25 Dec 2014

Mike Buchanan Tells Lorely Burt, A Lib Dem MP, She’s Talking Rubbish About The Gender Pay Gap

Mike Buchanan: A piece from an early morning (07:07) discussion on BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester. Lorely Burt is the Lib Dem MP for Solihull. The discussion is preceded by some previously recorded assertions being made by a woman at the TUC, who thereby nominated herself for a 'Gormless Feminist of the Month' award.

On Lamarck And Epigenetics - MGTOW Education

Two important topics I see being misappropriated recently. M

LEAKED: Secret Negotiations To Let Big Brother Go Global

By Don Quijones: Much has been written, at least in the alternative media, about the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), two multilateral trade treaties being negotiated between the representatives of dozens of national governments and armies of corporate lawyers and lobbyists (on which you can read more here, here and here). However, much less is known about the decidedly more secretive Trade in Services Act (TiSA), which involves more countries than either of the other two.
At least until now, that is. Thanks to a leaked document jointly published by the Associated Whistleblowing Press and Filtrala, the potential ramifications of the treaty being hashed out behind hermetically sealed doors in Geneva are finally seeping out into the public arena.
If signed, the treaty would affect all services ranging from electronic transactions and data flow, to veterinary and architecture services. It would almost certainly open the floodgates to the final wave of privatization of public services, including the provision of healthcare, education and water. Meanwhile, already privatized companies would be prevented from a re-transfer to the public sector by a so-called barring “ratchet clause” – even if the privatization failed.
More worrisome still, the proposal stipulates that no participating state can stop the use, storage and exchange of personal data relating to their territorial base. Here’s more from Rosa Pavanelli, general secretary of Public Services International (PSI):

The leaked documents confirm our worst fears that TiSA is being used to further the interests of some of the largest corporations on earth (…) Negotiation of unrestricted data movement, internet neutrality and how electronic signatures can be used strike at the heart of individuals’ rights. Governments must come clean about what they are negotiating in these secret trade deals.

The Net Is Mightier Than The Sword

Since the rise of the internet people have changed from mere audiences into authors and editors. With pieces of technology small enough to fit the whole world into your pocket, a revolution might be on its way. The net is now mightier than the sword.

Russia Fakes Weaknesses

Joaquin says. "The US is manoeuvring to attack Russia."

2014 Feminists "Achievements"

Summary of the great achievements of feminism and feminists 2014. SkepTorr

Suttin' To Feel - Amy True

The Christmas Hope: A To-Do List for a Better World

The Christmas hope for peace and good will toward all men can no longer be dismissed as a kind of pious dream of some utopian. If we don’t have good will toward men in this world, we will destroy ourselves by the misuse of our own instruments and our own power. Wisdom born of experience should tell us that war is obsolete. We must either learn to live together as brothers or we are going to perish together as fools.”— Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., Christmas Eve sermon, 1967
By John W. Whitehead:  As a child, my Christmas wish list came right out of the Sears and Roebuck catalogue—toys, board games, bikes, action figures, etc. My parents, like so many in their day, belonged to the working-class poor, so while I never lacked for the necessities of life, many of the items on my wish list never came to be. Even so, I was no worse off for it.
I wish the same could be said of those still unfulfilled items on my adult Christmas wish list. Each year, I wish for the same things—an end to war, poverty, hunger, violence and disease—and each year, I find the world relatively unchanged.

’Twas The Night Before A Feminist Christmas

By :
’Twas the night before a feminist Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, ’cept Diana Boston and her mouse.
The blanties were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Dworkin soon would be there.

The gender studies students were nestled snug in their beds,
While visions of slut walks danced in their heads.
With me in bed all warm with my cats,
I’d closed SCUM Manifesto and decided to nap.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my bed thinking a stalker on ladder.
Away to the window I flew like a flash,
Tripping on my dildo I fell with a crash.

I peered through the window like an old creepy male.
I stared out and exclaimed, “Oh man—what the hell!”
What to my oppressed eyes then did appear,
But a pink sleigh pulled by eight flying simps in bondage gear.

With a hairy old driver so angry, that bitch!
I smiled ever so slightly while my panties did twitch.

Dear Creeps, A Feminist Love Letter

"Dear men, you're all creeps, 
and you should be feminists"

Parental Alienation: Aimee’s Christmas 2014 Message - Children 4 Justice

"Just keep reaching out and assume that your messages are welcome, but that they feel they can't respond in their situation at the moment." AimeeCNicholls

Top 10 Feminist Failures Of Jessica Valenti In 2014

By In her otherwise delightful opinion piece entitled “Top 10 feminist fiascoes [sic] of 2014,” author Charlotte Allen (@meancharlotte on Twitter) made a crucial oversight: none of the fiascos mentioned Jessica Valenti (@JessicaValenti), a “daily” (more or less) professional feminist columnist for The Guardian. It is shocking that poor, inept Jessica didn’t get a “Feminist Screw-up Achievement Award,” or at least an Honorable Mention, for reifying some of the worst stereotypes of feminists as goofy, lying, man-hating, money-grubbing whiners with no redeeming characteristics whatsoever.
Now, in defense of Allen, 10 slots is a small palette, and the huge number of feminist fiascos this past year gave Allen a lot to choose from. Allen did single out Amanda Marcotte as the penultimate fiasco and noted three of Marcotte’s more egregious catcalls, but this is no excuse to pass over Valenti’s menstrual-blood-painted door frame.
Shall we get on to it then?
10. Blood money.

We need to move beyond the stigma of “that time of the month”—women’s feminine hygiene products should be free for all, all the time.—Jessica Valenti