29 Nov 2014

Let’s Talk About Bill Cosby

By : Let me just state up front that I am not claiming innocence for Bill Cosby. Did he drug and rape a bunch of women? I don’t know, and neither does anybody else except for Bill himself. What I want to do today is talk about a few facts that should give everybody pause when it comes to judging him.
According to celebritynetworth.com, Bill Cosby is worth $400 million, and yes, it’s pertinent. That’s four hundred million incentives right there.
Women who claim they were raped by Cosby also openly admit they were whoring for fame, trying to ride the man’s coattails into a star-studded future. Does that give Cosby the right to rape them? Of course not, but it sure as hell casts a suspicious light on the innocent maidens’ motives to make their claims. Women who failed to hitch their little wagons to Cosby’s star have been trying to nail him with rape charges for a long time. Nothing has stuck. Doesn’t mean they didn’t happen, but for as long as Cosby has been rich and famous, women have been trying to take him down with rape accusations and not a single one has irrefutable evidence, so either Cosby is really, really good at the rape game or they never happened.
Both are possible.
The current witch-hunt in the media is a stark reminder that no matter how rich, how powerful, how well connected, or how critically acclaimed a man might be, even an accusation of rape can tear his life apart and destroy him. Proof? What proof? The word of a woman can destroy a man’s life with no evidence of any kind required.

Greece: Antifa Patrol By Anti-Αuthoritarian Social Center “Distomo” + Solidarity Protest - Anarchist Nikos Romanos On Hunger Strike

"An anarchist antifascist social centre has opened inside an area of Athens, that until recently predominantly supported the neonazi Golden Dawn party in Greece." Perseus999

Mayor Of NYC Condemns Westbrook - WILL LONDON's BORIS?

Russell Brand: Mayor Of New York, Bill De Blasio joins the New Era estate campaign against US developer Westbrook. The Democrat Mayor condemned the rogue "lawbreaking" firm for their plan to evict tenants of the East London Estate while talking exclusively to The Trews.
The condemnation comes before Monday's New Era march from Westbrook's Berkley Square offices to Downing St to deliver a petition of over 300,000 signatures of support.

There Is A Realistic Basis For Gaddafi's Hopes - Letter From Mr A

"Unity in a family or a tribe can be accepted as a naturally occurring thing. At the level of a modern nation where tremendous social engineering efforts aimed at establishing a multicultural norm, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-classes of hugely ranging prosperity - from extreme poverty to extreme wealth - the prospects for a sustainable national unity seem to have been rendered at least improbable and perhaps impossible." Morris

A Voice For Men The Voice of Europe On IMD With Paul Elam

WARNING. Bricks of logic may fly out! "The only show at this point addressing the issues concerning men and boys at a European level. This is the place where feminism is called out on it's lies and propaganda and the state is invited to get out of peoples lives!"

UK Has 13,000 Official Victims Of Modern Slavery: Home Office

Official data show that up to 13,000 people across the UK were victims of modern slavery in 2013, four times more than previously estimated.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: The UK Home Office released the figures on Saturday following a study that aimed to calculate the number of previously unreported modern slavery victims.
The figure includes the women who have been forced into prostitution or sexually exploited for profit, “imprisoned” domestic staff, as well as workers on farms, factories and fishing boats.
The data was gathered from sources such as the British police, the UK Border Force, charities and the Gangmasters Licensing Authority, a British non-departmental public body.
According to the Home Office, many of the victims were taken to Britain by traffickers from more than 100 countries, with large numbers coming from the eastern European nations of Poland, Romania, Albania and the African country of Nigeria.

MGTOW on Marriage: Introduction + A Man Speaks To A PUA About Love + M Response To Laci Green On Twerking

"Always remember to go your own way."
A new series on marriage by MGTOW 'M'.

Fifty Shades of Abuse: A Hands-Off Policy

"I try to avoid any real contact with women. A hands off policy. ...too many possibilities of being set up and fucked over. It's just not worth it!" ThinkingApe-TV.

When Your Church Becomes A Place Of Statist Worship

The Dissident Dad: A hallway filled with American flags. Posters of the troops. Even a scheduled evening celebration that consisted of a 5-minute trailer with theatrical music meant to drive up your emotional state and give you goose bumps. Charged words flashed across the screen: Honor, Country, Freedom.
No, I wasn’t at a military recruitment event. It wasn’t even a government building or a movie theater, which often serve as fertile environments for statist propaganda.
Nope, all of this happened at church last Sunday. A place where, according to the cornerstone of the entire religion, we are to treat others how we want to be treated.
Yet there I was, sitting in the auditorium, reflecting on a very sad truth: The Abuse of American Soldiers. The oligarchs treat them as pawns, the general population convinces them of nonsense like they are fighting for our freedoms, and politicians parade them around like props in a theatrical show every few years to get votes. In reality, these young 20-year-olds are sent off to kill people they have no quarrel with. To defend not our freedoms, but corporatism. The elites in this country have turned the American solider into both a victim and a bully.

Did We Just Witness The Last Great Black Friday Celebration Of American Materialism?

By Michael Snyder: Americans are going to spend more than 600 billion dollars this Christmas season, and on Friday we got to see our fellow citizens fight each other like rabid animals over foreign-made flat screen televisions and Barbie dolls.  As disgusting as this behavior is to many of us, there may soon come a time when we will all fondly remember these days.  Most Americans are completely unaware of what is currently happening in the financial world, but right now there are deeply troubling signs that we could be on the verge of another major global financial collapse.  If the next great economic downturn does strike in 2015, that could mean that we may have just witnessed the last great Black Friday celebration of American materialism.  As you read this, stock prices are approximately double the value that they should be, margin debt is hovering near all-time record highs, and the “too big to fail” banks are being far more reckless than they were just prior to the last major stock market implosion.  So many of the exact same patterns that we witnessed back in 2007 and 2008 are repeating right now, and as you will see below, this includes a horrifying crash in the price of oil.  Anyone with half a brain should be able to see the slow-motion financial train wreck that is unfolding right before our eyes.
Every year, it has been my tradition to write an article about the mini-riots that erupt in retail stores all around the country on Black Friday.  This year things were a bit calmer because so many stores opened up on Thanksgiving itself, but there was still plenty of chaos.  For example, in the video posted below you can see women viciously fighting one another over discounted lingerie and underwear…

Fuck Evil

"Fuck evil, fuck em, that's why! Because if you want to go into battle with feminists, ...because fuck feminists, that's why! Fuck the bullshit that passes for thought in this world because fuck Zionists, fuck all the evil bitches and bastards! (I'm paraphrasing) ...I fucking hate the pandas that won't even have sex to save their own species, because fuck them, fuck evil!" Stefan Molyneu. When there are obvious incentives to be evil and immoral in the world - why should somebody be a good and moral person?

A Story Or Two For Kids About SJWs

6oodfella: Can you spot the important lesson in the story?