16 Dec 2014

JSIL Shill US Position On Palestine Eroding

Eugene Michael Jones says Washington's position on Palestine is "eroding", citing a European push to recognize an independent Palestinian state.
Orwellian Zionist Shill UK Banned Press TV: Speaking to Press TV, Eugene Michael Jones, who is a writer, former professor, media commentator and the current editor of Culture Wars magazine, said, “The European countries are stepping forward and saying that they’re going to recognize Palestine as an independent state. And this means that the United States position is eroding.”
Earlier in the month, French lawmakers voted overwhelmingly in favor of a motion to recognize Palestine as an independent state. On November 18, Spanish lawmakers overwhelmingly approved a non-binding resolution on recognizing a Palestinian state.
Britain and Ireland also passed similar non-binding motions. On October 30, Sweden went a step further and officially recognized the state of Palestine, drawing stringent criticism from JSIL (Israel) and the United States.
The Palestinians are, meanwhile, seeking a UN vote to set a two-year deadline for green shirt JSIL death troops to withdraw from the occupied West Bank. The draft is to be handed to the UN Security Council on Wednesday.

Science Vs. Feminism - Intimate Partner Violence Worldwide

By Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) or Domestic Violence (DV) refers to the physical, psychological and sexual maltreatment of a partner or spouse.
In this article, we will look at both social science and social history to gauge the nature and extent of such conflicts.
1. Facts and Statistics
The Partner Abuse State of Knowledge Project (PASK) lead by John Hamel, is the largest and most comprehensive IPV/DV research database available. The PASK team has reviewed over 2000 studies investigating partner violence in 89 countries. The data has been organized into tables published with free online access in 5 consecutive special issues of the Partner Abuse journal.[1][2][3][4][5]
The International Dating Violence Study (IDVS) lead by Murray Straus, sought to investigate partner conflicts among university students in 32 countries. The now well-known IDVS has been published with free online access in the Children and Youth Services Review journal.[6] The study is included in the PASK database but will be specifically mentioned where necessary.
The following are summarized lists of facts and statistics obtained from 8 PASK manuscripts.

This Week In Feminist Stupid

Sargon of Akkad
The latest in idiocy from the world at large.

Parental Alienation: Parent-Child Reunification After Alienation

By : The final installment of our three-part series on parental alienation examines programs, services, and interventions that combat alienation and seek to reunite estranged parents and their children while addressing the significant clinical challenges in working with alienating parents.
Children and parents who have undergone forced separation from each other in the absence of abuse, including cases of parental alienation, are highly subject to post-traumatic stress, and reunification efforts in these cases should proceed carefully and with sensitivity. Alienated children seem to have a secret wish for someone to call their bluff, compelling them to reconnect with the parent they claim to hate; despite strongly held positions of alignment, alienated children want nothing more than to be given the permission and freedom to love and be loved by both parents (Baker, 2010). Yet the influence of the alienating parent is too strong to withstand, and children’s fear that the alienating parent may fall apart or withdraw his or her love holds them back. Research has shown that many alienated children can transform quickly from refusing or staunchly resisting the rejected parent to being able to show and receive love from that parent, followed by an equally swift shift back to the alienated position when back in the orbit of the alienating parent (Fidler and Bala, 2010). Thus while children’s stated wishes regarding parental residence and contact in contested custody after divorce should be considered, they should not be determinative in cases of parental alienation.

US-Russia Cold War Could Turn Into Hot War: James Jatras

Former Senior Foreign Policy Analyst James Jatras says that imposing further sanctions against Russia by the US could turn a Cold War situation between the two countries into a hot war.
Orwellian Zionist Shill UK Banned Press TV: “It is generally expected that President Obama will sign this new law, imposing additional sanctions on Russia and providing for military support to the government in Kiev,” Jatras told Press TV on Tuesday.
“This is a very very bad move. It will close the door on any possible de-escalation of the crisis,” he added.
The analyst made the comments after Congress on Saturday passed the "Ukraine Freedom Support Act."
The bill aims to put more pressure on Moscow by authorizing more sanctions on weapons companies and investors in its high-tech oil projects and to provide the Kiev government with extra military aid.

Is Real Hell: Who Is The True Israel? + FREE FREE PALESTINE

"The Jewish Jerusalem is called Sodom and Gomorrah
...The blood keeps on flowing!" 
Ex-Jew Brother Nathanael

C.O.C.K.: Men are Revolting

johntheother: Mangina, wimp, sissy, pussy beggar, white knight; there are a lot of derogatory words for male feminists. Most advocates for men’s civil rights deal repeatedly with such guys in full attack dog mode.
They will attack non-compliant men, in supposed defence of the women who grant them the identity as good boys. These men are given that identity, as long as they do exactly what they’re supposed to do.
But what keeps them in denial of their own humanity? What keeps them in line and makes them pretend the women they claim to protect are helpless and fragile innocents? What drives white knights to violence against men who treat those fragile flowers like the complete, accountable human beings they actually are?
Fear. This is what drives men to a posture of self hatred, and into the fantasy of themselves as the only good men against the narrative of a world of baddies.
See how well I grovel and agree that womanliness is good and manliness is bad? I am the one good man. Please approve of me.”

CIA Torture And UK Complicity, Hutton Inquiry

"The whole Hutton inquiry was diverted onto the BBC and whether or not the BBC had behaved properly. It's an outrage that the whole Hutton inquiry was not about the government and the death of one individual who did his best for this country but about the BBC and the rest of the [lame-stream] media went along with it!" Norman Baker MP.

The Male Other

"Why say fuck you to male rights when you can say it with a smile on your face? ...If he doesn't conform, he is then the Omega of the pack. ...Classrooms are now pressure cookers of misandry! ...Cannon fodder. ...Products of a single mother conveyor belt of dysfunction. You want a blue print for a fucked up adult, put a child in the hands of a woman, then remove the father through the courts and there you have it, a walking time bomb! Men may not identify this manipulation by the mother until later on in life if at all. You question a man's mother and see the result. Mothers are a protected species. Even if said mother was an abusive tyrant who sought to finish the emasculation job on him she couldn't finish on his father." Spetsnaz

Political Prisoner Barrett Brown To Be Sentenced Tomorrow – Why The Result Matters To Freedom In America

Barrett Lancaster Brown is a writer and activist who possesses a unique combination of ability, courage, wit and determination. This resume of personality traits turned him into a threatening individual once he decided to direct much of that energy against the prevailing corrupt status quo. This is also why he’s one of the roughly roughly 2.4 million Americans locked up within these United States; many of them for non-crimes.
By Michael Krieger: The Feds went after Barrett Brown in the same manner in which they went after Aaron Swartz (tactics that led to the suicide of the latter). They came out with a bunch of trumped up charges, including that of copying and pasting a link (that charge was later dropped), and threatened him with 105 years in jail.
Brown has now served over two years in federal penitentiary without bail and his sentencing is tomorrow. He faces 10 years in jail for basically exposing the shady relationship between intelligence contractors and the U.S. government.

Kevin Gallagher, who runs Free Barrett Brown, wrote an article for the Daily Beast today. Here are some excerpts:

CIA Torture - Guantanamo Bay Victim Moazzam Begg Lifts Lid + Schedule 7 – Do’s And Dont’s

Russell Brand: I talk to former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg about the CIA torture revelations, Britain's involvement in it and his experiences during three years of false imprisonment.