28 Nov 2014

Rape Accusation Culture

By : To hear some people tell it, there exists a culture where rape is socially acceptable. Not under some foreign Islamo-fascistregime in a land far, far away but right here in America. All over the world, really. It’s something of a conspiracy, perpetrated by the elusive patriarchy. A large and growing number of radical ideologues are promoting this concept of rape culture and demanding something be done to stop it.
Now, this is pretty clever on their part. Starting a political movement that claims to be opposed to rape sounds good, right? I mean, who doesn’t oppose rape?
Wait a second, there’s a problem here. On the one hand, rape is socially acceptable; hence the concept of rape culture to begin with. On the other hand, we have a population who dives right in without thinking as soon as you say you oppose rape. How can these two things exist in the same universe? 
Look at the case of Bill Cosby presently in the news. Rape accusations, some more than two decades old, are coming back to haunt him just as he’s about to do a comedy special and a miniseries, both of which have been postponed or cancelled as a result. When a rape accusation is this old, it’s impossible to prove. There is no possible way his accusers could ever make a case against him today, even though they quite easily could have had they reported the incidents in a timely manner. Instead, they waited until now, until he had some big money on the line. Why?
Surprisingly enough, this culture that finds rape so socially acceptable takes a baseless allegation against a well-known comedian who has been in front of our faces for decades and ruins his career over it.

BMW Smacks Down Elon Musk’s Tesla Collaboration Hype

BMW insiders: Tesla CEO Elon Musk is using us for PR purposes.”
: It has been tough for Tesla recently. It normally excels like few other companies in pumping up its stock while losing money hand over fist and building so few cars that they’re not even a rounding error in the global production of 72 million passenger vehicles this year.
The biggest hits came when Daimler – its lineup includes Mercedes-Benz cars, all kinds of commercial vehicles, and as it says, the industry’s “biggest portfolio of electric vehicles” – announced in October that it had sold its entire 4% stake in Tesla for a pre-tax profit of $780 million. A couple of days later, Toyota disclosed that it too had sold part of its 2.4% stake in Tesla. But why the heck did they turn a supposedly strategic, long-term investment, and one of the hottest stocks, into cash? What do they know that we don’t? [Read… Daimler Closes Tesla Hedge, Dumps Shares, Grabs Cash, Runs].
So a month after this debacle, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was back at it, trying to repair the damage these two exits had done. In an interview published last Sunday in the German magazine Spiegel (behind paywall), he said that Tesla was discussing with BMW a cooperation on battery technology – he wants to build a battery factory in Germany – charging stations, and BMW’s carbon-fiber production technology, which was “relatively cost efficient,” and “could be interesting” for the suppliers of Tesla’s car bodies, he said. And the fact that Daimler and Toyota had dumped their Tesla shares? Musk brushed it off: they just wanted to take profits, he said.

“An Unstoppable Zombie Holiday” – Humanity Shudders As America Exports Black Friday To The World

By Michael Krieger: Greater Manchester Police said two arrests were made and injuries reported as police closed some stores to prevent more severe problems. One woman was injured by a falling television set.
The force tweeted Keep calm, people!” at one point.
There were problems in many parts of Britain, including Wales and Scotland.
– From the Associated PressBlack Friday Chaos Hits Britain
Black Friday is one of those days when all the hope and optimism one possesses for the future of humanity is threatened by the gross, primal, in-your-face reality. I’ve written about the holiday before, specifically, in the piece, The SDR: The Same Demented Regime. Here’s an excerpt:

The great game is of course the never-ending global struggle for power and dominance.  The current entrenched powers that be have been in their positions for a very long time and they have no intention of giving up that role.  What the moral and decent percentage of humanity need to understand in no uncertain terms is that these folks and their minions have no conscience.

Ferguson USA Reexamined

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Few, if any, of the correct questions were asked in the grand jury hearing to decide whether policeman Darren Wilson would be indicted for killing Michael Brown.

The most important unexamined question is whether police are trained to use force immediately as a first resort before they assess a situation or determine if they are at the correct address. Are the police trained that the lives of police officers are so much more valuable than the lives of possible suspects, or a houseful of people into whose residence a heavily armed SWAT team enters, that police officers must not accept the risk of judicious behavior when encountering citizens? If this is the case as all evidence indicates that it is, then the police when they gratuitously murder members of the public are merely doing what they have been trained to do. As police are trained to use violence as a first resort, the police cannot be held accountable when they do.
There are a large number of videos available online that show that the first thing that police do when they arrive is to use force.

