9 Dec 2014

Ask A Jew - Big Bucks - Using SJWs

SkepTorr: An easy way to make a lot of cash very quickly, using social justice warriors and feminists.

Fracking, Fascism & Market Failure - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Stephen Pair

The motto of the modern financial markets: “my word is my bond, but my bond is your problem.” As the yield-chasers have piled into the junk bond market in the past few years of ZIRP, this could spell big trouble for the fracking sector as oil prices plunge. In the second half Max chats to the CEO of Bitpay.com, Stephen Pair. They discuss Foxtrot - a project that hopes to do for networks what bitcoin did for currency - and also about the latest in bitcoin, internet 2.0 and regulations.

Are Bad Boys Really Sexier? Yes!

By : Like many men, I remember feeling my heart break a little, as an adolescent, sitting at a cafeteria table. I listened to the beautiful girl I had a crush on as she told me what a great friend I was, then gushed about her interest in one of my best friends. I’ve never really wanted to be the “nice guy,” though it is apparently just in my nature. And sadly the nice guy often doesn’t walk away with the girl, at least in the short term. Increasing psychological and biological evidence suggests that the “bad boy,” sometimes called the “cad,” often gets hot, spontaneous sex from women while the “nice guy” has a very different kind of relationship.
I was interviewed recently about whether the “nice guys” could benefit from an understanding of the traits and qualities that attract women. Basically, for those men out there who worry that they are too “nice,” are there ways that they could borrow some of the bad boy sexiness while not losing their integrity? It was a provocative and fun interview, though as often happens, the finished article only used a bit of my discussion. The interview, and the question, led me to think about this issue and ponder whether there were ways to help men out there without resorting to the sometimes manipulative, deceptive strategies of the pick-up culture in which men are taught to use psychological principles to create and exploit insecurities in women.
Much of the bad-boy versus nice-guy dynamic is based upon an understanding of the complex interplay of biology and psychology, which emerges from exploration of the concepts of evolutionary psychology.

The Psycho-ology Of Women

Feminism LOL: The Esther Vilar series continues. This entry is a response to RBK's comment but hopes to add to the knowledge base of Vilar's attempt to expose female deception.

Stop fibbin’ White Ribbon Campaign!

By The mission to end violence against women received another boost last week with the news that White Ribbon Canada is to receive $300,000 in funding from the Canadian government. The money, donated by the Minister of Labour and Minister of Status of Women, Dr. Kellie Leitch, is to be used to fund the development of an online toolkit that will help men end violence against women. Todd Minerson of White Ribbon Canada and Minister Leitch made the announcement in front of assembled press in Ottawa.

The news comes as something of a fillip for the White Ribbon Campaign (WRC) amid increased scrutiny regarding its financial affairs, the accuracy of its claims surrounding domestic violence and rape, and the methods used to draw attention to its mission. Both White Ribbon Australia and White Ribbon Canada have recently had their financial records investigated, with the findings showing that the overwhelming majority of the WRC’s funding goes directly to staff salaries. In the case of White Ribbon Canada, this amounts to $528,101 from a total of $1,108,850, paid out to just 11 staff.

The next-largest tranche of funding is used for further fund-raising efforts, the net effect of which is that while most of the money that White Ribbon Australia and Canada make goes into staffers’ pockets, most of what is left over is used to make sure that it keeps going there. Neither set of records shows how, or where, funding is spent on serious anti-violence efforts. For now, the WRC has two main campaigns—the most visible being “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes,” the purpose of which is to raise awareness through symbolic gestures of solidarity for women who suffer domestic violence. Yet, despite significant fund-raising, the WRC does not operate or offer any counseling services, helplines, or legal advice to those who are victims of sexual assault or domestic violence.

European Banks At Risk Of Bail Ins In 2015 – Moody’s And S&P Warn

By Mark O'Byrne: Europe’s banks are vulnerable in 2015 due to weak macroeconomic conditions, unfinished regulatory hurdles and the risk of bail-ins according to credit rating agencies.

The economic outlook for European banks in 2015 will be hampered by weak profits, risks of bail-ins and litigation charges, Moody’s Investors Service announced Monday.
Weak macroeconomic conditions will continue to weigh on Europe’s banking sector in 2015 and banks’ low overall profitability implies that Europe’s banking sector remains structurally vulnerable,” Moody’s Europe, Middle East and Africa financial institutions group managing director said in a statement.
The European banking industry remains structurally vulnerable,” said Carola Schuler, managing director at Moody’s, in a presentation on the sector’s outlook.
The agencies said moves to reduce implied government support for the banking sector and force bank debt holders to participate by coming to the aid of wayward lenders would also put downward pressure on bank ratings.
The European bail-in tool decreases the predictability of state support,” said S&P managing director Stefan Best in a separate presentation on banking prospects.

