26 Nov 2014

White Ribbon Campaigns: Promoting Medieval Chivalry

By : The “Enterprise of the Green Shield with the White Lady” (Emprise de l’Escu vert à la Dame Blanche) was a chivalric order founded by Jean Le Maingre and 12 knights in 1399, committing themselves for the duration of five years. Inspired by the ideal of courtly love, the stated purpose of the order was to guard and defend the honor, estate, goods, reputation, fame, and praise of all ladies, including widows. It was an undertaking that earned the praise of protofeminist Christine de Pizan.
According to his Livre des faits, in 1399 Jean Le Maingre, tired of receiving complaints from ladies, maidens, and widows oppressed by powerful men bent on depriving them of the lands and honors, and finding no knight or squire willing to defend their just cause, out of compassion and charity founded an order of 12 knights sworn to carry “a shield of gold enamelled with green and a white lady inside” (une targe d’or esmaillé de verd and tout une dame blanche dedans). The 12 knights, after swearing this oath, affirmed a long letter explaining their purpose and disseminated it widely in France and beyond her borders.

Rapper Drops A Bomb On Nuclear Weapons!! #TridentOnTrial + Filfy Ft. DISL Automatic & Kingpin - The March

GlobalFaction: Put Trident on Trial on Twitter: #TridentOnTrial

#TridentOnTrial is the latest episode of Potent Whisper's new Spoken Word series 'Yeah I Said It', which uses Rap to respond to current affairs.

"You'll find that most people don't actually know what Trident is. My new Spoken Word piece #TridentOnTrial was designed to create some awareness and discussion on Britain's nuclear weapon's system; something that directly effects every single person in this country." - Potent Whisper

Huffington Paint: The Dumb, Stupid, and Downright Moronic

Thorium: The first edition of the Huffington Paint, an every-now-and-again look at the dumb shit people do, particularly Feminists and Social Justice Warriors.


Why Depressed Men Are Dying For Someone To Talk To

By : On October 30, the Canadian Association for Equality and the University of Toronto Men’s Issues Awareness Society hosted the second event in their two-part series on men’s mental health, “Suicide and Men: Why depressed men are dying for someone to talk to,” with speakers Aara Amey-Ayer and Julian Bachlow, mental health educators at the Canadian Mental Health Association. Happily, this event went off without disruption.
With media reports of a number of high-profile people succumbing to depression and eventual suicide, this talk was indeed timely. Bachlow bravely told of his own struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts, providing attendees an insight into this terrible affliction, while Amey-Ayer delivered an informative talk about depression and the state of mental health in Ontario, both generally and for men and boys specifically.
Suicide is tough to talk about, and this was at times quite an uncomfortable event. However, despite its taboo, suicide must be addressed. For many people, recognizing when someone is in distress can be challenging, and knowing how best to deal with it is even tougher, so the insights from these two speakers I’ve summarized below were invaluable.
Recognize the Signs
There are many signs that someone may be having thoughts of suicide. Lack of communication with friends, family, or colleagues or isolating oneself completely is common, as are expressions of loneliness or confusion.

Problems at school or work and not eating or skipping meals can also be signals, as can giving away personal items or costly belongings.
Suicide is not, as many people believe, a selfish act. Those contemplating ending their own life often feel as though they are a burden to family and friends. Completed suicide is not generally attempted regardless of the effect it would have on loved ones; rather, it is viewed as unburdening them.

Understanding The 5th Amendment And Why A Law Professor Suggests Not Talking To US Police

By Michael Krieger: In my recent interview, “Serfdom is the New Normal” – Talkin’ Oligarch Blues with Perpetual Assets, I mentioned the dangers of talking to the police in light of the recent epidemic of shady civil asset forfeitures. What many people fail to realize, is that you aren’t obligated to have casual conversations with police when you have been pulled over. In fact, such conversations are often used solely to manufacture a an excuse for further action against you. For example, take this excerpt from the recent Washington Post article, Highway Seizure in Iowa Fuels Debate about Asset-Forfeiture Laws:
Simmons said he was issuing a warning for the failure to signal. After handing over the paperwork, he said the stop was over. Then he asked the driver, Newmerzhycky, if he had “time for just a couple quick questions.”
Police who specialize in highway interdiction use casual conversations to avoid triggering legal questions about the length of stops. If the conversations are consensual, courts consider the added delay to be legal.
During a routine highway stop for a minor traffic violation, I can’t think of a good reason why it would ever be in your interest to continue chatting with a cop.

