near-Earth space and in the interaction of the Sun’s solar wind with the Earths magnetic field, particularly focusing on how boundary layer interactions evolve, leading to 70 first or co-authored papers. Most recently he was appointed the Project Scientist on the Rosetta mission.
Does any feminist have a bio like this?

UK Tution Fee Protests Turn Violent

A mass-rally by British students protesting government’s spending cuts has turned violent following clashes between police and the demonstrators.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Thousands of British students marched through London to demand an end to government spending cuts and restore free education.
Police made a number of arrests following clashes with the protesting students.
The protest rally, seen as the biggest student action in the past four years, was organized by a coalition of organizations including the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts and the Student Assembly Against Austerity.
Organizers said 10,000 students joined the march calling for an end to university tuition fees.
The protesters want an end to tuition fees, education cuts and student debt.
More nationwide days of action are expected to be held later in December.

Mega Telecom Alliance Trying To Stop End-To-End Web Encryption?

Alex S.  “I had no idea that there is an entire telecom alliance trying to stop end-to-end web encryption.” (Neither did WE!)
B They’re developing a new http 2.0 protocol for faster internet browsing. (Simple way to explain it)
BUT lets analyse SPDY Proxy, (One example of their “new” developing protocol)
These proxies would also decrypt personal data and run it through the companies that we absolutely know we can’t trust, ISPs.

The Business Of Lords - How The UK House Of Lords Mixes Politics And Business

WSJ: Michael Howard wears many hats. Last year he traveled to Abu Dhabi for a policy forum and spent a week at sea as a lecturer on the cruise ship Quest for Adventure. He advised mining, energy, finance and waste-management firms. He flew to Somalia for the oil company of which he is chairman.
And he spent 28 afternoons in the U.K.’s House of Lords working as a lawmaker. He holds the title Baron Howard of Lympne.

Lord Howard’s roles as businessman and politician sometimes overlap. Lord Howard said he met with senior foreign-office officials earlier this year to be sure that the activities of the company whose board he heads, Soma Oil & Gas, were acceptable.
When Soma later became concerned that its plan to bring armed guards into Somali waters could violate a United Nations arms embargo, the company’s chief executive mentioned Lord Howard’s name in writing to the U.K. business minister. That minister then wrote a letter to Soma saying its guard boats could carry weapons despite the embargo, according to documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Howard’s dual political and business pursuits aren’t unique. For centuries, the upper chamber of the British Parliament was filled largely by the landed gentry.

Men's Human Rights Northern Ireland: A Call for Change on International Men's Day 2014

Mike Buchanan: Belfast City Council agreed in principle to play a video from Men’s Human Rights Northern Ireland as part of its commemorations of International Men’s Day. Once the officials saw the videoherethey refused to play it at their event.

Misandric UNFPA Study - Intimate Partner Violence & Masculinity In India

ByOn 10th November, 2014 United Nations Framework for Population Activities (UNFPA) has published a report Masculinity, Son Preference and Intimate Partner Violence in India. This study was conducted in collaboration with International Centre for Research on Women or ICRAW. This survey had many shocking revelations on intimate partner violence in India and how United Nations groups deals with the issue. This article will only focus on the issue of Intimate Partner Violence covered in this survey.
While setting the context for the study the report says – “India, ….has high levels of violence against women”. So we understand that the study started with the presumption that Indian women are the victims of Domestic Violence and Indian men are the perpetrators.
To support its claim, the report refers to the studies done by Campbell in 2002, and NFHS in 2005-06 on this issue. The article below already proved that how the earlier domestic violence studies done in India was also biased – 
So to bolster their claim this time UN has come up with some statistical analysis and chi-square tests to make their study more complicated for general people to understand. However, the basic premise about the perpetrator in the study remained the same.
While setting context of this survey, it says that “Indian culture makes male dominance over women justified and violence against women normal.” and ironically we see that the survey results also finds the same. So we understand that the intention of conducting this survey was also to prove that India has got a messed up society and culture that encourages violence against women by men. So the researchers had started with a negative mindset about India and went on to prove the same.

MensRightsReddit Reaches 100,000 Subscribers

A Voice for Men News: Last week r/MensRights past the very important milestone of tallying 100,000 subscribers. AVFM's Robert O'Hara talks with Sillymod, one of the moderators of that sub-reddit, about the accomplishment. We also discuss the attempts to derail that sub-reddit by it's detractors and criticism directed towards it from both within and outside of the Men's Rights Movement.

Do That - Potent Whisper

Ft. Floetic Lara - Prod. By Wu-Lu

Bankster Riot Police "well-paid thugs" Attacking Greek Students Because "There is no love in Mordor"

Perseus999: Four days before the anniversary of the students revolt in Greece against the dictatorship regime in 1973, the self-proclaimed democratic Greek government, in collaboration with the Athens universities authorities, without any prior notification, surrounded and closed down all universities in Athens with scores of riot policemen and police bikers. Although such an action shows that the regime seems scared and trembles in the idea of just an anniversary of a revolt 41 years ago, this actually had the opposite effect. Instead of students getting scared this kind of tactic aggravated the situation in a deteriorating higher education system with no actual future. So on Thursday morning (13/11/2014) students tried to go to classes in various universities in Athens and Thessaloniki only to be attacked by the riot police.