23 Nov 2014

Ban Feminism?

Thunderf00t: So Time Magazine didn’t like the result of their own poll of ‘which word should we ban in 2015‘. When they pulled the plug on their poll, the word ‘feminist’ had almost 50% of the entire vote.  Indeed more that 10x as many people thought the word we should ban in 2015 should be ‘feminist’ as those who thought ‘bossy’

feminist poll

Naturally I don’t approve of banning words, however in this case I’m willing to make an exception just to see the incensed outrage of the feminists who think only THEY should have the right to ban words! Vote

Gaddafi On Men And Women And Wage Slavery - Letter From Mr A

"Plainly Gaddafi understood men and women to be of equal importance, ...complementary to each other." Morris

“Men need to back off, take a step to the side and keep their mouths shut”

By : A feminist reporter from Nyheter 24 is convicted of the maltreatment and molestation of women
[A sampling from a Nyheter 24 post by feminist reporter Mohamed Touzari:]
Let’s have a month where men are banned from pubs
Mohamed Touzari 98% of those suspected of sexual crimes during 2013 were men. The majority of those crimes were committed under the influence of alcohol.”
How many more attacks on women should we have to read about? How much longer should the predominant macho culture reign in the pubs?
Another weekend has passed and yet another…
A reader on the “news” site Nyheter 24 has today [November 18] published a Facebook update:
This morning I wrote a post on Nyheter 24 where I objectively put forward that I found it quite interesting how he [Mohamed Touzari] writes about what men should do and how they should behave when he himself, according to Lexbase [a searchable Swedish website and database of criminal sentences published in the past five years], is convicted of molestation, female maltreatment and theft.

50,000 People With 2,000 Strong Anarchist Black Bloc Marches In Athens

'Dictatorship wearing a democratic mask is still a dictatorship.'
Perseus999: Athens, Greece.17th of November is the day where the student revolt against the dictatorship in Athens, Greece in 1973 is being commemorated. The 3days festivities lead to a march at the streets of every city in Greece, but mainly in central Athens where a usually massive march is organized towards the American embassy, that is being blamed of co-operating and imposing the junta regime at the time.
Like every other year the police measures are suppressive to an extreme length while this year almost 7.000 cops or more were guarding a march of 50.000 people focused particularly around the black block of approximately 2.000 anarchists and antiauthoritarians.

The War Against Putin

By Paul Craig Roberts: There is an interesting book, a pamphlet really, titled “The War Against Putin” by M.S. King available on Amazon.com. The book has 16 5-star reviews and one review accusing the book of being Kremlin propaganda. 
The value of this publication is in showing how Washington operated against the Soviet Union and how Washington operates against Russia today. Readers will gain insight into the mendacity of the government in Washington and learn that the US and European media are propagandistic organizations that impose false stories on the minds of Americans and Europeans. Anyone who relies on the Western media lives inside The Matrix.
King’s pamphlet is not perfect, but it is valuable and easy to read. In his effort to put Washington’s attack on Putin’s Russia in a historical context, King’s foray into wider history is a bit idiosyncratic. For example, King writes that Hitler had to invade the Soviet Union in order to preempt a looming Soviet invasion of Germany.

JSIL Land Thieves Firebomb Palestinian Home In West Bank + JSIL Death Squads Kill Palestinian Man In North Gaza Strip

JSIL Land Thieves (aka Israeli settlers) have torched another Palestinian house in the occupied West Bank.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: The attack was carried out during the early hours of Sunday in the Palestinian village of Khirbet Abu Falah, about 25 kilometers (15 miles) northeast of the city of Ramallah.
“At 4:00 a.m. (0200 GMT), settlers came and threw molotov cocktails at a house which partly burned down,” said Masud Abu Mura, the governor of the village.
Abu Mura said that four women, who were inside the house at the time, escaped unharmed.
The assailants also sprayed Death to Arabsin Hebrew "מוות לערבים" on a wall near the house.
JSIL police also confirmed the so-called price tag attack, saying an investigation has been launched into the incident.
A mosque in a nearby village suffered extensive damage in an arson attack this month.
JSIL Land Thieves regularly launch price tag attacks against Palestinians.