UK Faces £34bn Bill For Black Hole In EU Budget

EU accused of financial mismanagement after auditors find huge black hole in the Brussels budget
Auditors have identified a black hole in European Union budgets that could lead to extra demands for cash from the British taxpayer of up to £34 billion over the next six years.
David Cameron will be legally obliged to make up a share of a shortfall of £259 billion by 2020 with liabilities for the Treasury estimated at £33.7bn, calculated at the usual rate of Britain’s EU contributions.
The hole in EU spending has been identified by the European Court of Auditors and represents a political disaster for the Prime Minister who has made repeated pledges to bring down the amount Britain pays into Brussels budgets.
The EU’s ability to just grab money from taxpayers whenever it wants is an outrage. It underlines what is structurally wrong with our relationship under the existing treaties," said Bernard Jenkin MP, the chairman of the House of Commons public administration select committee.

Who Rules Over Us? - Part IV

‘We Will Hunt You Down’: KKK Threatens To Shoot Anonymous ‘Nigger Lovers’ + Operation Sky Angels #OpMexico

RT: A bitter war of words between hacker collective Anonymous and the Ku Klux Klan risks spilling over into real violence, with the black hate group allegedly threatening to shoot dead activists wearing the Guy Fawkes mask in southern Missouri.

Ask Super MHRA Karen Straughan Anything - Honey Badger Radio

karen straughan: Be gentle with me... Also, I am SHOCKED no one asked me about my sex life, outside of the waffle iron thing...

Winter Storms Bring Fresh Misery To Gaza Genocide Surviving Homeless

The cold season is causing many hardships for thousands of Gazans whose houses were destroyed in the JSIL (Israeli) regime’s recent genocidal war on the besieged Palestinian enclave.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Palestinian sources say homeless Gazans are bearing the brunt of a fierce winter that has engulfed the Palestinian territory for days now.
Latest reports say heavy rains and flooding have brought further misery to the Palestinian families living in makeshift shelters in the rubble of their homes.
Figures show at least 100,000 Palestinians were left homeless as a result of the Tel Aviv regime’s latest military offensive on the besieged sliver.
The flooding has exacerbated the already dire humanitarian situation in Gaza caused by the JSIL blockade and the unprecedented destruction from the regime’s brutal genocidal war.

#Shirtgate: Shirts V Sluts - MGTOW + Like A Boss

Sandman: I was going to make this video a while ago but I've had a lot of donation based videos and topics to cover. In fact I'm dedicating this video to Omar and a donation he made. By now most of you have heard of the antics of Matt Taylor wearing his bowling shirt with images of scantily clad women on it when he wore it shortly after the the Rosetta spacecraft landed on a comet. But what no one wants to talk about is that shirtgate is really a giant sized shit test. A shit test on the scale of the entirety of western civilization. And Matt Taylor failed the shit test when he went on television and broke down crying.

MGTOW’s Opposite

By : In this piece I’ll be looking at the opposite of MGTOW, at what MGTOW isn’t, in order to throw MGTOW into relief against impostors. Naturally, this is my own take, one of numerous that abound on the Internet and one that comes with no special authority and no assumption that I speak for others.
By now many are familiar with the concept of male self-determination as a basic working definition for MGTOW. Self-determination is the practice whereby a man makes choices and decisions based on his own preferences and interests, monitors and regulates his own actions, and is generally self-directing.
Simple enough.
That leads to a consideration of the opposite of male self-determination, i.e., determination of self by other (DOSBO). Determination of self by other limits the definition of MGTOW and in one stroke negates the claim that MGTOW can mean anything a person wants it to mean. By applying the DOSBO rule, no person can qualify as a MGHOW if he hands over a significant amount of his sovereignty to another entity. Here are some examples illustrating DOSBO in action.
Example 1: Pro-feminist men

Goodbye, Wealth! - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Eric Hunsader

We are all Jack Johnson now - bankrupted by those we trust or, in the case of the central banks - distrust - all in the name of property speculation and other non-wealth producing speculative pursuits.