12 Dec 2014

“What’s Up, You Fucking Nigger?” – What a Debt Collector Hired by Bank of America Said to a Customer

By Michael Krieger: I can’t believe I missed this one. Although the following happened back in 2010, given how captured our entire society remains by the “too big to fail and jail” banks, it’s worth putting this in front of readers. Here’s the disturbing encounter. From ABC News:
Back in 2010, an ABC News investigation found that a Texas-based company Bank of America had contracted to make debt collection calls were using racist and obscene language to try to coax debts from customers.
What’s up, you fucking nigger?” said one of the collection agents in a message to 32-year-old Allen Jones of Dallas, who at the time owed $81 on his Bank of America credit card.
This is your fucking wake up call, man,” the debt collector said in a message left at Jones’ home at 6:30 a.m. Then another call: “You little, lazy ass bitch, get your mother fucking ass up and go pick some mother fucking cotton fields, bitch.”

Two days following the 2010 ABC News report, Bank of America fired the debt collection agency, though the bank said the decision was not related to the television report.
Oh right, I’m sure the company’s use of racist debt collectors airing on national television had nothing to do with the firing. The bank’s peerless internal vetting system was clearly already on the case. They waited until the report aired because…

The USA CIA’s Torture Program

By Paul Craig Roberts: UPDATE: Congress fails to hold executive branch accountable for its massive violations of human rights as documented in the released summary of the CIA Torture Report, but passes sanctions on Venezuela for “human rights violations.” http://news.antiwar.com/2014/12/11/cia-chief-slams-release-of-torture-report-summary/print/
and http://news.antiwar.com/2014/12/11/congress-passes-bill-to-sanction-venezuela/

Readers have asked for my take on the CIA torture report. There is so much information and commentary available that it is unnecessary.
Igor Volsky http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article40428.htm provides a concise summary. President George W. Bush signed off on torture and then told the gullible people that this government does not torture people.” The torture was horrific.
The CIA even tortured its own informers. Two American psychologists who designed the torture program were paid $81 million.

CIA torturers received cash awards forconsistently superior workwhen their innocent victims died. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article40431.htm
The US government involved 54 countries in its torture program. The rendition program sent detainees to other countries where they were tortured in secret “black sites.’

US Laws Targeting Bachelors In Colonial America

By In 1756, the province of Maryland began collecting a bachelor tax. The immediate cause for the levy was the recent entry of Great Britain and her American colonies into a worldwide conflict known as the Seven Years’ War or, in the colonies, the French and Indian War. Desperate for new sources of revenue, the Maryland House of Delegates taxed nearly everything in the colony: land, slaves, alcohol, billiards tables, and bachelors. Specifically, the province targeted wealthy single men, requiring that bachelors “of the Age of Twenty-five Years or upwards, and have in Possession, in their own Right, an Estate of One Hundred Pounds Current Money and Upwards” to pay five shillings a year and those who had three hundred pounds or more to pay twenty. For eight years, Maryland collected this impost on unmarried men, which brought in between £300 and £500 per year, or between seven and thirteen percent of the province’s total revenue. Hundreds of bachelors paid the bachelor tax each year including the attorney general, the mayor of Annapolis, and several Maryland legislators. Although Governor Horatio Sharpe was himself a lifelong bachelor, he refused to pay the tax, believing that as a representative of the crown, local laws did not apply to him.

Ban The Bible, Or GTA5?

"Anything in GTA5 is vanilla compared to the bible!"
Thunderf00t: Selective outrage of these muppets drives me crazy.

Pankhurst - The White Feather Betrayal Of History + White Feathers and Bloodied Hands

Via Famous women’s Suffragist Christabel Pankhurst is frequently held up as a great humanist icon. Unfortunately, the tale of this woman and others who fought for the vote for women isn’t quite as clean and saintly as many have been led to believe.

Central Banks’ 2% Plan To Impoverish You

By Charles Hugh Smith: A comment by correspondent David C. suggested the importance of demonstrating the impoverishing consequences of central banks reaching their 2% inflation target. David observed: “That central bankers aren’t all hanging by their necks from lamp posts everywhere is a testament to how scarce are those who grasp exponents and compounding.”
Anyone with basic Excel skills can calculate the cumulative impoverishment caused by central banks’ “modest” 2% annual inflation. Here is my worksheet:
Column 1: year Column 2: index starting with 100 Column 3: annual inflation sum (2% of previous year’s total index) Column 4: cumulative total index
1    100.00  2.00  102.00 2    102.00  2.04  104.04 3    104.04  2.08  106.12 4    106.12  2.12  108.24 5    108.24  2.16  110.41 6    110.41  2.21  112.62 7    112.62  2.25  114.87 8    114.87  2.30  117.17 9    117.17  2.34  119.51 10  119.51  2.39  121.90
Ten years of modest 2% inflation robs households of nearly 20% of their purchasing power. What was $100 in year 1 costs about $122 after 10 years of “modest” 2% inflation. Put another way, $100 in year one is only worth $81 in year 10.

JSIL Regime Sentences Palestinian MP To 25 Months In Jail + JSIL 'Politician' Calls For Genocide Of Palestinians

A Palestinian lawmaker, who had been under the Tel Aviv regime’s so-called administrative detention since 2013, has been sentenced to 25 months in prison by a JSIL (Israeli) Kangaroo court.
Orwellian Zionist Shill UK Regulator BANNED Press TV: Sixty four-year-old Mohammed Abu Teir’s detention had been extended several times.
Back in 2010, Abu Teir and a number of other Palestinian lawmakers were arrested in East al-Quds (Jerusalem) after Israel revoked their residency permits there. Abu Teir, also a senior Hamas member, was forced into exile in the West Bank city of Ramallah afterward.
Palestinian officials say the JSIL ruling is in line with Tel Aviv’s plans to drive Palestinians out of al-Quds in a bid to Judaize the city.

Previewing Dick Cheney’s Appearance on “Meet the Press” This Sunday

Politico reported earlier today that:

Cheney, who appeared on Fox News this week, called the report a “terrible piece of work” and said it was “full of crap.”
If you want to see who’s really “full of crap,” watch the short clip below.

Commons Debate On Money Creation And Society - Letter from Mr A

"At the house of commons in London there was a debate on money creation, the first in many centuries..." Mr A

UK MHRA Ian Young On 'The Vaughan Report'

Mike Buchanan: Ian Young, a former victim of domestic violence, will be standing for J4MB (Justice For Men and Boys and the women who love them) in Sherwood, UK, a constituency to the north of Nottingham, at the May 2015 general election. He lives in the constituency, in Hucknall.

Real Reasons Behind The UK Porn Law - Max Keiser And Stacy Herbert With Itziar Bilbao Urrutia

Look at the death eaters and deglobalizers longing for suffering by ordinary people, especially if the ruling elite can’t be the guaranteed winners. They look at currency crisis due to balance of payments and deglobalization and those cheering it on.