In Great Britain, Protecting Pedophile Politicians Is A Matter Of “National Security”

By Michael Krieger: I’ve long written about how the percentage of sociopaths within a group of humans becomes increasingly concentrated the higher you climb within the positions of power in a society, with it being most chronic amongst those who crave political power (see: Humanity is Rising).
The reason for this is obvious. Those with the sickest minds, and who wish to act upon their destructive fantasies, understand that they can most easily get away with their deeds if they are protected by an aura of power and ostensible respectability. They believe that as a result of their status, no one would dare accuse them of horrific activities, and if it ever came to that, they could quash any investigation. Unfortunately for us all, this is typically the case. I previously covered the issue of powerful pedophiles in the UK in the piece: Former BBC Host “Sir” Jimmy Savile Exposed as Major Player in Massive Pedophile Ring.
Now we have evidence of yet another case.
The Guardian reports that:

The security services are facing questions over the cover-up of a Westminster paedophile ring as it emerged that files relating to official requests for media blackouts in the early 1980s were destroyed.
Two newspaper executives have told the Observer that their publications were issued with D-notices – warnings not to publish intelligence that might damage national security – when they sought to report on allegations of a powerful group of men engaging in child sex abuse in 1984.

Cemented UK Generation "In Bankster Occupied Britain" - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with John Mill Ackerman

The heavens are being taken by force rather than by consensus as Podemos rises as a political force in Spain and, in the UK, students plead for David Cameron to be gentle with them.

An Interesting Web Comic Called Sandra And Woo

By Oliver Knörzer (Novil) and Puri Andini (Powree) are the creators of Sandra and Woo, a web comic a number of us have come to enjoy. We reached out to the creators and they graciously agreed to let us reprint a few so long as we credited them and included a link to the beginning of their comic so no one would mistake their intent. That link is at the bottom. Please check it out!

Reasons For #InternationalMensDay

Dannyboy CdnMRA: I did this while walking Jeb tonight. It like most of my videos are not scripted and on the fly.
I spent most of November 19, 2014 (International Men's Day) on the twitter HT promoting awareness of the issues men face and proving the feminist-indoctrinaughts trolling the ht liars I serendipitously happened upon this infrastructure emergency and decided to make a little vid.
I know I missed a few talking points, that's why there in text.

'Big Red' Makes A Compelling Case For Feminism

Mike Buchanan: From time to time we refer to 'Big Red', a Canadian gender feminist who makes a compelling case for feminism, as in this short video. How we wish there were a British gender feminist equally keen to be captured on video by men's human rights activists. She truly is the 'poster girl' of the men's human rights movement. Whenever we go to speaking engagements we always take along video cameras in the hope of encountering similar women (and their male poodles)... so far without luck, but we live in hope. Well done, video by 'The Sandre Guy'.

Man Freed After 19 Years Of Wrongful Imprisonment

'Imagine the number of innocent men and boys in prison whose accusers never developed a conscience.'

By Toy Soldiers: A jury convicted Jerry Lee Brock of child molestation in 1995. They reached their decision based on the testimony of then 11-year-old Regina Rush. Rush claimed that Brock molested her as she slept. As a result of prior convictions for burglary and promoting prostitution, Brock received life in prison under the “three-strikes” law.
However, there was a problem: there was no abuse. Rush lied. She waited until 2012 to come forward, writing a six-page letter explaining her actions:

She said she made up the story because she wanted attention from her mother and because she worried that Brock was a drug user and a bad influence on her mom.
Price held a hearing Nov. 10 to assess Rush’s credibility. Now 31 and a mother herself, she testified under oath, detailing that she had previously been taken away from her mother due to her mother’s drug use, and she didn’t want it to happen again.
“Ms. Rush testified that she realized just how wrong it is to make such serious false accusations,” the judge wrote in his order Thursday. “The dishonesty was eating away at her inside and she didn’t want to carry that burden any longer. … She simply wanted to clear her conscience.”
Interesting how it took nearly 20 years for Rush to want to clear her conscience.