7 Dec 2014

The Wolf Who Cried Where + Mole Station

DoctorRandomercam: There are some questions you need to ask yourself, and only you know what they are. There'll be some what ifs and some wherefores and some how-do-you-dos. And if you can get to the other side without a black and white answer, you might be doing it right.

US Meddling To Blame For ‘all Arab world sufferings’ - Sudan President

The bloody conflicts in Iraq, Syria and Libya are the result of the interference by the US, which wants to gain control over the rich natural resources of those countries, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir told RT.
RT: “The people in Sudan believe that the since the fall of the Soviet Union [in 1991], injustice and oppression has prevailed around the globe as the US became the sole hegemon and began running things with impunity in many regions, including ours,” Bashir said.

In his interview with RT’s Arabic Channel, the Sudanese president labeled Washington’s policies in Middle East and North Africa as “harmful and destructive.”

“Just look at what’s now happening in Iraq and how it spread to Syria. All the suffering that is going in the Arab world is the work of the US,” he said.
The events in Iraq, Syria and Libya “are the result of the US, the Western meddling; it’s a manifestation of colonialism, which has just one aim to it – establishing control over the region and its natural resources," Bashir said.

All Women Are Like That

Feminism LOL: How do women manipulate men? This is gonna take a while to cover. I'll be placing these videos into a playlist under "The Manipulated Man" as a furthering of the discussion Esther Vilar sparked in 1971.

Men Are Exceptional

By Men and women vary in many ways. The debate has raged for a long time about whether this is more likely to be a result of nature or nurture. Some feminist groups tend to maintain that the differences are socialised and thus very much within the nurture camp. Recent research has shown that there are fundamental differences between human males and females, and that behavioural differences are evident even a day after birth.[1] So while some differences are certainly socialised, we cannot any longer ignore or dismiss the fundamental differences that exist between human males and females.
It is the thesis of this article that a large proportion of observed differences between male and female life outcomes can be explained with reference to only one difference: variance. Men tend to vary in characteristics more than women. This has been shown to be true for all characteristics that have been studied, and there is good evidence to suggest it is generally true.[2] This is often known as “greater male variability” or “the variability hypothesis,” although it would perhaps be better called a theory now as evidence builds. It is notable that this notion fell out of favour as a result of the activities of feminists in academia.[3]
Men vary more in height[4], weight, and many other physical characteristics. While the average intelligence of men and women are the same or almost the same, what is clear is that males vary more than females in intelligence.[5] This means that a majority of people with high IQs will be men, as will a majority of people with low IQs. The further we get from the mean, the more pronounced this phenomenon is. Astoundingly, greater variance among men even appears to be true when it comes to personality.[6]

Athens On Fire As Anarchists Mark Anniversary Of Police Killing Of Teen

RT: Greek police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse crowds during clashes in the capital. Athens was gripped with protests marking six years since police shot dead an unarmed teenager during an anti-austerity rally.
At least 8,000 demonstrators marched in Athens on Saturday commemorating the sixth anniversary since the police slaying of Alexandros Grigoropoulos. Grigoropoulos' murder on December 6, 2008 sparked violent clashes across Greece, with cars being burned, shops looted, and police attacked in a number of Greek cities.

Terrorist JSIL's Mossad Training ISIL Terrorists Says Putin Aide

A senior aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Israel’s spy agency, Mossad, of training ISIL terrorists operating in Iraq and Syria.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Alexander Prokhanov told Press TV that Mossad is also likely to have transferred some of its spying experiences to the ISIL leadership, adding that Israel’s military advisors could be assisting the Takfiri terrorists.
Prokhanov said ISIL is a byproduct of US policies in the Middle East.
"ISIL is a tool at the hands of the United States. They tell the Europeans that if we (the Americans) do not intervene, ISIL will cause you harm," he said, adding that Iran and Russia are the prime targets of the ISIL.
"They launched their first terror attack against us just a few days back in Chechnya," he said, stressing that the ISIL ideology has got nothing to do with the Islam practiced in Iran and some other Muslim countries in the Middle East region.
Prokhanov said the United States and Israel are one and the same when it comes to supporting a terror organization like the ISIL.

Don’t Expect Jail For The Mother Who Abandoned Her Child To Die In A Sydney Drain

By It is just appalling to see the same old charade being played out yet again, particularly when we have had to endure the ramped-up level of sanctimony for White Ribbon Day too.
If a man had dropped a baby two and a half meters down a storm water drain and left it to die, it would have been a crime of national importance. It would have been the lead story of every news outlet. White Ribbon ambassadors would have been shoving each other out of the way (in an inclusive and caring manner, of course) to get their heads on TV to condemn the monster.
This, we would have been repeatedly lectured, is why we are spending millions of dollars on the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children.
There would be no interest in why he did it. Can you imagine the outrage at even posing the question? His mental problems? His financial difficulties? His emotional insecurities? How would a new baby interfere with his social life?
What part of left in a drain to die don’t you understand?

Ukraine Solution Is To Be Part Of Russia

"They [Ukraine] don't want to be part of the EU. ...They already have a free trade system with Russia. ...EU wants a source of cheap labour without having to pay pensions, health insurance and when they die just send them back to Ukraine to dispose of them." Joaquin.

We're At War! - The UK LIB/LAB/CON

"Britain's one party state news!"

US Psychologist Busted Again For Child Abuse

"Martia Kleinmen implanted false memories of abuse in the minds of children whose parents were going through divorce."

Jim Grant Sums It All Up In 2 Stunning Paragraphs At CATO Institute