20 Dec 2014

Emulating Female Behaviour: A Question Of Discernment

"...like the tendency for women to fastidiously look after their health. ...That ruthless self interest." ThinkingApe-TV

The Problem With “We need more women in—”

By : The gender gap in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields has seen no shortage of coverage, in media reporting and academic studies alike, in recent years. Theories on this disparity range from speculation about biased hiring practices to blaming Barbie dolls. Conjecture aside, there is one indisputable and widely documented truth to this imbalance in gender-diverse representation in STEM fields: women simply are not as interested as men.
It has been reported that an estimated 14.5% of female students express an interest in a STEM field—particularly in biology, chemistry, and science—in stark contrast to an estimated 39.6% of male students. Despite reports that women earn an estimated 33% more working in STEM fields, they make up a mere 24% of the workforce. This can very realistically be attributed to the lack of interest in a number of related occupations, especially considering roughly 90% of registered nurses, 78% of clinical laboratory technologists, and 60% of accountants and auditors are female. Combine that with female interest in law and most medical fields steadily rising and it is reasonable to conclude that women aren’t becoming chemical engineers and environmental scientists at the same rate as men because they’re more interested in doing something else.

Eating MGTOW: Learn The Food, Dude

By : When I announced last weekend that I was going to do a food column for AVFM, I promised two recipes in this installment. My 20/20 hindsight has informed me that I have some more basics to cover before getting my ass into the kitchen.
Approaching food in a healthy, cost effective and tasty way requires an ethos. It mandates a set of beliefs that guide what I write and why. My independent spirit, as well as my knowledge of food and nutrition prevent me from resorting to sound bite descriptors like paleo, low carb, low fat, or other labels that put a rigid boundary around what I am going to recommend.
Indeed, if I had to give an actual name to my approach to eating, it would be called “The Knowledge Diet.” I promise, that is the last time you will see those words in this column, but the fact remains that everything in this column hinges on actually knowing some stuff about food. If you are like most people, you probably don’t know near as much as you should.
Let’s start with some basic facts, and by facts I mean what I believe to be true. Some of you will know this stuff, some won’t, but saying it now will establish a loose but identifiable framework for the future.
You have been lied to by your government and the food industry about health and nutrition your entire life. And I don’t just mean little white lies. I mean great big, nasty, evil disease causing lies designed to addict you to toxic foods, produced by toxic means and to spend a lot of money stuffing yourself with them till you croak.

Single Dad Gets No Help. Young Daughter Left Homeless: Support The Men's Centre

Krista witnessed the lack of shelter services for men in need:
"A lot of times I had to leave my male friends behind"

Oliver was forced to plead guilty to assault despite being innocent
"Nobody wanted to touch me with a 10 foot pole"

Defiant North Korea Says Can Prove It Is Not Behind Hack "Without Resorting To Torture Like The CIA"

Tyler Durden's picture Just hours after the FBI announced that, with absolute certainty, it had determined that North Korea was behind the Sony hack, a "theory" that has become the butt of global jokes, we learned, in a far less prominent release, that according to an internal inquiry, FBI evidence if "often mishandled." According to the NYT, "F.B.I. agents in every region of the country have mishandled, mislabeled and lost evidence, according to a highly critical internal investigation that discovered errors with nearly half the pieces of evidence it reviewed.
The evidence collection and retention system is the backbone of the F.B.I.’s investigative process, and the report said it is beset by problems.
It gets better: according to the report, the F.B.I. was storing more weapons, less money and valuables, and two tons more drugs than its records had indicated. Almost as if the FBI was siphoning off cash, which hoarding guns and cocaine.
The report’s findings, based on a review of more than 41,000 pieces of evidence in F.B.I. offices around the country, could have consequences for criminal investigations and prosecutions. Lawyers can use even minor record-keeping discrepancies to get evidence thrown out of court, and the F.B.I. was alerting prosecutors around the country on Friday that they may need to disclose the errors to defendants.

"RAPE" ON CAMPUS - Rolling Stone

Thunderf00t: Justice is blind and carries scales and a sword. Blind to show her lack of prejudice. Scales for weighing the evidence and a sword to mete out justice.

Extrajudicial justice is messed up. A lynching is a lynching no matter who is doing it. Its almost always done on prejudice, rarely bothers with hearing all the facts, and frequently will lynch completely innocent people.

The justice system, may have many failings, but compared to trial by feminist, its a white gowned angel.

The International Men's Movement

The Men’s (Human) Rights Movement (M(H)RM) is a global phenomenon. From South Dakota to South Korea, men are entering a new age with a completely new mentality about themselves and the world around them.

Gynocentrism: A Perfectly Sane Woman

How To Beat A Corporation By New Era + Time for a Revolution

Russell Brand: New Era victory the tenants & Russell explain how they beat Westbrook.

Cultural Misandry: Listening To The Voice Of Reason

By : As a coach who specializes in working with men around issues of sex and relationships, there is nothing more likely to get a click from me than an online post about feminism. I find myself wanting to read and absorb what others are thinking on this subject, which quite frankly has become a source of great confusion for me not only as a woman but also as someone who listens to the voices of many conflicted men who are trying to “be” all things in the modern relationship. What confuses me most is the position of feminism and how sexism prevails over humanism.
A large piece of my work now is working with male survivors of sexual assault and abuse. Sexual assault is not a gender-based issue, and yet the research and funding is driven to women’s causes. Statistically, 1 in 6 men have been sexually assaulted, and given that most men don’t report—it’s under-acknowledged and under-researched—in reality, the number probably sits closer to 1 in 4. Education campaigns on this topic treat men with what feels like a token effort (a small paragraph or acknowledgment that we get that this happens to men) because we are only really talking about women.
There are feminist groups, government departments, and research bodies that refuse to acknowledge the impact on male survivors because it will disrupt the focus from women.