You-Know-Who and the Irish Water Protest

It’s worth noting that nowadays the peaceful civil disobedience grass roots water rebels have boycotted the same company, leaving forecourts of these petrol stations without their full quota of customers. This is because the same alleged magnate won a major contract for part of the installation of the hated water meters and had 300,000,000 written off on three deals which saw him acquire Topaz, Siteserv (parent company to GMC Sierra water meter installers) and The Beacon Private Hospital for 230 million euro. This person is said to be not tax resident in Ireland but has however had the (IMO dubious) honour of being on the stage close to Prime Minister Enda Kenny at the ringing the Wall Street bell.
The same businessman has an interest the lions share of privately owned media outlets in Ireland under the Independent News and Media brand and rumour has it that he may even threaten legal action against lowly internet chat rooms who take his name in vain. As a journalist one quakes in one’s boots at the prospect of mentioning his name.

Ferguson: The Safety Of Citizens Is Lost With The Unaccountability Of US Police

By Paul Craig Roberts: Events in Ferguson unfolded as most aware Americans thought they would. A white prosecutor guided a grand jury to the decision that the white policeman who shot and killed a young black male had just cause and committed no crime.
The black majority but politically powerless community in Ferguson consists of Americans who are constantly harassed and abused by police. The black community responded predictably to the exoneration of the white policeman. The results were riots, looting, and the destruction of property.
This response hardened the whites in their view that black people are criminally inclined and a threat to the safety of the lives and properties of whites.
The issue has been cast as white-black racism.
Actually, the situation is far more serious than racism.
I can remember times when police in America were reliable. They had themselves under control and saw their role as helpful to citizens and investigators of crimes. They took care not to bring charges against innocent people and to kill citizens without cause. Police would put their lives on line in order to avoid making a mistake in the use of their power.
Those times are gone forever. The police have been militarized, especially after 9/11, but even before. Police are taught to regard the public, especially any suspect or traffic offender as a potential threat to the police. The new rule taught to police is to apply violence to the suspect or offender in order to protect the police officer, and to question suspects only after they are safely secured, it they are still alive after being beaten, tasered, or shot.

I need feminism because…

White Ribbon Canada Feminists Cash In On The Suffering Of Children

By : We have spent the last two days in full swing exposing the lies, corruption, and profiteering that are an ongoing part of White Ribbon Australia.
We have discovered that half of their $2M+ income is lining the pockets of a very small group of promotion hucksters and that exactly zero $ are going into the provision of services for victims of domestic violence.
During our information campaign, we have also alluded several times to the fact that a similar—no, identical—situation is happening in Canada.
Canada is one of the world’s leading strongholds for feminist ideology, which is to say it is a world-leading stronghold for corruption and avarice that rakes in cash in the name of ending violence while doing precisely the opposite of that.
Even as that nation pretends to seek an end to violence (but only that which occurs against women), it actually promotes violence against men and children who have no one to defend them from the abuses of violent mothers and wives.

Men Must Stop Going To Night Clubs - MGTOW

"Minority report and minority we [MGTOW] are indeed. Fricking red pill man will always be a minority that's the way it is. Scientist crying over a shirt. 1 fricking billion is not enough for her, wake up. I urge you, do not get married, marriage is basically crippling men."  askluimarco

Domestic Violence Woozles (Factoids) In Australia

By : In order to tackle any problem, we need to know the extent of it and the reasons for it. The 2012 Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) survey reports domestic violence levels at about 7% of the population and that two-thirds of the victims are women. However, it also reports that there has been a dramatic (175%) increase in men as victims since 2005 (93% by women). Further, two women and one man are killed in domestic homicides each fortnight.
Politicians, police, and women’s organizations have spread the following Woozle far and wide:
DV is the leading cause of death and injury for women aged under 45.
Wow! We are led to believe that women are dropping like flies due to domestic violence. Therefore, it would be considered the truth by those who formulate policy and domestic violence law. This leads to even more skewed legislation and policies. The extensive media coverage also always includes this Woozle, which is actually drawn from two VicHealth reports:

Intimate partner violence is responsible for more ill-health and premature death in Victorian women under the age of 45 than any other of the well-known preventable risk factors, including high blood pressure, obesity and smoking. [1]