Women Are Stoopid + She Can't Get Laid

johntheother: What feminism has taught me, and the world, about women. (that they're stupid)

Ireland! Care About Water? Bunk Work Wednesday!

"Homes, food, water, the very basic building blocks of our rights as human beings are being taken away from us." Russell Brand. Russell talks to Brendan Ogle from Right2Water & Unite The Union to discuss demonstrations in Ireland against domestic water charges introduced by the corporate shill government as a "key austerity measure".

JSIL Land Thieves Storm Into Al-Aqsa Mosque + US-Israel Relations 'Damaged' Under 'Child Butcher' Netanyahu: Ehud Barak

Dozens of JSIL land thieves have stormed into the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in East Jerusalem al-Quds amid rising violence at the holy site.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Sheikh Azzam al-Khatib, the director general of the Organization for Muslim Endowments and al-Aqsa Affairs, said the incident took place on Monday when as many as 50 Jewish settlers forced their way into the al-Aqsa (Mosque) compound through the al-Magharbeh Gate under tight protection of the Israeli police."
He added that th
e land thieves left the compound through the al-Silsila Gate. No clashes have been reported.
Reports say JSIL death sqauds conviscat
ed the identity cards of Palestinians before allowing them to get into the compound on the same day.
Over the past weeks, the al-Aqsa Mosque has been the scene of clashes between Palestinian worshippers and Israeli settlers and troops.
The al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage, a Palestinian non-governmental organization, has said in a recent report that nearly 14,000 'Israelis', most of them extremist land thieves, have forced their way into the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in East al-Quds since the beginning of 2014.

The Economic Collapse Warning Sign You Need To Know + Victim Mentality: The Propaganda Economy

When the price of oil falls dramatically - it is a sign that economic activity is really slowing down. Stefan Molyneux discusses the current state of the economy, the reliance on debt for immediate financial survival, the drop in the price of oil, the OPEC (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and Venezuela) price battle against American oil producers, the economic proxy war, sword of Damocles commodity derivatives and how this will impact the average person.

Chris Rock: Bring The Pain Of Economic Ignorance - Mises Canada

By James E. Miller: Late in his life, Murray Rothbard had a law that stated: “people tend to specialize in what they are worst at.” While the aphorism is definitely true about some specialists, more often than not the reverse is accurate. Artists have terrible opinions on politics. Managers of nonprofit organizations are fiscally irresponsible. Politicians don’t understand the profit incentive. Academics haven’t a clue about pricing or marketing.
American comedian Chris Rock is another violator Rothbard’s law. His flair for offensive but incisive comedy is well known. But his knowledge in other fields is lacking, and in some cases utterly misinformed. In a recent interview with Frank Rich of New York Magazine, the stand-up joke spitter has it all wrong when it comes to economics. No surprise there; the entertainment industry, despite raking in billions every year, is the brain trust of economic ignorance.
Mr. Rock’s main target of animus are those just like him: rich, well-off individuals. He tells Rich, If poor people knew how rich rich people are, there would be riots in the streets.” Evidence for this assertion? Rock cites the “Virginia Airlines first-class lounge,” which offers expert mixologists (fancy for “bartender”) and free food. Apparently alcohol and sustenance priced into a plane ticket equate to robber barons pampered in luxury before jetsetting across the globe.
The idea that poor or working-class folks are itching on the sidelines, waiting to riot over what little crumbs are tossed to them from rapacious capitalists is an idea based in fantasy. Rarely does the proletariat secretly wish to overthrow their alleged oppressors.

Bankster Cabal And Crimes Against Humanity

By Rob Kirby: In 2006, then President George W. Bush, signed into law a permanent pass for the banksters to protect their balance sheets. The laws, as Rob explains, and reads dirtily from the law itself, makes it possible for the banksters to simply "exclude accurate books and accounts". WOW, is that right? The criminal banksters no longer have to accurately report what is actually on their books or the accounts associated with their ledger sheets! "They can be excused from accounting." You heard it here folks, the coast-nostra has the blessings of the federal government to practice their on style of record keeping and accounting. Welcome to the new normal.