14 Dec 2014

Misandry: The “Misogyny” Myth

There is a great urban myth abounding in conversations about men that needs clarifying.
By  It appears that we have forgotten what it means to use language appropriately. We want to group everyone together and place a label on people so we know where they fit. I do not like labels, and I dislike the incorrect use of potentially damaging words more.
As a young woman, I tackled the world head on. I did not label people by race,  religion, or gender (and still don’t). Moreover, I was determined that none of the labels other people used would ever limit my future possibilities.
I remember the time I was first called a feminist. I was horrified. I did not buy into the label, and I certainly was not going to be categorized into something that was segregating men and women. I just wanted to be a woman who had a voice.
Feminism by definition is the advocacy for women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.
The point was not lost on me, that the feminist movement was needed in the world, and that it was due to its foundations that I had rights and privileges that were not afforded to my mother’s generation. However, even as a young woman, I saw great inequality in what was taking place because of that movement and it did not sit well with me.
What I did not know was that my strong connection to men and their rights and issues would later cause me to be labeled a misogynist.

Savings Accounts Are At Risk As Long As JP Morgan CEO Gets Everything He Wants

The CEO of America’s biggest bank, JP Morgan, appears to have Washington at his beck and call but is his push to repeal a key financial safeguard a step too far?
By If you want to understand what’s wrong with the US financial system, start by asking this question: why does Jamie Dimon always get his way?
Dimon is the charismatic chief executive of the nation’s biggest bank, JP Morgan. JP Morgan has $2.5tn in assets and holds more than 10% of all the savings deposits in America. As a result, Dimon has a lot of financial firepower. This week, Dimon was one of the forces in an argument that nearly caused a government shutdown over how much power Wall Street should have. Barack Obama also backed the bill, but even Democrats are defying the president on this one.
By all indications, Dimon’s phone calls to lawmakers made the difference. As he has in many other showdowns with Congress, Dimon won.

This Week In Feminist Stupid LIVE With 6oodfella

A special live episode of This Week in Stupid with 6oodfella. Sargon of Akkad

Parental Alienation: The Impact On Parents

"The alienating parent, who uses a combination of fear, lies, flattery, and gratification of material desires to win over their child and whose sense of entitlement and desire to control the child is greater than the desire to nurture and care for the child."
By : In this second installment of our three-part series on parental alienation, we turn our attention to alienated (targeted) and alienating parents. Parental alienation is the programming of a child by one parent to denigrate the other (targeted) parent in an effort to undermine and interfere with the child’s relationship with that parent, and it most often occurs within the context of a child custody conflict. This includes the legal abuse of parents who have been disenfranchised from their children’s lives subsequent to sole custody and primary residence judgments. Within an adversarial legal process, non-custodial parents are often subjected to shame and stigma, lack of access to their children, and devaluation of their role as parents. And those who speak about the pain and woundedness in their lives are subjected to a mean-spirited cultural response, where their talk of woundedness is mocked.

Feelings... Nothing More Than Feelings

Do women have feelings? Sure. They feel strongly about getting what they want.

ICC To Examine UK Troops Abuses During Iraq invasion

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is reportedly expected to look into hundreds of new cases accusing British soldiers of abusing civilians in Iraq between 2003 and 2008.
Orwellian Zionist Shill UK BANNED Press TV: The Hague-based court will review the cases which detail torture techniques such as rape, sexual assaults, electrocution, sleep deprivation, beating and hooding used by British forces in Iraq during interrogations in the period, the Independent reported on Sunday.
The cases, which have been presented by lawyers and human right activists, accuse UK troops of abusing Iraqi children, women and men aged between 13 and 101.
In one of the cases, an Iraqi policeman died after British soldiers “forced his head into a bucket of cold water a number of times. He stopped breathing and died. His wife and children witnessed the soldiers killing him.”
The Independent report comes ahead of the publication of an official report into allegations that British forces mistreated and unlawfully killed Iraqis back in 2004.
The report, due to be released on Wednesday, is likely to fuel anger against the British government, which reportedly was aware of the torture techniques by the US spy agency CIA.

Palestinian Center Sheds Light On Rights Violations By Apartheid JSIL

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights has released a new report shedding light on human rights violations by the terrorist Israeli Regime.
Orwellian Zionist Shill UK BANNED Press TV: The center said the Tel Aviv regime presses ahead with its systematic attacks against Palestinians.
The findings of the rights group were based on Israeli assaults on Palestinians from December 4 to 10.
JSIL death squads killed Palestinian official Ziad Abu Ein and wounded over a dozen other people including seven children in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip during that period.
The organization says the Israeli death squads conducted at least 64 incursions in the West Bank, and arrested 93 Palestinians including 13 children during the period.
The Palestinian center has called for more pressure on JSIL and the prosecution of Israeli criminals.
In October, the UN Human Rights Committee slammed Israel for violating the rights of Palestinians and the maltreatment of Palestinian prisoners.

What The Heck Just Transpired In The Global Markets?

Stocks, junk bonds, oil, and the bitter whiff of international chaos
It didn’t help that Ukraine is marching vigorously toward a default unless it gets many more bailout billions from taxpayers around the world – to be absorbed in record time by oligarchs and whoever holds power at the moment. Russia’s government warned of a recession in 2015, given the sanctions and the plunging price of oil. Russians are fretting about their rubles that have lost their footing entirely. China’s economy is approaching what is stall speed for China. Japan’s economy is in a deep recession while drowning in freshly printed money….

MGTOW Education: Variables And Factors + MGTOW Arguments: Tell Men Not To Rape

My take on the difference between variables and factors. M

Eating MGTOW

By : Obsidian, aka Mumia Ali, recently suggested that I start publishing recipes and other food-related information on AVfM. No, we are not turning into Betty Crocker on red pills, but he rightly pointed out that self-sufficiency and self-care were indeed cornerstones of Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW), and with many of us living the lean financial lifestyle, some advice on eating healthy, tasty—no, great—for less is actually a good idea.
Hey, we all gotta eat.
I am going to follow his suggestion with three particular ideas in mind for the offering. They will be generally geared for flavor, health, and budget. Fortunately for those who find benefit in this column, you will discover that healthy, good eating is frequently cheaper eating. In fact, the most expensive way to shop for groceries is to buy the crap processed food that lacks nutrition and causes not-so-pleasant things like hyperinsulinemia, metabolic disorder, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Women Can't Cut The Mustard

Terrence Popp: There's feminist talk in the USA of lowering the physical standards in order for women to enter frontline combat, so Popp takes a look at the tests from the Center for Military Readiness, conducted by the US Marine Corps.

J4MB: Will You Take The Red Pill?

By Mike Buchanan: Men and women who are prepared to stare reality in the face, and thereby come to realize that many assaults are inflicted on the human rights of men and boys, are said to have taken the red pill’. The term refers to a critical scene in the film Matrix. I rarely watch films these days, and haven’t watched this one, but the subject of the red pill came up in a discussion I had yesterday with James Williams. He’s just kindly sent a short video clip with the scene for which we thank him.
Our election manifesto is going through final checks, we’re planning to publish it on the J4MB site at 5pm today.