28 Dec 2014

UK Social Worker Who Falsely Accused Dad Of Abusing His Six-Year-Old Daughter Can STILL Look After Children

  • Suzi Smith alleged that she saw Jonathan Coupland abuse his daughter
  • The claim led to him being thrown in a cell and banned from seeing her
  • Mrs Smith later admitted making the accusation up and was sacked
  • But for several months until January 2014 she again worked with children  

By Paul Bentley: A social worker who falsely accused an innocent father of abusing his six-year-old daughter was allowed to continue working with vulnerable children, it has emerged.
Suzi Smith alleged during a custody battle that she had seen Jonathan Coupland, 53, attack his child.
The accusation – made while she was ‘really, really angry’ – led to him being handcuffed in front of neighbours, thrown into a cell and banned from seeing his daughter. The Daily Mail revealed the case in April, and since then a disciplinary hearing has found Mrs Smith guilty of misconduct and ruled that her fitness to practise is impaired.
But she was not struck off or suspended. Instead, she was given a three-year caution order, which means she can continue to work with the most vulnerable children.

Putting Anita Sarkeesian In The Public Square

By If I had to single out a prime mover who set the #GamerGate chain of events in motion, Anita Sarkeesian would be my candidate. I grant you that Zoe Quinn was the proximate cause—the spark to the powder keg, if you will—but props to Sarkeesian for filling up that keg in the first place.
For at least a couple of years, Sarkeesian was busily undermining the gamer community in preparation for trouble that was clearly anticipated. So when the planned operation was finally launched, the Zoe Quinn fracas served only as a pretext—a “Gulf of Tonkin” incident to justify aggressive intervention. The time was ripe, Quinn popped up, and it was off to the races!
But the tension had been building for quite a while, and there would have been no #GamerGate without it. And that tension would never have been ratcheted to fever pitch without Sarkeesian’s steady, slow-motion agitprop.
So here’s the condensed version of events since #GamerGate erupted: the other side (meaning the feminists and the authoritarian left) have constructed a threat narrative. The order of the day has been slander, obfuscation, conflation, misrepresentation, and other dirty tricks directed against anybody aligned with #GamerGate or merely imputed to be aligned with it.

Israel Is A Rapist State

"They Skip the racial colonisation, they are allowed to do that." Ry Dawson

Do Men Need A Better Men’s Rights Movement?

By : Recently, Nancy Kaffer, a columnist at the Detroit Free Press, wrote that “Men Need A Better Men’s Rights Movement” and that the present movement is nothing but a misogynistic conspiracy.
I would like to remind Kaffer that advocacy for men’s rights is not negation of women’s rights. If feminism was all about equality, then feminists would not have become alarmed about the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM). In fact, anyone fighting for an equal world would be glad if half of humanity rises up to speak for equality.
On the other hand, it is radical feminists who spread misandry and have a gynocentric, extremist worldview in which men are dispensable objects. According to feminists, men are nothing but rapists and perpetuators of violence. Feminists sometimes even advocate lesbianism just because “all penetrative sex is rape.”
In India, some of the biggest MRM supporters and activists are women because some of the biggest sufferers of feminist activities and anti-male laws in India are, ironically, women. More women have been arrested under Indian Penal Code Section 498A (which is a dowry prevention law) than under all other Indian laws put together. India has earned the dubious position as a leader of elderly citizen abuse, thanks to wide misuse of anti-dowry laws.

Men Do Not Have To Listen To Women - MGTOW - Bill Burr + This Is What Feminism Looks Like

Thorium: A few clips from Bill Burr's latest stand-up special 'I'm Sorry You Feel That Way', showing men how they should respond to attempts by women to control them.

For Fucks Sake Don't Kill Yourself

I'm sorry if I freeze up at a difficult question. It can take me a long time to think of an answer. DoctorRandomercam

Double Standards On False Accusations And Rapes

By : Eleanor de Freitas falsely accused Alexander Economou of raping her.[1] The police let her get away with it, so he brought a private prosecution of perverting the course of justice to clear his name. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) took over the prosecution. De Freitas then killed herself three days before her trial. She had bipolar disorder, but a forensic psychiatrist instructed by her own legal team had “recommended that she was aware of the implications of making a false allegation and was fit to stand trial.”[2] Her father was ‘“still astonished” that the CPS had decided to prosecute her.[3]
For a contrast, consider this hypothetical case. Jack raped Jill. The police let him get away with it, so she brought a private prosecution of rape. The Crown Prosecution Service took over the prosecution. Jack then killed himself three days before his trial. He had bipolar disorder, but a forensic psychiatrist instructed by his own legal team had “recommended that he was aware of the implications of rape and was fit to stand trial.” His mother was ‘“still astonished” that the CPS had decided to prosecute him.
The contrast is salutary. Many will feel some sympathy for Eleanor de Freitas. None will feel sympathy for Jack. This is the first double standard.
Many will feel sympathy for the father of de Freitas. Most will regard the mother of Jack as callously failing to realise the severity of the crime her son committed. This is the second double standard.
Jill will be offered all sorts of help and support. Men who are falsely accused are shunned and shamed. This is the third double standard.
Jill is regarded as a victim deserving of special care whether or not Jack is convicted. Men who are falsely accused are regarded for the rest of their life as probably guilty unless the malicious woman is prosecuted. This is the fourth double standard.

MGTOW 2015 Goals List

The mayor shares his list of goals for 2015 and encourages all MGTOW men to write a list of their own goals for the coming year. MAYOR of MGTOWN

JSIL (Israel) Joining ISIS + A Christmas Story That Everyone Needs To Know

Luke Rudkowski talks about the latest developments in the middle east that bring to light many contradictions. WeAreChange

Everything Wrong With Feminism In 8 Minutes Or Less

"Honestly, I'm sure there's more."  

North Korea Trolls Obama: Compares US President To "A Monkey In A Tropical Jungle" + The Sony North Korea Hacking Conspiracy: What You Need To Know

While it is certain that in a few weeks, not even America's staunchest "patriots" will remember The Interview, one thing is certain: the trolling comedy that has been unleashed by North Korea in response to Obama's own "proportional response" will live in infamy for a long time. Case in point, North Korea's full official statement following the re-release of the The Interview, which hit select theaters on Christmas day, just as initially scheduled despite the endless drama, as well as countless streaming distribution services (which at a rental price of $5.99 promptly made it the most pirated movie of 2014, despite an epic marketing campaign that essentially made it unpatriotic for Americans not to see the movie).

Is Education A Human Right?

Is education a human right? Do human rights exist? Stefan Molyneux